UnaCash PH Review You Should Know

Borrowing money through the App, the easy loan app, the new loan app, the most reputable online loan app are the search terms we often think of when we need to borrow money 24/7.

Simple documents only need ID card, online registration without meeting, no proof of income, which are the advantages of today’s loan applications.

But you are worried because you do not trust the loan App, or do not know the most reputable loan application?

Then in this article, UnaCash will summarize the new easiest online loan application to borrow from the reviews of many customers.

Why is UnaCash the fastest loan app? Here are the reasons, you can take a look!

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What is UnaCash?

UnaCash is a mobile application by loan platform which now includes UnaPay Lazada Loans, an earlier product of Digido Ph. to support your unexpected financial needs.

Understanding the financial problems you are facing, UnaCash strives to bring you the simplest, fastest and most convenient financial solutions.


UnaCash is an all-digital cash loan application that gives you a convenient and seamless experience with low interest rates. No bank visits needed, no hidden charges, and definitely no hassle application.

UnaCash is officially listed in the List of Registered Online Lending Companies

Want to get cash fast and easy?

Company information

  • Name: Unacash by Digido Finance Corp.
  • SEC Registration No. CS202003056
  • Certificate of Authority No. 1272
  • Email: care@unacash.com.ph
  • Address: 15F The IBP Tower, Jade Drive, Ortigas Center, San Antonio Pasig City 1605

What is online loan app?

The combination of finance and technology (Fintech) through financial applications is the most magical thing that experts create, contributing to serving our borrowing needs to the fullest.

Today, instead of having to spend time and effort to go to the bank to borrow money, you can completely sit at home with your smartphone to borrow money through the App easily up to 30,000.

Unlike a web loan, an App loan is an online loan by downloading a financial application on a mobile platform such as Android or iOS to fill out information. After that, customers choose a loan package that suits their needs and purposes.

* Loan App: are applications that support online loans on mobile phones (smartphones) through downloading and installing online loan applications on CH Play or AppStore. Loan App is developed by licensed loan support finance companies.

The form of borrowing money through the App supports a group of customers with urgent financial needs of the day from 2,000 – 30,000 by ID card without having to prove income. App loans are approved based on the customer’s credit history and disbursed via bank account or ATM card.

It can be said that, thanks to the ability to quickly disburse, borrowing money through the application is the first choice for those who are in urgent need of money.

Tips: You can also get easy cash from Vamo Philippines

Tips and experiences when borrowing money quickly via UnaCash

To make the loan process go faster and improve the approval rate, you need to pocket a few experiences as follows:

* Borrowing experience:

– The fast loan application in this article has been carefully selected, the approval rate is high if you complete the loan application step well.

– Please carefully consider the need for a quick loan, because most applications offer short-term loans with low limits. So this is only a solution to temporary financial difficulties.

– Pay attention to how much the service fee is because not all loan apps list fees. Therefore, do not forget to find out the service fee before deciding to borrow.

– The loan interest rate on the application will definitely be higher than the bank, to avoid the profile falling into bad debt, it is necessary to actively arrange finance and pay the debt on time.


* Loan tips:

– In addition to UnaCash, you can refer to other loan applications such as One Click Money, Money Cat, Robocash. These are the App that support quick loans 24/7 thanks to the automatic disbursement feature.

– Note when filling in the income level: it is recommended to fill in more than 6,000 PHP, the possibility of the application being approved is much higher.

– You can apply for a loan through the App in many applications at the same time to increase the loan amount.

– If this App loan is refused, try applying for another App loan that may be approved more easily.

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Conditions for borrowing money via UnaCash

New loan applications are mostly developed by private financial companies and support customers who need a quick loan, so the conditions are quite easy:

In order to start using UnaCash, you need to:

  1. Be at least 18 yrs old Filipino citizen
  2. Have a valid e-mail address and mobile number

UnaCash interest rates

The interest rate may be from 3% to 10% per month depends on clients credit score. The installment is payable from 1 to 6 months depending on your chosen terms.

How to repay UnaCash

You can pay online through GCash and online bank transfer in the app.

Pay offline at our partner stores:

  • 7-11
  • Bayad Center
  • Cebuana Lhuillier
  • M Lhuillier
  • The SM Store

Want to get cash fast and easy?

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  1. Reggie Cabaoy Manuel says:

    If i barrowed 30000 for 6 months term? And my monthly payment is 4900?what do u mean for the 2times payment in every month?i just wanna know for the terms and conditions about the payment. Should i pay twice a month for the amount of 4900 pesos? So the total amount will be 9800?or i will split the 4900 in 2 times payment in a month so it will be 2450?

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