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Have you had trouble getting some cash in your life lately? Well, there is no need to worry anymore – because the Binixo portal is here to help! On the official website of the company Binixo, you can apply for a loan for your needs. The road to financial freedom has never been simpler.

Let’s discover more about this platform.

Get cash from Binixo now

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Can You Have Faith In Binixo?

Binixo was established for individuals who require credit in Philippine pesos. You can utilize the internet calculator at the official service center. In this calculator, you will enter a description of your necessary credits.


It takes a lot of effort to manage an internet lending business. To be able to lend money, whether it’s to finance a retail business or private properties like homes and land, a lot of paperwork is required. 

Binixo - Road To Financial Freedom

Binixo – Road To Financial Freedom

A lawful lending firm that does not have a valid Certificate of Authority to Operate as a Lending Company or Financing Company from the Securities and Exchange Commission poses a danger to you. 

For example, the SEC recently shut down nineteen unlawful lending organizations after they were accused of infractions that might jeopardize people’s privacy and finances.

As a result, constantly double-check the information provided by lending firms to reduce the danger of losing personal information and money.

Binixo is a popular platform, but you should still do a few checks on the government portal to ensure it’s the one you should rely on.

How To Apply For A Loan At Binixo?

Conditions For Receiving Loans Binixo

When it comes to selecting a payback period, you have many possibilities. The application allows you to specify how long it will take to repay your loan, and the due date will be computed automatically. All it takes is a single mouse click to submit!

To prove that you are eligible for a loan at Binixo, first, you need to be a Filipino citizen over 22 years old and have a stable monthly or annual income. In addition, you can also provide more information about your credit history. It will be very helpful for the Binixo team to approve your application, as they have greater confidence that you can repay this debt.

How To Apply For A Loan At Binixo?

Have trouble getting money to get you through until payday? Or want to take a vacation but don’t have enough money saved up? Here you can get money before your salary and much more. What do we offer? Quick loans, easy terms, and ultra-low interest rates! 

Get your money quickly

Get your money quickly

Here’s how you can apply for a loan:

Fill in the form

Customers will be able to access Binixo’s homepage to fill in the form. You have to go to the website, click download, and enter your information. 

Get cash from Binixo now

Wait 20 minutes

People who wish to acquire a loan can do so, despite the low income that allows us to all be provided a stable life at the moment. 

Your request should be approved within 20 minutes. There are no unnecessary formalities required during the application process, making one’s wishes easier than ever.

Getting a loan is never easier.

Getting a loan is never easier.

All you need is a bank account, passport (you only need your ID during registration), and an address in the Philippines – courtesy of our services such as Money Transfer and Utility Load Payments for clients’ quality.

Get money

Now set your bank account ready and get the money into your account. If any problems arise, try contacting your service bank to see its policy on remittance.

Loan Parameters

You can choose between a couple of payment deadlines to repay your loan. And the system will calculate the total amount of overpayment and what your one-time payment should be for this cycle.

Minimum amount Maximum amount Minimum terms Maximum terms Rate
₱2000 ₱30000 7 30 1% / day

Calculating Loan Payments And Interest Example

TERM 10 days 20 days 30 days
LOAN ₱10000 ₱10000 ₱10000
FEE 1% 1% 1%
INTEREST ₱1000 ₱2000 ₱3000
TOTAL REPAYMENT ₱11000 ₱12000 ₱13000

Why Should You Choose Binixo?

When you go to the bank, there is always a huge line. At first glance, this may appear to be usual, and a lengthy wait may not appear to be a major hardship. 

However, suppose your company requires funds immediately, and there are procedures to follow to receive the funds on time. In that case, you may want to consider borrowing online rather than going through the time-consuming application for a loan at a bank. As a result, Binixo provides a more direct road to financial independence.

Try Binixo now

Try Binixo now

Applying for a loan online is significantly more convenient. An innovative method was put in place to keep all sensitive information safe from theft and misuse.

Binixo provides a 100% online personal loan application service. With just the Internet, you can do everything that normally requires you to come into an office or get documents notarized.


People Of What Age Can Get A Loan?

You must be Filipino, who is at least 22 years old, and no more than 60.

How Long Can A Loan Last?

You can choose loans with terms ranging from 12 to 60 months. Binixo has different loan maturity options, calculated by computers to ensure your financial ability.


Everyone has financial needs from time to time. It might be something as easy as wanting some additional cash for bills, or it could be that you are in a tight circumstance and require money immediately for an unforeseen emergency. 

Whatever your circumstances are, Binixo is here to aid you with swift and useful financial assistance, whether to help you pay off outstanding credit card bills, help with school tuition expenses, or even book your vacation to get away from all of life’s hassles!

Get cash from Binixo now

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