BPI exchange rate – BPI Forex Today (update 01.2022)

BPI currency exchange rate updated today at the head office. BPI exchange rate today, BPI USD rate, BPI forex is always the question Filipinio ask. Follow this article to know exactly the exchange rate.

What is BPI?

Bank of the Philippine Islands (Filipino: Bangko ng Kapuluang Pilipinas, Spanish: Banco de las Islas Filipinas, commonly known as BPI; PSE: BPI) is a universal bank in the Philippines. It is the first bank in both the Philippines and Southeast Asia. It is the fourth largest bank in terms of assets, the second largest bank in terms of market capitalization, and one of the most profitable banks in the Philippines.


BPI overview

  • Full name: Bank of the Philippine Islands
  • Short name: BPI
  • Date of first business registration: August 1, 1851
  • Address: 6796 Ayala Avenue corner Salcedo St., Legaspi Village, Makati City 1229
  • Phone:
    International Calls: (+632) 889-10000
    Domestic Long Distance: (+632) 889-10000
    Mobile Phones in the Philippines: (+632) 889-10000; or (+632) 889-10000
    Domestic Toll-free Number (PLDT): (+632) 1-800-188-89-100
  • Email: help@bpi.com.ph
  • Website: https://www.bpi.com.ph/
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bpi

BPI Exchange Rate – BPI Forex


CurrencyBuying (in PHP)Selling (in PHP)
(USD) US Dollar49.950.4
(EUR) Euro55.243859.119
(JPY) Japanese Yen0.42360.4534
(HKD) Hong Kong Dollar6.19416.6288
(AUD) Australian Dollar35.472137.9599
(SGD) Singaporean Dollar35.713738.221
(CAD) Canadian Dollar38.508541.2114
(GBP) British Pound64.726969.2633
(CHF) Swiss Franc52.479156.1633
(CNY) Chinese Yuan7.56428.0951
Updated: As of 4:35 PM, 15 November


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