5+ Best Loan App in Philippines Review

Borrowing money via app, easy loan app, new loan app, best reputable online loan app are the search phrases we often think of when there is a need to borrow money 24/7.

However, the lending applications are increasingly booming, leading to many fake applications to manipulate & scam to appropriate customers’ assets.
In fact, if you understand the conditions to evaluate a loan application, you can completely eliminate the risks during the loan process.
Fastloans.ph will evaluate & synthesize 5+ best online loan apps, fully licensed by SEC & with the lowest interest rates for you.
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5+ best fast cash loan app in Philippines

The top 5+ most reputable online loan applications below will help you get the right loan for your financial needs.
Selected & evaluated through more than 100+ most popular loan applications today, with 0% interest on the first loan will surely make you satisfied.
  • Cash-Express:
  • OLP App: Maximum loan of 10.000 PHP, 0% interest rate for the first 7 days.
  • Cashalo App: One of the Best Online Lending Apps Available
  • Juanhand App: Fastest loan application with ID card today
  • Tala Loan App: Get loans up to PHP 15,000! Valid ID at Android phone lang ang kailangan.
  • UnaCash App: Fast online cash loan App

List of 5 latest loan apps 2023 is synthesized based on customer reviews and information about support policies, interest rates of auto loan applications.

Loan App Loan limit




1.000 – 10.000 PHP

With Juanhand you get 0% interest free 14 days for your first loan up to 5 million.


1.000 – 20.000 PHP

With Online loan pilipinas you have fast service, simple loan, not too high interest rate.

UnaCash Android

1.000 – 20.000 PHP

With Online loan pilipinas you have fast service, simple loan, not too high interest rate.


2.000 – 5.000 PHP

Loan for the first time up to PHP 10.000, 0% interest free for the first loan.


1.000 – 10.000 PHP

Easy loan, quick loan approval, 0% interest rate for the first 10 days.

Tala loan

1.000 – 15.000 PHP

Tala supports super fast loans, reducing the interest rate of 25% on the first loan.

Get Cash

Most online loan applications 24/7 support customers with bad debts, attention debts at banks or credit institutions, but how to choose the most reputable online loan app?


This is one of the fastest loan applications on the online financial market today operated by Cash-Express South East Asia Lending Inc.

At Cash-Express, you can get a loan from 1.000 to 10.000 PHP in a short term from 10 days onwards with 0% interest on the first loan.

From the 2nd loan onwards, you can get a maximum up to 20.000 PHP loan

Cash-Express will be the first choice for those who urgently need an amount of money to pay off debt or for personal consumption.

Juanhand app fast online credit

Online Juanhand App Loan App was developed by Wefund Lending Corp and offered to customers with urgent financial needs from 2.000 – 10.000 PHP.

Customers who borrow money via the Juanhand app only need ID card, no need to prove income or collateral, only 15 minutes to make 100% online application and disburse through the borrower’s bank account.

Juanhand is your partner for cash loan. It is one of the unique Fintech platforms in the Philippine to provide you 24-hour approval cash loan service online whenever and whatever.



Information of Juanhand App loan app:

  • Cash loan amount: ₱ 2,000 – ₱ 10,000
  • Cash loan term: 91 days (shortest, including renewal time) – 180 days (longest, including renewal time)
  • Maximum APR: 20%
  • Transaction Fee: 0
  • Other fees: we will charge one time sign fee, service fee (per transaction). Minimum 10%, Maximum 20%
  • SEC Registration No. CS201825672, Certificate of Authority No. 2844

Cash loan Interest calculation:

Example: 91-day loan with interest rate of 12%,and principal amount is 10000, total payment is 10299.17(10000*12%/365*91+10000)

Juanhand cash loan application requirements:

  • 20-60 years old
  • Filipino citizen
  • Have 1 government-issued ID
  • Have a stable income

Apply Juanhand now

OLP app easy loan

Online Loans Pilipinas is a fintech platform that caters digital financial solutions in response to Filipinos needs. We are focused on online micro and consumer financing and we aim to uplift the financial well-being of customers.

OLP provides fast and easy service financial solutions to every Filipino’s financial needs without office visits, collateral and complex approval process or waiting in a queue.

OLP Android Loan App


Get a special offer for new clients: as low as 0% interest and without other fees credit. The minimum interest rate is 0% and maximum APR is 200%. One time late payment fee is 500₱ (in case of delinquency of each monthly payment).

For new and valued repeat borrowers: the loan amount is from 1,000₱ to 25,000₱.

Subject to evaluation, the credit term reaches from 90 days to 180 days.

Use quick cash advance unsecured lending money application for your urgent needs. Take money before payday, for medicine, gifts, and other financial needs. Apply for reliable and secure lender service when salary is not enough.

How to apply for an easy payday online loan via the app? 

A very fast process to get cash advance:
1. Use your device: a smartphone, a desktop, or a laptop.
2. Download the Online Loans Pilipinas application.
4. Select your loan amount.
5. Fill the forms in 5 minutes.
6. Wait for SMS or call for approval.
7. Get the money from 1,000-25,000 pesos to your bank account or GCash e-wallet.

Benefits of Online loans Pilipinas:

  • Absolutely low 0% interest rate for every new client.
  • No collateral – unsecured lending.
  • No need to spend your time in-office visits.
  • No inconvenience, use 1 id.
  • No other fees for the first-time borrower. No need to pay anything besides a loan amount.
  • Instant within 5 minutes disbursement after approval.
  • Growing approval amount. Start a journey to significant sums of money, any time. Grow your financial shoulder from 1,000 to a significant sum 25,000 pesos.

Who can get a cash loan

  • A person is a Philippines citizen and 18+ years old
  • Has at least 1 id and has a mobile number
  • Has a job or self-employed.

What do you need to have to get a personal loan?

  • Only 1 document. Choose SSS/TIN/Passport/PRC/UMID/Student id.
  • A smartphone, a laptop, or a desktop and internet access.
  • Banking account or GCash e-wallet.

Apply OLP now

UnaCash fastest loan app in Philippines

UnaCash is an all-digital cash loan application that gives you a convenient and seamless experience with low interest rates. No bank visits needed, no hidden charges, and definitely no hassle application.

UnaCash PH Android Loan App


UnaCash loan benefits

  • Early repayment available
  • Approval time only within 24 hours
  • Don’t need to visit some offline office, everything only with mobile
  • Easy and fast repayment process

Who can apply for a loan?

In order to start using UnaCash, you need to:

  • Be at least 18 yrs old Filipino citizen
  • Have a valid e-mail address and mobile number

Apply UnaCash now

Cashalo loan new easy loan application

With Cashalo, customers can register via the online quick loan app and receive disbursement on all days of the week, any time of the day.

Thanks to the automatic review system and direct disbursement after the application is disbursed, the Cashalo fast loan application has more and more customers to register and use the service.


Cashalo key benefits

  • Fast Approval & Disbursement: Get your loans and credit approved in as fast as 8 minutes and funding to your bank account in as fast as 30 minutes!**
  • Low Interest Rates: Loan and credit should be as affordable and transparent as it is fast, easy, and secure to access.
  • Easy Application Process: Verify your identity and submit all the requirements in the app with at least one (1) valid ID to complete your Credit Profile.
  • We have the right product for your needs: Cashaloan – Cash loans up to Php 5,500!
  • Shop Now and Pay Later – Shop for multiple gadgets and appliances and pay later in installments! *
  • Lazada Loan – Top up your Lazada Wallet and shop safely from home
  • PayLater – Activate this feature to receive up to P2,000 credit limit

Apply Cashalo now

Digido quick loan app

Digido Philipines can be seen as the earliest online money loan application in Philippines today. Developed by Digido Philippines Co., Ltd., located at Unit A, Murphy Center, 205 Col. Bonny Serrano Ave, Murphy, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Digido online Loan App is a modern way of cash landing Loan app Philippines with fully automated features. Digido loan online provides you a quick loans approval and it is the best Loan app Philippines in the market.

Digido App provides instant personal loan. Our Fast cash app offers you loan time of only 15 minutes. For a proper access to personal loan apps you require a valid ID proof. Digido online Loan App is a modern way of cash landing Loan app Philippines with fully automated features. Digido loan online provides you a quick loans approval and it is the best Loan app Philippines in the market.

The loan application process is completely digital and hassle-free, even when you are sitting at your home, office, or commuting. Digido can quickly fulfill your emergency cash needs like shopping, travel, education, medical expenses, etc.


Digido app advantage:

  • 0% interest-free for the first loan, High loan approval rate with Digido Loan App
  • Fully automated Digido app!
    Security: Your data is safe with Digido
  • Fast performance: With the Digido loan app get fully automated cash with Digido loan online! 100% Paperless loan application process, no bank visits
  • Only a valid id is required: Fast cash app Digido online Loan App offers you loan time of only 15 minutes.
  • Maximum APR: 143%

Loan calculator: In the Digido loan app You apply for PHP 20,000 and choose repayment over 6 months, your monthly payment will be only PHP 5,000 per month, your total cost of the personal loan apps will be PHP 2,383 per month (APR = 143%).

How to apply Digido app

  • Step 1: Download and install the best Loan app Philippines.
  • Step 2: Fill out the pre-qualification form through the Digido app.
  • Step 3: Visit your selected branch and submit your required documents.
  • Step 4: Get your approval for Digido loan online
  • Step 5: Receive 100% of your approved personal loan amount.

Apply Digido now

Tala loan app

Tala Philippines is a technology fintech company and a a legitimate online lender that’s registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission which provide the financial support for Philippines people. Everyone can easily get the online loan with fast process with Tala loan.

Tala Loan approval takes less than 5 minutes. And you’ll have cash sent to your bank account, Coins.ph wallet, or the nearest padala center within 24 hours.


Tala loan requirements

  • ONE valid ID through our secure system
  • No other paperwork needed
  • No security or collateral required
  • No bank account required

How to get loan with Tala

  • • Download the Tala app
  • • Fill out our quick loan application in the Tala mobile app
  • • Verify your identity through our secure system
  • • Get cash sent directly to your bank account, Coins.ph wallet, or nearest padala center

When you finish the application, you will get same-day processing payment through Coins.ph and padala centers gets money in your hands quickly or cash out at your local bank within 24 hours

Tala loan limit

  • Tala will loan you anywhere from Php 1,000 – 2,000 at first
  • You can build your limit up to Php 15,000 by making loan payments on time
  • Cash out at thousands of padala center locations, including, Cebuana Lhuillier, Palawan Express, M Lhuillier, LBC, or cash out into your own bank account, or the Coins.ph app

Apply Tala now

What is App Loan?

The combination of finance and technology (Fintech) through financial applications is the most magical thing that experts create, contributing to serving our borrowing needs to the fullest.

Today, instead of having to spend time and effort to go to the bank to borrow money, you can completely sit at home with your smartphone to borrow money through the app easily up to 50 million.

Unlike web loans, App loan is an online loan by downloading a financial application on a mobile platform such as Android or IOS to fill in information, then choose a loan package that suits your needs and needs. its purpose.

With this type of loan, borrow money with ID card to be approved for a loan to your account within 15 minutes from the time of approval.

The highlight is, you get 0% interest rate and fee up to 25.000 PHP for customers who apply for a loan for the first time through the application.

In the following times, the maximum amount you can borrow will increase, and if you pay on time, you will receive preferential interest rates and create conditions to receive loans faster.

It can be said that, thanks to the ability to quickly disburse, borrowing money through the application is the first choice for those who are in urgent need of money.

How to get money with loan app?

  • The instant loan applications in this article are carefully selected, the application rate is high if you successfully complete the loan application.
  • Juanhand App, Tala, Digido applications support 24/7 fast loans thanks to automatic disbursement feature.
  • Note when filling in the income level: should be greater than 6 million PHP, the ability of the application to be approved is much higher.
  • It is possible to register for a loan through the app in many applications at the same time to increase the loan amount.
  • Tip: If you are denied a loan this app, try to apply for another loan and it will be easier to browse

What are the advantages of online loan app?

Why has the loan app model blossomed and developed on the internet in recent years? That is because of the advantages that this service brings to customers to use.

Quickly, with only 5 – 15 minutes to register a profile on easy-to-borrow loan apps, customers can quickly receive a maximum amount of up to 20.000 PHP to help solve immediate financial needs.

Flexible, credit limit via the app is very flexible, from borrowing 1.000 , 2.000, 4.000, 6.000 or 10.000 PHP so that customers can easily choose according to their personal financial needs.

Simply, with ID card, customers can easily register and get loan approval.

Easily, when borrowing money through the app, customers do not need to prove their income, do not need collateral, nor go through the appraisal process but are still approved for a loan based on ID card.

What are the disadvantages of online loan app?

There are certain advantages and disadvantages, the form of app loan still has some limitations when supporting customers.

Interest rates of new loan applications are still quite high, higher than unsecured loans. But this is also understandable when customers do not need to prove their income or have collateral to be supported with loans.

The limit for borrowing money via the app is not high, most loan apps only support 1-10.000, some apps support higher limits such as MoneyCat loan to support 10.000.

Online loan app has a short loan period, only 1 week to 100-day installment loans. So customers should consider before getting loans.

How much interest rate through the app?

One thing is for sure that the loan application via a loan application will have a higher interest rate when borrowing a bank mortgage because it is too simple to borrow and disburse, without having to prove income or have complete documents when Bank loan.

However, the interest rate for borrowing money via the app is still not allowed to exceed the allowable interest rate, so the applicable interest rate for online loan applications from 1.66% / month.

Besides, the lending units via the app also charge service fees, connection fees … so customers need to learn carefully when borrowing money.

Online loan app registration guide 2023

Lending money via App is an instant home loan, so you can do 100% online application. Just follow these 4 basic steps.

Choose the best online loan app

Based on criteria such as loan limit, application conditions, interest rate and disbursement time, customers can choose the fastest and easiest loan app.

The list of 24/7 loan apps in this article has been selected and aggregated by Fastloans.PH, so you can feel secure when you apply for a loan on these apps.

Download and install the App to borrow money online to your phone

After choosing a low-interest loan app, you can download the loan app on CH Play if you use an Android phone or the App Store if you use iOS.

After downloading, install the loan app on your phone.

Note : Some loan applications support customers to register directly on the website without having to install the application.

Fill out loan application via app

This is the most important step in deciding whether your 24/24 application loan is approved or not. The information that the loan application requires you to fill out includes:

  • Personal info
  • Job and current income
  • Bank account information or ATM card
  • 2-sided ID photo for verification

You should complete and match the information for the easiest loan application.

Review and announce loan limit

After the customer completes the loan application information, the system will conduct an automatic review based on the CIC credit history and notify the loan limit to the customer.

There are two ways to announce a loan limit:

  • By SMS
  • Directly through the Customer Care switchboard

Disbursement of loan application APP

If the customer agrees to borrow, the money will be disbursed to the customer’s bank account or ATM card immediately.

After disbursement, customers will be notified of the contract number, payment date each month via SMS or email.

How to pay a lending contract through the app

Online applications quick loans online always create favorable conditions for customers to pay loan contracts. Here are some of the most popular ways to pay loan contracts via the app.

Transfer to Bank Account Number

Each loan app is developed by a company, so customers can pay the loan contract by transferring money to the company’s bank account number via:

  • Internet Banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • Send money directly at a bank branch
  • Pay via DragonPay, Coin.PH

Before sending money, customers should contact Customer Care to check the correct bank account number.

Most loan applications have payment links with payment at Over the Counter place like:

  • 7-Eleven
  • ECpay
  • TrueMoney
  • BDO branches
  • SM Business Centers
  • Bayad Center
  • Robinsons Bank Bills Payment
  • Robinsons Business Center (located in Robinsons department store)
  • Digipay

Customers only need to go to the collection point to request payment in installments and provide necessary information such as ID number, contract number for payment assistance.

Payment via e-wallet

Quite a lot of e-wallets support customers to pay for loan contracts via apps such as GCash, Dragonpay …

To make payment, follow the instructions below:

  • Step 1: Login to your e-wallet
  • Step 2: Select payment item gops
  • Step 3: Choose your lender
  • Step 4: Enter the contract number / ID number
  • Step 5: Check information and payment

Compare Online Loans app & Loan shark

If you do not understand the nature of the online loan application, many people will think that this is similar to a form of loan sharking, but that is not true.

The common point of these two types is that there is a simple loan procedure, just provide an ID card or a car to be able to receive a loan after 30 minutes with a limit ranging from 1.000 – 25.000 PHP

However, Loan shark is a loan service by individuals or groups without legal recognition, without documents proving the borrower’s interests.

Loan shark has interest rates that can be up to 200%/year, many times the principal amount, making borrowers miserable with dangerous & violent debt handling methods.

In contrast, loan applications are developed and managed by law enforcement agencies with high legality, user information is committed to confidentiality and does not disclose loan information.

Transactions on the App are conducted based on the consent of the customer, protected by an online contract and can be used before the law agency.

It can be said that loan applications are considered a miniature model of reputable credit institutions, helping to quickly solve basic financial needs and limit the expansion of Loan shark.

Top 10 Fastest Online Loans You might also interested in

Here are the Top 10 fastest & best online loan services, evaluated in detail for each application in terms of loan, interest rate & disbursement speed.


Some questions when registering for the online loan app

Below I will summarize the questions that customers often ask in the process online loans on the loan app.

What is an online loan app?

Online loan application are online loan applications installed on mobile phones developed by a lender with the function of supporting short-term financial loans from 1.000 – 10.000 PHP.

Should I borrow money through the Loan App?

Surely the loan app apps will get higher interest rates. ” much more than borrowing at the Bank. However, if you are in urgent need of money, an express loan is still an acceptable option.

How to pay for a loan agreement through the App?

Currently, most loan applications are applying many forms of payment to facilitate customers such as transfer payments, e-wallets or collection channels.


  • Bank account transfer: This is the most common way, customers transfer money directly to the lender’s account via Internet Banking or at a bank’s counter.
  • Payment at over the counter
  • Payment via e-wallet GCash, Dragon Pay…

Do you have a bad debt with your loan?

In theory, instant money loan applications are not under the management of the State Bank, but when disbursed, they do not sign a contract at all. So if you don’t pay, you won’t have bad debt, and you can’t sue.

However, the way of debt collection of loan applications is a bit strict, so it’s best to just pay on time and re-register if needed. If you are eligible, sign up for installment loans at the Bank.


Finally, Fastloans.PH still gives you an advice that if you borrow money through the app, you should only borrow the exact amount you need urgently, do not borrow too much because the interest rate is quite high.

In this article, I have selected and summarized the most easy to borrow new loan apps that many customers use and evaluate.

Hopefully, through this article, customers in urgent need of finance will find themselves an effective solution.

Good luck!

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