GCash Hotline (GCash help center) Information You Should Know

If you have any transaction-related problems, you can get in contact with the GCash hotline to let them assist you. This hotline is available 24/7 to help you with anything from sending money, withdrawing cash, or even checking your balance! No matter what time of day it is, they will make sure that your needs are met! For more details on this service, read on!

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Gcash Introduction

GCash is one of the most popular mobile apps for Filipinos in this digital age. This is a recent development that has come about due to advances in technology that might be known as an “e-wallet.” 

It allows users to store money within its app, so they don’t need to access cash outside when making financial transactions via NFC contactless payments. Such transactions include: 

  • GCash holders and banks can send and receive money using this service.
  • GSave allows you to save money (in partnership with CIMB)
  • Receive money and make payments to numerous billers
  • Contribute to the Fundraising
  • Purchase Load Purchase Insurance

GCash, the payment platform popular among Filipinos, is constantly innovating and expanding its features.

These days, the company has made financial transactions easier for 33 million registered users while over 73 thousand merchants in the country trust it to revolutionize how they do business!

GCash Hotline Information

Here is some detailed information about the GCash hotline: 


The best way to get help with your GCash account is by calling the hotline 2882 if you have difficulties in finding the answer in the GCash Help Center. You can reach them from Monday to Sunday, 8:00 AM – 5 PM! 

For PLDT users or those who do not use Globe tariffs or Smart and other non-Globe subscribers, you can still get assistance by dialing (02) 7730-2882, which comes at no cost but does incur long-distance fees.

GCash Hotline Information .jpeg

You can call the GCash hotline at any time

You should keep in mind that GCash doesn’t accept inquiries through Facebook or Messenger, so beware of any fake message claiming they can assist you in resolving an issue! All information about services and support is only available on the official GCash Page.

Corporate Office Address:

G-Xchange Inc, UG/F Globe Telecom Plaza 1 Pioneer Corner Madison Streets, Mandaluyong City, Manila 1552, Philippines

GCash Website: 




What Are The Services You Can Receive When Contacting Gcash Hotline?

There are two main services that you will receive after contacting the hotline! 

1. Protection Against Unauthorized Transactions

If an illegal transaction happens in your GCash account or GCash Mastercard, GCash will compensate you for unauthorized transactions.

When you notice any unauthorized transactions on your account, report them immediately! 

There are two ways that an unauthorized transaction might occur: Unauthorized debits (when money is sent or illicitly drained), which can happen through malicious intent from a third party. Or else when the connected debit/credit cards are accessed without your knowledge or authorization.

What Are The Services You Can Receive When Contacting Gcash Hotline?

Hackers can steal your information of credits card

When these problems happen, you can use the GCash Customer Protect Program to stop further unauthorized transactions. The way it works is as follows:

  1. If you believe an Unsolicited Transaction has been made without permission, contact our customer care hotline or submit a ticket through the help center. We’ll guide you on how best to proceed with your dispute!
  2. The Customer Protect program is designed to help you if your card has been compromised. You should report an unauthorized transaction within 15 days! 

GCash retains the right not to accept compensation claims reported after this time passed since it was already too late.

  1. You must supply the necessary paperwork within the timeframe provided to you to commence the investigation and process the claim. Among the papers needed there is the official dispute form and a detailed account of what happened, a copy of a valid ID with a signature specimen, and any other kinds of identification the dispute team requests.

2. Actions Were Taken by GCash Upon Receipt of Notification From the User

As soon as GCash is alerted of a disagreement and you have submitted a complete Dispute Form, they will handle the rest of the job for you.

GCash will take action to prevent you from being attacked again

GCash will take action to prevent you from being attacked again

  • GCash will make every effort to finish your investigation within 5 working days after receiving it.
  • A 5-day investigation window means that GCash will contact you if it cannot finish the inquiry within 5 days and provide an estimate of when the investigation will be finished.

What Are Other Alternatives to Contact G-cash?

You won’t be asked for your MIN- PIN if you have a GCash Account. Anyone who asks is most likely trying to scam the account holder and get access themselves, so just refuse! Don’t give out any personal information under ANY circumstances, no matter what!

Use the GCash App

You can now carry your customer service with you everywhere you go. In just one swipe, the new GCash app gives customers the option to talk to a live representative or file an inquiry.

Just open up the menu and choose help on that sliding bar with all of these options in tow: Chat live, Submit an issue ticket by filling out some information. 

Use the GCash App

Everything is available in the app

On the Help Center page, you can see if there have been any changes to your support tickets. When your ticket receives an update, you will be notified by email.

Submit a Support Ticket

You may file a support request on the Help Center page if you have any queries or issues about your GCash account. 

Visit this website for additional information and an online form that just requires basic information about yourself (email address, full name, GCash-registered mobile number). 

If there are attachments with relevant content (such as screenshots), feel free to include them so the GCash team may best assist you! For example, if your cash-in transaction was unsuccessful, you may add the following information on the form:

  • Channel of Cash-In
  •  Exact Value
  • Transaction Activity (Date and Time)
  • Transaction ID or Reference Number

You can receive updates on this ticket via email within 24 hours, and it is possible to respond directly from there.

Send an Email

Another way to contact GCash support is to send an email to support@gcash.com. Here we have an email template for you: 

The average response time for a GCash customer care agent is within 24 hours.

Send Twitter Message

A Twitter account is a great way to reach Gcash, you can tweet or send a direct message to the official GCash page on Twitter @gcashofficial. Don’t forget to attach your ticket number if you have already submitted a support ticket.


If you’re looking for a way to get in touch with Gcash, there’s no need to worry. They have an extensive customer service, GCash hotline department that is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week on their hotline number or the email address provided above. There are also other ways you can contact them if needed, such as through the GCash app.

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