Pharmacist Salary Philippines New Update [2023]

A pharmaceutical job is difficult as it requires a wide range of knowledge and practical experience. However, the average pharmacist salary Philippines is quite good, from 24,200 PHP to 83,700 PHP.

These numbers include several welfare benefits such as housing, transport, lunch, etc. The range also varies dramatically depending on education, years of working, and locations. Below you can find more information in detail.

pharmacist salary philippines

Pharmacist Salary Philippines Information

The Salary Range

Based on a survey conducted in early 2023, the lowest amount of money that a Filipino pharmacist can earn is 24,200 PHP each month. 

The figure for the average monthly salary can increase to 83,700 PHP if the white collars understand their work well or play an important role in an organization, such as a Head Officer.

The Salary Range

The Median Salary

The median salary is different from the average one. With a median value, your wage is divided into two halves: the lower and the higher. 

It is a reliable indicator to compare your wage and salary status with others in the same field. With the data, you can easily find which half your salary belongs: the worse or the better.

In the Philippines, the median pharmacist earnings are 56,900 PHP per month. This number implies that fifty percent of Filipino pharmacists are making less than 56,900 PHP while the rest are earning more.

Frankly speaking, no one would like to be on the left side of the graph. It is better to stand on the right side with those getting more than 56,900 PHP monthly.

The Percentile

The percentile will calculate how high your earnings are by percent. The higher your percentile is, the better, and you should maintain or improve that level.

The statistics collected show two remarkable percentiles: the 25th and the 75th. It shows that 25% of the pharmacists in the Philippines earn less than 36,500 PHP. In contrast, 75% make more money than that number.

Besides, it also illustrates that 25% of Filipino pharmacists have a monthly salary of more than 75,900 PHP, and 75% earn less than that figure.

The Percentile

Pharmacist Salary In The Philippines By Education, Experience, And Locations

By Education

A higher level of education can help pharmacists with the same years of working earn more money, but it is quite a heavy investment.

To get a Master’s degree or enter any post-graduate program, pharmacists in the Philippines must pay a study fee of around 223,000 PHP – 669,000 PHP, and the curriculum will last almost two years.

However, the salary Filipino pharmacists receive has paid off. When they have a Bachelor’s Degree, their average salary is 32,000 PHP each month.

The number can be doubled by 61,700 PHP per month when they get a Master’s Degree.

By Education


Years Of Experience

When finding a job and dealing with the salary with the employers, pharmacist employees will have to pay attention to their experience. Normally, the more years of working, the higher their salary.

Pharmacist salary in the Philippines with less than two years of experience is around 27,500 PHP monthly.

A total amount of 9000 PHP will be added if the pharmacists have an experience level of two to five years.

Employees with longer working seniority, between five and ten years, can earn 54,300 PHP each month, nearly 50% higher than those with two to five years of background.

Moving forward, those working in the field for ten to fifteen years are expected to earn 66,200 PHP per month, approximately a quarter more than the five and ten years working people.

Those whose expertise spans fifteen to twenty years can get a salary of up to 72,100 PHP each month, adding more than 6000 PHP to their income.

Finally, Filipino pharmacists who have worked in the pharmaceutical area for more than twenty years and have professional experience can earn 78,100 PHP monthly, 8% higher than the former individuals.

In Different Locations

Besides the two above elements, pharmacist salaries in the Philippines vary in different cities.

The amount of money paid to Filipino pharmacists in Davao city stands the highest: 67,200 PHP. While the second position belongs to Quezon city with 64,700 PHP, Manila ranks third with 63,200 PHP.

1000 PHP lower than that number is the wage paid in Taguig and Antipolo, with 62,400 PHP and 62,100 PHP, respectively.

In Pasig, pharmacist employees can earn a slightly lower amount, 60,600 PHP, which is 3% higher than in Cebu city.

In Different Locations


What Is The Percentage Of Pharmacists Average Salary Raise In The Philippines?

According to a survey, pharmacist salaries in the Philippines tend to increase around 11% every eighteen months.

Compared with the percentage of the national average yearly increase of 8%, the increment in the Pharmaceutical industry is higher than 3%, making it one of the most attractive professions in this country.

How About Filipino Pharmacist Bonus And Incentive Rates?

Normally, the employees in an organization who often get bonuses are those involved in the business revenue generation cycle. 

While 58% of the surveyed pharmacists informed that during their working years, they would receive at least one type of monetary bonus, the rest, 42%, reported no rewards or incentives.

Those receiving the bonuses said the rates range from 2% to 7% of their annual wage.

How About Filipino Pharmacist Bonus And Incentive Rates?

How Much is Pharmacist’s Average Hourly Salary In The Philippines?

Suppose that a pharmaceutical staff will work five days a week, eight hours per day, and the total number of weeks for a year will be fifty-two weeks.

Following that logic, you can easily calculate the average hourly earnings each Filipino pharmacist can get with the formula: Hourly Wage = Annual Salary ÷ ( 52 x 5 x 8 ). 

The result will be 300, implying that a pharmacist’s salary in the Philippines is 300 PHP for every working hour.



The average pharmacist salary Philippines is expected to rise by 19% in 2023. The number can be beyond due to the high demand in protecting health amid diseases or global pandemics like Coivd 19.

Although studying to become a pharmacist takes time and costs, graduating from college with a pharmaceutical certificate promises a potential career path.

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