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The Metrobank hotline is a service that allows you to be more connected with your bank. As a customer of Metrobank, the hotline offers round-the-clock assistance for any banking needs or inquiries that may arise. The hotline is available through phone calls, email, and lives chat which makes it easily accessible no matter where you are in the world.

With this blog post, we hope to explore some of the ways in which the Metrobank hotline helps make banking easier and provide tips on how best to use it – all from an experiential perspective!

Metrobank Introduction

MBT is a popular Filipino bank and the first company to provide financial services exclusively for Filipinos of Chinese descent. The original branch of the MBT bank was established in Binondo, Manila, back on September 5th, 1962. Rapid growth led them to provide banking services for all sectors throughout the Philippine economy.

MBT has a diverse business portfolio that includes but is not limited to deposit-taking, lending, remittance services, and trade finance for both individuals and businesses alike. They also offer treasury products such as investment banking or thrift bank deposits which can be tailored specifically towards the customer needs.

Metrobank branch

Metrobank branch

MBT is a company with an extensive empire. It has subsidiaries that include Philippine Savings Bank, Metrobank Card Corporation, Finance Corporation, ORIX METRO Leasing, First Metro Investment Corporation.

The company has 179 cash accept machines, 1,774 automated teller machines, and 706 branches.

Metrobank Hotline Information

Metrobank is always there for you. Whether it’s to answer your questions or provide a loan, they are more than happy to help! Fill out their form on the website and send them an email if need be, and the staff will contact you as soon as possible once they receive the email.

Metrobank service

Metrobank service

Metrobank Contact Center

Domestic Toll: 1-800-1888-5775

Metro Manila: (02) 88-700-700

Corporate Customer Care

Domestic Toll: 1-800-10-857-9727

Metro Manila: (02) 8898-8000

Metrobank  Facebook Messenger

They offer a wide variety of financial services to help you achieve your goals. In particular, MTB has over 50 years worth of experience and can get any individual or business started with the right strategy for them in a short period of time. 

For detailed information and instructions, send them a message via their Facebook:

What Are The Services You Can Receive When Contacting Metrobank Hotline?

You can get your desired answers to any questions regarding self-services, contact & hotline, or other common questions in this section:


Metrobank Online is a convenient, mobile-friendly online service that helps you better manage your money. Whether it be for buying things online or paying bills, there are many features available to help make this process as simple and streamlined as possible!

Specifically, Metrobank Online is the perfect place for those wanting to conveniently manage their finances and bank accounts from home or work! You can log in using one-time passwords, approve transactions via the MetroBank passcode (you may have already set this up), view past activity on an account by date range basis. 

Convenient Metrobank online banking

Convenient Metrobank online banking

You’ll also be able to set up time deposits that will automatically deposit money into a designated account each month or week – no need to get out of bed just because it’s payday; now there are even more ways than ever before thanks to Metro Bank’s latest innovations in technology.

Complaints and Inquiries

You may be worried about the safety of your money when in a bank account, but it’s much safer than walking around with cash. The bank account custodianship gives you peace of mind that your funds won’t be lost or stolen when deposited, and if they are, then all records show where it went from there!

Delay In Loan Processing

Banks are a safe haven for anyone looking to gain access and commit funds. They provide loans, mortgages, or lines of credit that can solve any financial problems people may be experiencing in their lives by providing an alternative form of borrowing with interest rates usually lower than those offered at other institutions.

Most customers would rather call customer care, and be transferred to the department responsible for loans because they’re tired of waiting on hold.

Lost debit and credit cards

Bank cards are becoming more popular, especially with the availability of ATMs all around. Cardholders can use their card at any machine, and if they lose it or have it stolen, there will be a risk of financial loss as well as possible damage to personal identity. Bank customer service has grown in response, people normally prefer calling before blocking accounts so that money isn’t lost when someone else takes their bankcard away!

Unaccessible Bank Services

With the rise in popularity of online banking, many banks have branches and outlets to cater to those who want to access their finances more conveniently. If you have an outlet that doesn’t work, the customer service will try their best not only to accommodate but also assist with whatever solution they can provide – including rerouting payment information through alternate channels.

Is Metrobank Customer Service Good?

Metrobank is a customer-focused bank that believes the needs and goals of its customers should come first. It offers services to help you navigate your finances, prioritize what’s meaningful for you in these choices, so Metro can deliver on their promise: “We will always put our clients’ interests first.”

Metrobank provides the most excellent customer service.jpeg

Metrobank provides the most excellent customer service

Metrobank received the Most Recommended Retail Bank award from Asian Banker for their quality customer service. This is not surprising, as they are consistently ranked among the best banks in the Asia Pacific region and the Philippines by other organizations such as Finance Personnel Magazine. 

Currently, MetroBanks’ new online banking services continue to expand their reach and provide customers with an option that lets them access the bank seamlessly anywhere, anytime. 

Metrobank has extended a number of services to cater to those who may be struggling financially in the wake of the recent pandemic. They’ve waived fees and provided additional time before being charged interest on loans while also waiving any transfer charges when using MetroBank’s Online or Mobile App until December 31st this year!


If you’re looking for an excellent customer service experience, Metrobank is ready to serve. The company offers a range of services and has representatives available 24 hours a day. Customer satisfaction rates are also high, with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Contact the Metrobank hotline today if your bank needs assistance!

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