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Are you looking for a way to get in touch with Union Bank? Have you been trying to reach them but couldn’t find any contact info? If so, this is the perfect post for you to get the Union Bank hotline.

In this article, we’ll provide some helpful tips on how to get in touch with Union Bank’s customer service department and other ways of getting help from their team. Let’s get started! 

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Union Bank Introduction

Union Bank of the Philippines, a universal bank licensed in 1992 and operating since 1968. The organization was originally known as Union Savings and Mortgage Bank but has since acquired two mergers that have made them even more powerful.

At first, they amalgamated their operations from International Corporate Bank in 1994 after acquiring this company’s license. Then, they again combined forces with another universal banking institution: International Exchange Bank in 2006.

UBP offers a variety of products and services that cover the gamut, from deposit-related offerings to loans for consumers or businesses alike. Upscale clients can depend on their bank’s investment funds as well.

As a global financial institution, UBP has provided a wide range of active subsidiaries in the Philippines. They include City Savings Bank, Inc., First Agro-Industrial Rural Bank, Inc., Petnet (under CSBI), Bangko Kabayan, and more!

What Is Union Bank?

Union Bank

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Union Bank Hotline Information

If you need help with a question about your account or would like more information on how Union Bank can better serve the needs of customers, contact them 24 hours per day via:

Metro Manila

Metro Manila (+632) 8841-8600

PLDT domestic toll-free 1-800-1888-2277

International toll-free (IAC) + 800-8277-2273

Globe SMS

Online bill payments are convenient. You can log in and pay your Globe account instantly without having to visit the store or wait in line! However, not everyone knows about this service because it’s new.

Here is SMS: 21582277 (for Globe subscribers only)

If you have any questions about your Digital Banking, Credit Card Status, or Remittance Request, chat with them at Union bank on Facebook Messenger. Just look for the account that has a blue checkmark and send it in!

Here is UnionBank Facebook Messenger: https://www.facebook.com/unionbankph/

Contact the Bank hotline for the best customer services

Contact the Bank for the best customer services

What Are The Services You Can Receive When Contacting Union Bank Hotline?

There are many services you can receive when calling Union Bank’s hotline. The following are examples of some things that the Union Bank may offer. Let’s scroll down!


With the self-service, you can now check your balance in real-time and transfer funds to other banks. They also offer bill payment options for electric, water, or phone bills, among others!

The new features that have been added include inquiries of balances from current accounts such as savings accounts, loans, credit cards, UITF, term deposits, and deposit accounts.

Complaints And Inquiries

If you have any complaints about the bank’s services, a Customer Assistance Officer will explain your rights and how best to get in touch. They can provide a number for customers when they receive reports of investigations and timelines depending on what type of concern or complaint is being filed. 

In this way, they can offer their assistance quickly while still taking the time necessary with complex issues, so everyone has an opportunity for resolution!

Crashed Bank Services

Many banks have outlets and branches where individuals can get access to their finances. Sometimes, malfunctions of the outlets would lead to their clients contacting the customer service seeking the solutions.

Lost Bank Cards

One of the most popular ways to access their finances these days are through bank debit and credit cards. This is because they’re personal properties, which means you can lose money if something happens to them! 

If you lose your debit or credit card, it is important to call the Union Bank hotline and report this immediately.

Loan Process

Potential customers expect their requests to be granted immediately and good customer service when seeking loans from banks. However, most of the time it takes for a loan request to process can vary depending on many factors.

Customers would prefer calling the customer care department and raising complaints about delayed loan processes despite an officer in charge of loans. 

Is Union Bank Customer Service Good?

UnionBank is looking for new ways to improve its customer service. The UnionBank Customer Engagement Group is always available for you. 24/7 service and sales engagement are just a phone call away!

The UnionBank team has worked tirelessly to deliver an unforgettable customer experience that’s best-in-class, personalized, and delightful. They have created innovative solutions for clients while leading their own industry with success as they thrive in agile work environments.

Union Bank of the Philippines, the winner of three Philippine banking awards in a row, has just been named “the best” for small and medium-sized enterprises by Asiamoney. It was honored for its superior customer service and commitment to small businesses, which are the engines of growth in this country.

What’s more, UnionBank received a top ranking for its superior customer experience. This bank was honored by Global Brands Magazine with awards such as Best in Southeast Asia 2021 and Outstanding Customer Experience in Banking.

The distinct recognition also includes them receiving recognition from Frost & Sullivan’s Mobile Experience Awards. This was announced earlier this year at IFA Digital Content World Congress Berlin 2019 conference.

UnionBank is the first in its country to use 5G technology for launching a smart branch that features IoT-enabled services. The highly customizable system, self-service options, and robot assistants elevate customer interaction. 


Union Bank hotline is a service that you can contact for any questions, problems, and feedback. Whether it’s about your account information or just general feedback on the bank in general, they are always ready to help with any inquiries. 

We hope this blog post has helped answer some of your questions about Union Bank services and how they work. 

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