UnionBank Quick Loan Information & Guideline [2023]

There are times when you need money in the shortest time possible. That is why quick loans are in demand. Most banks provide these services, but there is still a huge demand because of the ease of availability of these services. 

People often choose the UnionBank to get better benefits as it is one of the fastest out of many others. As the name suggests, UnionBank Quick Loan is a platform to get some cash quickly. 

You need to fill up the application form and send it as a text, and you will receive the approval within a few minutes. Then feel free to get the cash that you need in your hand.

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Overview about UnionBank

What Are Quick Loans?

The services are fully online cash and non-cash lending programs offered by UnionBank for customer accounts that match its conditions. Pre-qualified customers can make use of this service to receive quick cash. They will have money in their accounts for sixty seconds.

Unionbank Quick Loans

On the other hand, non-cash lending programs allow customers to pay for their things from time to time instead of using personal credit cards. They can apply through the web page and be notified if they start purchasing items. 

The item’s cost will determine the balance. Applicants may continue to log on to the site when receiving messages or email confirmations with a distinct invitation code. After providing all the required information, applicants may begin borrowing money.

Interest Rates

Clients must pay interest upon the agreed rate. The rate alters every day depending on the decreasing value of the loan. As noted, any discrepancy in the interest rate will be accepted.


Customers must pay the processing charge collected before releasing the money. The balance will determine the charge as below.

  • 1000 to 1999 Peso: 100PHP (charge)
  • 2000 to 4999 Peso: 300PHP
  • 5000 to 9999 Peso: 500PHP
  • 10000 Peso and above: 2000PHP

Moreover, customers will have to pay the overdue charge when they miss the due date, and the fees will be different depending on how late the payment is.

  • 1 to 30 days: 200P
  • 1 to 2 months: 400P
  • 2 to 3 months: 600P
  • More than three months: 800P

Why You Should Choose UnionBank

For many years, UnionBank has been the largest financial institution in the Philippines. The government recognizes this reliable financial organization and works with it to manage accounts for many users. The most appealing quality is how simple it is to access various services.

Why You Should Choose UnionBank

Customers can transmit money not just inside the country but also internationally. They may also view their earnings and performances through their online app, which is very simple to operate. Plus, the app allows individuals to collaborate with its advisory department.

All contact information is published on the website for anyone who needs to call anytime to inquire about the services. Recently, the organization has been among the most efficient financial firms thanks to advanced technology.

As a result, the service operates quicker and secures better client accounts data.

How To Manage Your Loan And Payment

Users may access the online app to keep track of their existing amounts and transactions. To do that, they must register on the app by entering a 16-digit string of their accounts. The payments will be withdrawn monthly on a payday from the enrolled account.

How To Manage Your Loan And Payment

Once the account owners receive their incomes, the system may automatically withdraw the payable amount. To reduce overdue fees, borrowers should deliver all payments before or on the pay date.

Borrowers should also be aware that if the Bank cannot withdraw on the payment day due to insufficient finances in the account, they will be declared in default. All the balance, fees, or penalties will turn into due instantly.

If borrowers choose to pay off their payment fully, they may contact Quick Support via the contact number and provide the relevant information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Apply For A Quick Loan In The Unionbank App?

First, you must register an online account to qualify for a quick loan. You may do it by going to the webpage, selecting the signup option, and entering all the relevant information. After you finish, you may start creating an online account.

You may also continue to request the service right at your own home after opening the account and obtaining an invitation code through mobile messages or electronic mail. You can accomplish all of these steps right on the webpage.

How Do I Get An Invitation Code For A Unionbank Quick Loan?

Not anyone can easily apply for a quick loan. First, you must have a membership, create an account, and age twenty-one or older. The second point is that even if you already have an account, there’s a chance you may not be qualified for it. 

The system will notify you of your qualification via mails or short messages. The procedure applies to all customers. As a result, you only get an invitation code once you are informed as qualified for the service.

How Do I Get An Invitation Code For A Unionbank Quick Loan?


We hope you enjoyed our article about UnionBank Quick Loan. When you need a fast financial loan, it is best to know about all available options and this biggest financial organization offers you the easiest and most efficient services.

Instead of going through the long process at a traditional bank, customers now may access all the services at ease right at their homes. Not only that, customers will be approved and receive their required money quickly and directly into their accounts.

Thank you for reading! Please check out other blogs as well for more information! Hope you have a great day!

Get cash from UnionBank Now

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