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RCBC hotline is a service that provides you with detailed information about the RCBC Bank. With 61 years of experience and always at the top in the banking industry of the Philippines, you can be assured of RCBC customer service. It’s because the bank has a dedicated team that will handle these reports and take immediate action on them if necessary. 

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Knowing a bank’s hotline is crucial

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Information of RCBC?

YGC owns the majority of RCBC, one of the largest and oldest conglomerates in Southeast Asia, with a network spanning 60 businesses. RCBC has been a mainstay of the banking industry since its inception in 1960. 

As of March 2021, RCBC has more than 1,375 ATMs and 418 branches throughout the Philippines to serve its clients. In terms of properties, the bank is currently one of the top private domestic banks of the Philippines.

RCBC offers microfinance units, brokerage services for foreign exchange houses, leasing companies, T/T tie-ups, retail and investment services in other countries around the world.

In 2019, the merger occurred between RCBC and its thrift Savings Bank for even stronger finances and greater asset pool access.

Partnering with the SLGFI and the MICO (both are allies of YGC), the bank also proposes life insurance with investing component options besides its traditional non-life products. This includes auto, fire protection plans for your home or business, and personal accident coverage.

What Is RCBC?

RCBC branch in Manila

RCBC Hotline Information

Here are ways to connect RCBC:

RCBC Executive Office

Customers can come directly to the center of operations for detailed advice on banking products and services, reports, or complaints. 

Here are the locations of four RCBC Headquarters: Philippines, Yuchengco Tower, Makati City 0727, and RCBC Plaza 6819 Ayala Avenue.

RCBC Hotline

Toll-Free Number for other countries all over the world: (International Access Code)+800-8888-7222

Toll-Free Number in the Philippines: 1-800-10000-7222

Hotline: (+632) 8877-7222

RCBC Customer service:

Customer Service

Financial Customer Protection Division of the BSP contact information:


Contact the RCBC Portal website: www.rcbc.com/talktous

BSP Hotline Details

Since the BSP regulates the RCBC Bank, clients can also connect to the BSP hotline through:

The PDIC guarantees deposits up to a maximum of 500,000 per depositor.

What Are The Services You Can Receive When Calling RCBC Hotline?

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Flexible customer services at RCBC

RCBC Customer Support provides many services, including:

Forgot Password 

It’s easy to reset your account! Just log in to the RCBC Online Banking website and select “Forgotten Password.” After that, check the email and phone number you provided during registration for the default passcode. 

If this does not work, call RCBC customer service at +632 8877 7222 right away so they can help get things set up again ASAP!

Suspect Unlawful Activities

RCBC is committed to safeguarding your personal information. If you suspect that your account has been accessed illegally, contact RCBC immediately at +632 8877-7222 for assistance. The bank will investigate the matter as quickly as possible.

Missing Statement

Please keep in mind that your reports may not be accessible for viewing right after your enrollment. When your first report is available to view online, you will get an email and/or SMS notification. 

If you have any additional problems accessing your Online Statement, please contact the following addresses for help:

  • Email address: customercare@rcbc.com
  • Metro Manila phone number: (02) 877-7222
  • Toll-Free Number for other countries all over the world: (International Access Code)+800-8888-7222
  • Toll-Free Number in the Philippines: 1-800-10000-7222

Checking Account Approval

Do you have access to ROC but do not yet have an account set up for your checking-savings preferences? Follow the guideline below.

On the RCBC website, log in to your account using the ID of the System Administrator. Next, select ‘Administration’ in the menu pane. When the box appears, choose ‘Enrollment’ and then ‘Enroll Own Accounts.’ 

Underneath ‘Savings/Checking Accounts,’ pick the ‘Add Account’ option. Press ‘Validate Accounts’ after entering the 16-digit of your account number. 

A check will display next to your account number when the system has completed the validation. Click the ‘Save’ button. Finally, you need to either send an email to business.solutions@rcbc.com or call the RCBC Online Support Team at (02) 8894-9188 to obtain approval.

Report A Missing Card

Feel free to call their Customer Support Hotline at 8888-1888 to notify a stolen or lost card. You can use PLDT NDD access to contact 1-800-10-888-1-888 if you live outside of Metro Manila. If you are calling from abroad, dial +63 2 8888-1888.

Is RCBC Good?

A Hong Kong-based organized capital magazine named the RCBC the “Best Digital Bank in the Philippines.” RCBC won the prize across all domestic banks due to the satisfaction of “a reasonable, rigorous, and comprehensive process” with extra criteria “to restrict its qualification”.

RCBC has been making waves in the banking world by continuing to innovate its customers’ experience. In 2019, they expanded these efforts exponentially through various features and technologies that helped them improve the quality of service for all involved parties across different platforms.

To focus on volume-intensive and high-impact partners, the bank redesigned its portable point-of-sale equipment and ATM Go service. This led to the fivefold year-over-year growth for transactions number, volume, and income increased of the ATM go service.

RCBC also offers excellent credit card services. The RBI Asia recognized RCBC cards as the Best Credit Card Initiative in Asia for the efforts to extend credit to the unguarded population.

In 2017 and 2018, it also archived the Best Card Offering in Asia – Highly Commended for two years in a row. As a result, we conclude that RCBC is a reliable and trustworthy bank.

Final Thoughts

If you are having trouble with your RCBC account or know someone who is, it can be helpful to call the hotline. The RCBC hotline offers a wide range of services and assistance with all your banking needs. The representatives on the other end of the line will help troubleshoot any issues and answer questions about the services they offer.

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