AUD to PHP – Australian Dollar to Peso Exchange Rate (update 04.2024)

Planning on a trip abroad but requiring some foreign currencies? Our article is here to assist you with some great advice on exchanging the AUD to PHP. We will give you some of the best tips to convert those currencies in the best way possible.

These tips have helped many people before, and now you have a chance to get them for yourself. You may become an expert at pulling out these methods every time you visit another country. Read it now below to explain all the methods that have been used effectively!

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AUD to PHP Exchange Rate

Below is the exchange rate of Austrilian dollar to Peso

Bank nameBuySell
Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company35.08036.260
Banco de Oro
Development Bank of the Philippines36.48037.631
Bank of the Philippine Islands35.96437.836
Security Bank Corporation34.85038.048
Philippine National Bank34.78037.720
Updated as of:4/15/2024
Source: Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas and banks

Quick exchange AUD to PHP according to amount of money

Australia Money (Unit: AUD)Philippines Money (Unit: PHP)
1 aud to php36.55
5 aud to php182.75
10 aud to php365.50
20 aud to php731.00
30 aud to php1,096.50
40 aud to php1,462.00
50 aud to php1,827.50
100 aud to php3,655.00
200 aud to php7,310.00
300 aud to php10,965.00
400 aud to php14,620.00
500 aud to php18,275.00
1000 aud to php36,550.00
5000 aud to php182,750.00
10000 aud to php365,500.00
Updated as of:4/15/2024
Exchange rate based on average selling price of local banks

Tips For Exchanging AUD to PHP

Ensure Having Some Pesos By Your Side

The first tip is to keep some pesos on hand before taking your journey. You can use the money to pay for transportation fares or food and water after arriving in the country. Some international airport services demand cash on hand.

A lack of pesos in your pocket will make you spend a cab ride with your credit cards, which is not very convenient. If you have visited international places, you will understand that sometimes using credit cards abroad can be nerve-racking.

Later, mysterious expenses will appear on your accounts after your trip, and you won’t remember them. It can be quite frustrating, so you should avoid doing it as frequently as possible.

Google The Current Exchange Rate

This second tip is something you would have done in the first place, but we mention it anyway to ensure it is essential. Studying exchange values and updating yourself with the international transaction might help you establish expectations.

To exchange right aud to php - you need to Look Up The Correct Values

Look Up The Correct Values

You will never receive the peso’s value mentioned on Google. There will always be a margin rate for the currency provider, so we have another way to look up the correct transaction value. Keep reading to find out!

Check Currency Website To Discover The Current Rate

You may get a rough indication of how national banks exchange currencies by looking up a website like Westpac’s currency rate. The nearly 2 pesos discrepancy is what keeps the profit margin. The rate on the website is quite good.

The only problem is that you must wait from 3 to 5 working days to get your money. Of course, it’s fine when you have time to wait for it, but if you require money right away, the next tip may benefit you.

Wait For The Converted Money

Wait For The Converted Money

Deal With The Exchanger

Use this method sometimes to obtain a better exchange value. Take a copy of your best transaction value to the exchanger. They will guarantee a better transaction value with other proposals because they want to offer prices that can beat their rival.

While not always being the cheapest solution, heading to a local currency conversion store is the most effective and popular way to obtain foreign dollars. Currency shops are always a good choice for anyone who needs to convert a fairly significant amount.

You may receive a better conversion rate on higher quantities – an excellent opportunity to get sufficient foreign currency right before flying overseas.

Get Good Deals From Exchanger

Get Good Deals From Exchanger

Preserve A Few Australian Dollars In Your Wallet

Our first advice is to have a couple of pesos before traveling to the country. Don’t try to convert all your money. Instead, have a few Australian dollars by your side. It’s ideal for 300-500 Australian money in your wallet.

Keep Some Dollars In Your Wallet

Keep Some Dollars In Your Wallet

The amount of money can keep you well-fed for a whole week. You can always look for a transaction to Australian dollars at the local money changer located in the airport or some nearby malls when you’re accidentally running out your pesos.

You will be amazed to see that you can obtain 36.5 or perhaps 37 pesos per Australian dollar, the value which benefits a lot more than in the origin country. It costs less to get the dollars while in Australia before traveling elsewhere in most circumstances.

However, you will always have to face some kind of charge and commission, regardless of where and how you acquire them. Certainly, nothing is given out for free, but the worst is the charge you need to take care of is frequently hidden and difficult to track.

Bring Extra Bank Cards

Sometimes, your credit card is blocked for unknown reasons during your trips abroad. It could be a financial safety feature, or the bank was wary of international transactions. For whatever causes, it’s recommended to carry a few more credit cards in any event.

You will have a backup plan if your favorite card is blocked. It also benefits by notifying the bank ahead that you will be traveling abroad, so they may prepare for international expenses. 

Some types of credit cards we highly recommend bringing along when traveling abroad are Visa, Mastercard, and in some circumstances American Express. 

Skip Local ATM Withdraw

It is not because of security purposes, but make sure you avoid using your card to make a withdrawal from local ATMs. Local ATMs may track Australian banks’ conversion rates between 34 and 32 pesos, sometimes even lower than 30.

You may end up receiving a lower deal than your expected value. Unless you are in an emergency that needs urgent money, preparing some cash by your side is a must to have a wonderful trip.


Our tips for effectively converting the AUD to PHPs when planning a trip abroad are described thoroughly in our article above. Again, it is recommended by people who have made a trip before and benefit from applying these tips. 

Regardless of the situation, having some currencies in your origin and the country you’re planning to visit makes your trip convenient. You may have them as your guidelines by reading our full article. Thank you for reading, and we will see you again in the other advisory blog posts.

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