Digido Philippines Review You Should Know [2022]

Digido – with super simple procedure, fully automatic online loan, 0% interest rate for the first loan, will surely make you satisfied.

Instead of having to go to the bank with a bunch of paperwork, you can now borrow money online through Digido right from your home.

So what are the features of this type of loan? Is it difficult to apply for a Digido online loan? All will be answered right in this article.

Get PHP 25.000 From Digido now

What is Digido?

Important note: Robocash PH renamed to Digido from 8th August, 2021

Digido is the first fully automatic new web loan platform in Philippines, researched and developed by Digido Finance Corp.

Digido applies Fintech technology for the fastest loan processing at any time of the day.

Many people share that they feel very tired when they have to wait for a bank loan.

You also have to mortgage assets or prove income to be eligible for a loan.


Digido will solve all these problems, not only that you can borrow up to 25,000 in cash, the procedure only needs ID card to borrow.

In addition, with the latest offer, you get 0% interest exemption for 180 days for the first loan, with a limit of up to 25,000.

That is, you only need to pay the principal loan without any additional costs, helping to solve short-term financial needs

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Company information

  • SEC Registration No. 202003056. Certificate of Authority No. 1272
  • Address: UNIT 2/C, Murphy Center, 187 Bonny Serrano Road, Socorro, QUEZON CITY SECOND DISTRICT, NCR, Philippines 1109

Get PHP 25.000 From Digido now

Advantages of Digido

Digido also supports monthly installment loans with a term of 3 • 4 • 5 • 6 months with an amount of 1,000 – 25,000 with a very favorable interest rate.

Besides, Digido also has outstanding advantages such as:

  • High approval rate up to 95%
  • Fully automatic loan approval, quick disbursal after 15 minutes
  • Transparent loan information including loan, interest rate, payment term and related fees
  • This smart financial solution allows you to borrow money online at home, with just one smartphone, all transactions are processed automatically so it doesn’t take too much time.


Instructions for Registering for a Quick Online Loan Digido

Digido gives you a fast online loan service, disbursed to your bank account in the blink of an eye.

You register with just 4 simple steps to own a loan in 10 minutes.

First, click on the Digido Loan button below to fill in the loan information

On the page interface, you drag and select the amount you want to borrow, with the first loan you can borrow no more than 10,000.

Then click Apply for a loan to fill in loan information.

Get PHP 25.000 From Digido now

Step 1 – Personal Information

  • Here you must fill in all relevant information including full name, email, phone number, password. Filled information must be true and consistent.
  • Note: Fill in the first and last name in the order: First name – Middle name – Last name
  • Then tick “I have read and agree to the terms of use of the website”
  • Click Continue to go to the next step.

Step 2 – Address Information

  • Enter the 4-digit confirmation code sent to your phone number, click confirm.
  • Digido requires users to provide other relevant information such as ID/passport number, facebook, zalo being used.
  • Because this is a quick loan, based mainly on personal credit, you should fill it out for a higher loan approval.
  • You can provide other documents such as health insurance, tax code… to make the verification process faster than usual.
  • Next you enter your current address, such as province/city, county/district, street, house number…
  • After entering, click Continue to go to the next step.

Step 3 – Job Information

  • In this step, you fill in your work and family information.
  • You fill in your work information, Digido only supports loans if you have a stable job, if you are unemployed or self-employed… then it is very difficult for you to get a loan.
  • Next, you enter the correct work phone number and contact number of your loved one.
  • Digido is committed to the confidentiality of loan information, so you can rest assured that no one will know about your loan information.
  • Your total monthly income should be in the amount > 5,000 PHP, so that Digido knows you have the ability to pay their loan.
  • Click Continue

Step 4 – Get Money

  • Digido offers an identification system to increase your chances of loan approval.
  • This is a secure form of identification that only takes about 3 minutes to complete by logging into your internet banking account.
  • If you find it unnecessary, click Skip this step and continue to skip.
  • You wait about 10 seconds for the system to check your data.
  • After the application is accepted, you enter the bank account number in your name to receive quick disbursement to your account within 10 minutes.

How to Repay Digido Loan?

On the stipulated day you have to enter the web page to the section of your personal account. Within the list of «Active loans» you have to choose the one you want to repay or extend. When you give the corresponding button you will be offered a list of the methods of repayment of the debt. Click on the «bank card» option and proceed to the payment. The more detailed description can be found under the section «How to return the money».

Frequently Asked Questions When Borrowing Digido?

How can I avail a loan?

You can get a loan if:

— A Filipino citizen, 21-70 years old and has a valid Government ID
— Your mobile phone number is not blocked
— You have registered on the website

You can avail our Installment loan once you have already paid your first loan in full. Only repeat borrowers can avail our installment loan.

How much Can I borrow?

You can borrow PHP 1,000 to PHP 25,000

Where can I apply?

You can apply anytime and anywhere. You may apply online to our website at www.Digido.ph or our application at google playstore. You can also apply to our branches!

How much is the interest of this loan service?

The repayment amount is available in the credit calculator before you apply.

The interest rate depends on the amount you want to borrow and the loan duration. No other charges will be applied if you pay in time.

Is it difficult to get a loan?

It’s nothing complicated. Simply enter the necessary data into the online application, the amount and the way you receive the money. After that there is sign the contract through the code obtained by SMS. When you do this, the «Digido» service will transfer the values to you immediately. By signing it, Digido will transfer the money to you immediately.

My application has been approved. When can I receive the money?

The requested quantity is sent immediately after signing the contract. The speed of receipt of money depends on your bank and is 1 to 2 days. For Cebuana Cash Pick-up and G-cash, transfer will not be more than 24hrs within working days.


Online loan activity is becoming more and more exciting with the appearance of many financial companies.

Digido is an application that is currently trusted by many users.

The transparent process, clear information along with good customer care service are highly appreciated by customers.

Borrow money from Digido today to experience the best super fast loan service today!

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Get PHP 25.000 From Digido now

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