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RCBC strives to provide superior customer service while maintaining a good CSR at the same time. RCBC also offers a wide range of products and services. 

Are you looking to make a deposit, withdraw money, or transfer funds for your business and consider using this bank? If so, this blog will be useful for you! Read on for more information about RCBC!


A branch of Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC)

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What Is RCBC?

The majority of RCBC is owned by the YGC, one of Southeast Asia’s largest and oldest conglomerates with a network spanning 60 businesses. 

As of March 2021, RCBC has more than 418 branches throughout the country as well as 1,375 ATMs to serve its customers’ needs.

It offers brokerage services for foreign exchange houses, retail and investment services, leasing company, microfinance units, T/T tie-ups in other countries.

In 2019, the merge of thrift units happened between RCBC and its Savings Bank. As a result, they have access to an even greater asset pool as well as stronger finances than ever before!

Besides traditional non-life products, as partnering with its YGC allies SLGFI and the MICO, the bank also proposes life insurance with investing component options. This includes auto, fire protection plans for your home or business, as well as personal accident coverage.

To uplift the lives of its customers, RCBC also commits itself through environmental sustainability and CSR and programs. 

RCBC has supported rehabilitation projects in times of need like earthquakes or hurricanes through a Foundation name AY. On top of that, RCB considers giving educational scholarships for those who need it most. 

The company has been very successful this year, with a PHP15  Peso Bond billion. It is the first Philippines green finance structure, following the ASEAN GBS.

RCBC Operation and Development

RCBC is a development bank born in 1960. The Bank was granted a license by the BSP that provides financial services as both investment and commercial. 

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Roxas Boulevard, Manila) .jpeg

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Roxas Boulevard, Manila)

In 2009, under the inclusive financial business model, it started providing micro-credit for small businesses through the Rizal Microbank product lineup.

In the era when customers are increasingly turning to digital services, RCBC continuously innovates its services and products to meet these ever-changing consumer needs – The company launched its first major innovation: MyWallet (2007). 

In 2014, they partnered with Savings Bank Philippines (SB) and developed Touch Q. This innovation allows self-service transactions at branches without having bank staff present.

With reported total capital of Php554 billion for the entire year 2017, RCBC is among the top Philippines universal banks.

Is RCBC A Government Or A Private Bank?

RCBC is a private bank that provides both investment and commercial banking, licensed by the Central Bank of the Philippines. In terms of assets, it is also one of the biggest private domestic banks.

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What Services And Products Do RCBC Provide?

RCBC offers a wide range of services, including:

Personal Banking


  1. Savings Accounts: Help you to save up your money. It is not necessary to have a great deal of money to begin. Based on your needs, you can choose between 10 different types of savings accounts: Dragon Dollar Savings, OneAccount, SSS Pensioner, iSave, Basic Savings, Regular Savings Passbook, GoSavers, Regular Savings ATM, eWoman Savings, Foreign Currency, Dragon Peso Savings.
  2. Checking Accounts: Check out these types of safe and convenient types of checking accounts: eWoman Checking, Dragon Checking, and OneAccount.
  3. Time deposit: The longer you deposit, the more rewards. Enjoy a risk-free investment with 3 choices from the longest of 5 YEARS + 1 DAY to 2 YEARS TO 4 YEARS, and the shortest 30 DAYS TO 1 YEAR.


  1. Home Loans: A great way to get your ideal home. There are two types of mortgages: Worry-free insurance coverage for the duration of the loan and Low monthly payments.

Home loans provided by RCBC are the fastest way to get your ideal home

Home loans provided by RCBC are the fastest way to get your ideal home

  1. Auto Loans: Secure a car or motorbike auto loan with reasonable monthly payments, a low down payment with periods up to 5 years. Feel free to select among three types of auto loans:
  • Free insurance for the first year of your loan period, no collateral mortgage fees, and a minimal down payment.
  • Flexible and Worry-free insurance coverage throughout the duration of the loan.
  • Low monthly amortization.
  1. Personal Loans: RCBD offers Personal loans for many purposes, such as traveling and education.


  1. RCBC Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITFs) are low-cost investments that combine the money from investors with comparable aims, economic ability, and risk appetites.
  2. Fixed Income Securities: Enjoy the minimum-risk investment that provides a steady stream of income.
  3. The Personal Trust is a set of investment and legacy planning tools that will help you manage, grow or transfer your assets. The trust also allows for easy distribution by letting beneficiaries reap the benefits of smart decisions.


  1. RCBC Bankard: RCBC Credit Cards is dedicated to offering you the greatest credit card advantages. While climbing the corporate ladder, you can enjoy financial freedom.
  2. MyDebit: With this card, you will enjoy 24-hour support, safety alerts, global acceptance, special bonuses, and benefits.
  3. RCBC MyWallet: Assist you in shopping on a limit. Cashless shopping, greater protection, special privileges and promotions, and global recognition are all available.
  4. YGC Rewards Plus: Provide rewards for your insurance and banking transactions.


Malayan Insurance

Sunlife GREPA

Global Filipino Products

  1. Remittance Savings is the perfect service for overseas Filipino workers. They can send money back home with TeleMoney, which has subsidiaries in Asia and international banks & transfer partners to make it easier than ever before.
  2. Remit: Help you send money conveniently and on time. It is available through any RCBC branch, accredited retail stores, or pawnshops for easy access anywhere in the Philippines.

Corporate Banking

  • Corporate Loans
  • Corporate Savings Account
  • Corporate Cash Management
  • Corporate Checking Account
  • Corporate Trust

Is RCBC a Reputable Bank?

RCBC has garnered multiple accolades and citations from a variety of institutions and publications, including AI Global Awards (Best in Private Banking) and World Finance (Best Banking Group in the Philippines).

Get the greatest banking services with RCBC

Get the greatest banking services with RCBC

During this epidemic, people have also acknowledged the bank for its current digital initiatives for accessible and inclusive digital banking, such as International Innovation Awards (Best Digital Inclusion Initiative – Service & Solution), Alpha Southeast Asia (Best Digital Bank in the Philippines), Asia IOT Business Platform Award (2020 Enterprise Innovation), The Global Economics Awards (2020 Most Innovative Internet Banking Services Provider), etc.

Finance (ABF) Corporate, Investment Banking Awards, the Asset Triple A, Asian Banking, and Benchmark Awards have all recognized RCBC for leading the way in financing several of the country’s biggest infrastructure investments.

What is RCBC Hotline?

What Is RCBC Working Time?

The main center opens from Monday to Friday ( 9 A.M to 5 P.M) and does not operate on holidays.


RCBC is a reputable bank that has been providing quality products and services to its customers since 1960, including loans, remittances, credit cards, checking accounts, and savings accounts.

The bank also offers valuable information on their websites, such as the latest news, announcements, promotions, company profile, and contact numbers for customer service.  We hope this blog post has given you some insight into what RCBC does and how it can help your business succeed in today’s competitive financial climate!

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