SSS loan Philippines – Information you should know about salary loan

Loan money via sss loan supports fast financial solutions by salary loan through a bank account after loan approval. Let’s find out the most reputable loan today through the content of this article.

What is SSS loan?

The sss loan is the most availed loan program of the SSS (Social Security System). Under the program, members may borrow up to twice the average of their 12 latest posted monthly salary credits. It is payable in 24 monthly installments with an interest rate of 10 percent per annum based on its diminishing principal balance.


A cash loan granted to an employed member or a currently-paying self-employed or voluntary member. It is intended to meet the member’s short-term credit needs.

SSS loan condition

An employed member or a currently-paying self-employed or voluntary member

For one-month loan: 36 monthly contributions, six (6) of which should have been posted in the last twelve (12) months prior to the month of application.

For two-month loan: 72 monthly contributions, six (6) of which should have been posted in the last twelve (12) months prior to the month of application.

If employed, the member’s employer must be updated in the payment of contributions and loans. The member must also be updated in the payment of other loans with SSS.

SSS loan term and loan amount

A one-month loan is equivalent to the average of member’s last twelve (12) Monthly Salary Credits (MSC), or the amount applied for, whichever is lower.

A two-month loan is equivalent to twice the average of the member’s last twelve (12) MSCs posted, rounded to the next higher MSC, or the amount applied for, whichever is lower.

The loan shall be charged an interest rate of ten percent (10%) per annum until fully paid, based on diminishing principal balance, and shall be amortized over a period of 24 months.

Here are the 3 easy steps to check your SSS loan balance online at the official website of SSS. The process is almost the same as when viewing your contribution online. This is hassle-free since it will only take you less than 5 minutes to accomplish plus you do not need to leave your home.
The requirement only is you need to have a desktop, laptop, or smartphone and an internet connection.

How to Check SSS Loan Balance

Follow these very easy simple steps to view your current salary loan balance, calamity loan balance, or even educational loan balance with the Social Security System (SSS) of the Philippines.

Step 1: Go to , then member login to view check your loans info

Type in your membership login details. Then, submit. The login process is needed whenever you want to view your personal records such as your SSS contributions, loan balance, and benefits eligibility online.check sss loan balance online login

Step 2: Hover your mouse to the “Inquiry” tab

When you hover your mouse under INQUIRY tab, a dropdown menu will show up. Giving you choices such as “Benefits,” “Contributions,” “Eligibility,” Loans Info, and Sickness/Maternity. Since you want to view your loan balance, proceed to “Loans Info.”

Step 3: Hover your mouse to “Loans Info” tab

While at the “Inquiry” page, hover your mouse at the “Loans Info” tab. There will be 4 tabs for you to choose from. Among the available options, is whether you want to check the balance on your “Salary Loan,” “Calamity Loan,” “Educational Loan Status,” or check the application status of your “Loan Restructuring Program.”

Under the “Loans Info” page, you will view your loan application details such as your Social Security member number, your complete name, Common Reference Number (CRN), and type of membership such Employee, Self-Employed / Voluntary, and Overseas Contract Worker (OFW).

You can view your Salary Loan, Calamity Loan, Educational Loan, and Loan Restructuring Program.

It will also show your loan application details (if there is any), and the history of your list of availed loans for each type of SSS loan. If you do not have previous loans, it will show you “No Results Found.”

Note: Since I was not able to process any loan application, that note is what I saw when I try to check my SSS loan balance online. It says the “No Results Found” under loan application details, and also “No Results Found” under the list of availed loans.

Who can apply SSS loan?

An applicant is qualified to apply for an SSS housing loan if he meets the following eligibility requirements:

  • Member is a bonafide member of a registered workers’ organization in the private sector;
  • Member must be a member of the SSS;
  • Member has at least 36 months premium contribution and 24 continuous contributions in a period prior to application
  • Member not more than 60 years old at the time of application and must be insurable. Members age 60 years at time of application will have a maximum loan term of 5 years
  • Member was not previously granted an SSS housing loan
  • Member has not been granted final SSS benefits
  • Member and spouse is updated in the payment of their other SSS loan(s), if any
  • The spouse of an existing borrower may still qualify for an SSS housing loan if the loan of the existing borrower was obtained prior to the date of marriage and the loan is not delinquent.

Note about SSS loan

If the loan is not fully paid at the end of the term, interest shall continue to be charged, as well as penalties, on the outstanding principal balance until fully paid.

In case of default, the arrearages/unpaid loan shall be deducted from the member’s future long-term benefit claim (e.g. Retirement, total disability & death).

The loan can be renewed after payment of at least fifty percent (50%) of the original loan amount and at least fifty percent (50%) of the loan term has lapsed.

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