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Civil engineer salary Philippines could make up to 643,500 PHP per year with experienced employees. It is low, at only 390,000 PHP per year, if you start with entry-level positions. 

However, civil engineers’ wages are still considered competitive and likely to increase with years of experience and education. 

This article will give some explanations about this situation.

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What Is The Current Civil Engineer Salary Philippines?

Civil engineers make a positive contribution to the development of society. When evaluating the wages of Filipino engineers, some people consider it a high and impressive level. In fact, the income level is not commensurate for people in the job.

civil engineer salary philippines


Generally, salaries for civil engineers in the Philippines range from PHP 18,700 per month to PHP 64,700 per month, which is changed according to the worker’s experience and qualification level. 

Comparing The Pay By Years Of Experience

Experience is one of the main factors that play a vital role in determining how much earnings you will get. The more years of experience you have, the more money you will earn.

Less Than 5 Years

For new graduates with no experience or less than two years, the salary is around 21,200 PHP/month. This is because, in this stage, the work that workers undertake is not too much; for example, you are in the apprenticeship stage and have not had much exposure to tasks such as design, construction, and supervision.

Less Than 5 Years

However, when you have gained from 3 to 5 years of experience, your salary could increase to approximately 28,400 PHP/month.

Between 5 and 15 Years

The nature of work at this stage is high pressure, and the salary often makes up to 51,100 PHP/month, which is around twice as much as someone with less than 5 years of experience.

On average, when someone exceeds 10 years of experience, their earnings are double their starting wage.

More than 15 years

For engineers with 15 years of experience and holding important positions in the company, such as chief project engineer, the salary can be up to 60,300 PHP/month. Due to the nature of their work, they have high technical requirements, skills, and high pressure.

Comparing The Pay By Education

A civil engineer has to possess a university degree or higher and specialize in design and construction.

We all know a high degree equals a better salary, but how much can a degree add to your income? We’ve broken salaries by education level for comparison.

The average salary of a civil engineer is PHP 24,700 per month if the education level is a bachelor’s.

Comparing The Pay By Education

Those with a master’s degree earn PHP 47,700 a month, 93% more than those with a bachelor’s degree.

Salary Evaluation of Civil Engineer: High or Low?

In the US, according to Payscale statistics, the annual income of civil engineers (as of January 2023) is around 71,000 USD (equivalent to nearly 3,881,000 PHP). Those who do not have much experience receive about 56,000 USD / year (approximately 3,061,000 PHP).

For comparison, engineers’ pay in the Philippines is much different than in a developed and high-spending country like the US. To have the most objective view, we will compare the salary of this profession with all other occupations. On average, engineers earn 16% less than all jobs. Compared to other engineers, the earnings of this job are still higher, at 8% higher.

The perception of the earnings of a civil engineer also depends on each person. The income is not competitive for those who lack experience and have low qualifications. But as with any profession, if you are excellent, over time, you will receive appropriate evaluation and recognition in terms of salary and promotion opportunities.

Salary Evaluation of Civil Engineer

How To Become A Filipino Civil Engineer?

As a civil engineer, you will oversee major construction projects’ design and implementation, helping maintain infrastructure systems, such as roads, dams, water systems, and buildings. You will work collaboratively with a team of engineers, architects, and other workers to complete tasks.

In the Philippines, which is a country in the process of strong development, the demand for engineer recruitment is constantly heating up. Construction projects of houses, buildings, roads, etc., all require the supervision of experts in the construction field.

If you have the passion for pursuing this journey, have the vision and the ability to supervise, have good coverage and are sensitive to numbers and geometry. This job could be one of the most suitable options for you. So, what do you need for this journey?

How To Become A Filipino Civil Engineer?


The requirement of this job is you first need to have formal education and a license. 

First, you must graduate with a five-year degree program with a bachelor’s degree, majoring in the same field.

Then, you must pass the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) licensure to have the ability to practice the occupation.

Also, gain work experience in public or private construction projects, e.g., B. in the field of building construction, geotechnical engineering, transport, water resources, and the construction industry.


If you want to make a huge income in this field, try to accumulate your experience as soon as possible and as much as possible. 

Your civil engineer salary Philippines is low or high; it all depends on the individual’s ability, capacity, experience, education, and skills. 

Hope the article can help you to solve the questions you have, as well as have more new perspectives on this career.

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