OLP – Online Loans Pilipinas Information You Should Know

OLP is one of the first online instant money loan websites in Philippines to help customers get a quick loan in 4 hours without requiring complicated documents. Just sitting at home with a phone with internet connection, you can quickly borrow up to 20.000 PHP. Learn how to borrow money quickly with Online Loans Pilipinas in the article below.

Loan form Online loan
Required document  ID, TIN, Passport, PRC, UMID, SSS, Driver’s License
Age 22-70 years old
Loan limit 1.000 – 20.000 PHP
Loan term 3-6 months
Disbursement time 2 hours
Promotion 0% interest promotional loans for the first time


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What is OLP – Online Loans Pilipinas?

Online Loans Pilipinas (Website: olp.ph) is a provider of online financial consulting solutions with simple online loan application with the lowest interest rates. Online Loans Pilipinas was born in 2015, is the first unit providing financial advisory services and short-term mortgage loans from 1.000 PHP – 20.000 PHP.


Company information

  • Address: Unit 1402-06 14th Flr Tycoon Centre, Pearl Drive, San Antonio, Pasig City
  • Name: Online Loans Pilipinas Financing Inc. (formerly Magic World Technologies Inc.)
  • Certificate of Authority #1181
  • SEC Registration Number CS201726430

With more than 5 years of experience in the field of finance, quick loan Online Loans Pilipinas has been helping many borrowers solve personal financial problems quickly and simply without the need for traditional bank loans. row.

Want to get cash fast and easy?

Want to get cash fast and easy?

Is OLP legit?

OLP (Online Loans Pilipines) is officially listed in the List of Registered Online Lending Companies

Advantages when apply loan at Online Loans Pilipinas

As the first fast loan platform in Philippines market, up to now, Online Loans Pilipinas has disbursed for more than 30,000 loan applications. Online Loans Pilipinas is also trusted by many people because of the following advantages:

Scan profiles quickly

The approval result is notified as soon as you complete the loan application information. Once approved, the funds will be transferred to your account immediately.

Simple procedures

Quick loan application procedure is simple, only requires ID card, you do not need to meet in person to register and review a loan. This is also the advantage of online money loan websites and fast loan apps today.

Transparent loan terms

Online Loans Pilipinas provides you with complete and honest information about the loan, interest and other expenses involved when applying for a loan. Knowing the information gives you some consideration before deciding to apply for a loan without having to worry about unclear service charges.

Flexible loan

Online Loans Pilipinas understands the client’s difficulties in paying off a loan. So when there are problems with the loan or the payment term, the system can assist by extending the loan or making changes if needed.

Online Loans Pilipinas loans requirements

  • Philippinesese citizens
  • Between the ages of 22 and 70;
  • Have a valid ID card;
  • Have an active bank account;
  • Monthly income from 10.000 or more;

OLP loan review

OLP has both good and bad review. But in general, the average rating is 4,1/5, which is quite a good scoring. Here are some reviews:

cecilia arradaza ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

On my first loan to olp got a problem bec took a long time to take effect when repay the loan on the app but in the long run it was good fast transaction however it is difficult to contact them bec mostly their contacts both email and msg on app are boot hopefully you can fix this, also it would be better if the interest for the repeat loaner especially a good payer like me😉 got a little bit of discount for the interest or maybe you can give a voucher

Nohemi Dubard ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The app says I need to update to the newest version for me to avail my repeat loan, but the app is crashing and not functioning well, so I do my repeat application thru your website then it’s good too.

Vickey Weichman ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Haven’t tried it for a repeat loan before, but this day I tried to used the a

Chong Dowland ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

After the update the app is still work fine and easy to navigate I am not against with the most of the time update not unless it will affect the performace of the app.
pp again and I am happy with the approved amount again I never expect that the amount will increase. Thank you OLP!

Jenny Tuba ⭐⭐⭐

Fast approval and fast disbursement. In my first loan it is really good but second, third and so on. I don’t like it anymore because of too high interest, almost half of my loan amount.

Loan limit, fee and interest rate calculation

Currently, Online Loans Pilipinas allows customers to borrow money quickly with a limit of 1.000 PHP – 20.000 PHP with a loan term of 90 days – 12 months. Minimum interest rate is 12% / year, maximum is 20% / year. In addition, there may be service fees or consulting fees which are specified in the contract. However, with the first loan, customers will quickly borrow up to PHP 7.000 with 0% interest and fee discount. How much you borrow, pay that much. Example: The first-time borrower who took 2000₱ has to return at least 2750₱ if he repays on the first payment date.

OLP contact number

You can contact OLP via this phone number (02) 405 5171. Please note that they just support customers on weekdays/

How to apply Online Loans Pilipinas?

Step 1: Apply for Loan

Complete the application on the website in 3 minutes

Step 2: Wait for approval

In a few minutes you will receive our decision thru SMS or call

Step 3: Get money

You’ll receive money in less than 5 minutes (using InstaPay)

Step 4: Make repayment

Pay via Gcash, at 7-11, via online banking or via 5000+ branches nationwide.

OLP Loan App Download

With more than 1 million app download, OLP app is one of the most popular loan app in Philippines, you can visit Appstore of Google Play to experience the loan process without time-consuming.

Frequently asked questions about Online Loans Pilipinas

What company is Online Loans Pilipinas?

Online Loans Pilipinas is a provider of online financial consulting solutions with simple online loan applications with low interest rates.

Is Online Loans Pilipinas is a scam?

No, Online Loans Pilipinas is a legal P2P lending company, with the official name is Online Loans Pilipinas Financing Inc. SEC Registration Number CS201726430. Certificate of Authority #1181.

Conditions to borrow money from Online Loans Pilipinas?

Philippinesese citizens aged 22-70 years old have stable income

What is the loan procedure?

You only need to provide photo ID card when applying for loan at Online Loans Pilipinas.

In which provinces is Online Loans Pilipinas loan support?

Philippinesese citizen nationwide

What is the loan limit at Online Loans Pilipinas?

Our current loan limit for first-time customer is from 1,000 to 7,000 PHP. Repeat borrowers in good standing can borrow up to 20,000.

How long is the loan period?

Loan term from 90 days – 12 months

What is the interest rate?

Loan interest rate at Online Loans Pilipinas is from 12% – 20% / year together with Service fee, Consulting fee (if any).

Is it difficult to apply for a loan?

04 Easy Steps to Quick Cash Online With Pilipinas 1. Fill out the application form 2. Review reviews 3. Receive the loan 4. Loan payment

How long does it take for the loan to be approved?

Loan approval time is up to 24 hours.

How do I know the loan has been approved?

When the loan is approved, Online Loans Pilipinas will send a notification message to your registered phone number when making loan application.

When will the money be disbursed?

Within 1 hour of approval, your loan will be disbursed.

Loan repayment like?

See detailed instructions on how to pay a loan here: https://olp.ph/loan-repayment

Can I pay the loan early?

Customers can pay the loan before maturity at any time after the time the loan has been disbursed.
– For loans with 7 days and 10 days term, you can pay your loan early but the contract will only close and be eligible for re-loan on your assigned maturity date and be.
– For 15 days 21 days and 30 days loan term. You can pay after the 50% of your initial loan term and pay only the due amount for that day.

Is it okay to pay off a late loan?

Please pay your loan on time so that you won’t incur a late penalty fee.

I paid but the company did not receive it?

Please contact Online Loans Pilipinas’s Customer Care department via Hotline: (02) 322-1000 or E-mail: help@online-loans.ph and present the Loan Invoice / Payment slip provided by the partner for support.

Want to get cash fast and easy?

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47 thoughts on “OLP – Online Loans Pilipinas Information You Should Know

  1. Tina Lee says:

    I fully paid my loan early but my account is still open. I was told that it wouldn’t be closed until my actual due date. Why am I being penalized for being an early payer?

  2. nerissa estacio says:

    ive already paid my loans but i type the wrong amount i send 6720 instead of 6750 is my payment considered help me.what should i do

  3. Brando mendioro says:

    I checked OLP yesterday and it says that i have an existing loan with OLP due on july 7.
    But i did not receive any sms message , notifying me that i was approved byOLP. And i didnot reveive any cash o. My e wallet. Already sent email withpics. So far no response

  4. Jenny Fajardo says:

    Hi good pm why should I repay 1k above olp pls I paid already the amount and u told me am already due I pay in exact date

  5. MherjoCabrera says:

    I already paid my loan. How long it will takes to be posted because I still didn’t received any confirmation from them?

  6. Kristine Ria Jose says:

    I’ve been receiving emails and SMS regarding unpaid balance which i already paid fee months ago. I already cleared my credit. Nobody from the email I sent replied to me. I need clearance from my name.Thank You

  7. Marianne Petilos says:

    How to cancel my loan? I accidentally press the “GET THE MONEY” button. Already received the money. Can I return the money?

  8. Jenny Fajardo says:

    Olp check my account pls u been calling it seem I never paid my prolongation I pay already last 13 and til now u keep on calling me and u never send me message for extended 14 days

  9. Melanie yray camara says:

    Sir ma’am
    My due date last yesterday,i have bal.4,080 i want to paid today at 7/11.can i wave another interest f i paid today?
    I hope 🙏🙏🙏 thank you very much…

  10. NARCISO P. GAYAS says:

    Good afternoon Mr. Santos.
    I got my approved with Ref. No. LX344A9 but I don’t have a detailed data how much the Total amount released by the OLP and sent to my account. In this regard, can I ask statement of account regarding that loan.

    Thanks sir.


  11. Unsatisfied says:

    My OLP maximum loanable amount was 18,000. I paid ahead in full after 4 months instead of 6 months. Took 1 week for them to close my account for early payment.
    Then voila, once the account was closed, my maximum loanable amount is set back to 5,000.00.
    What a joke!

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