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Data analyst is one of the new positions in many companies today. This position is receiving more and more attention because of the importance of databases and data in business development. This article will show you data analyst salary Philippines and more information you need to know about this job.

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What Is a Data Analyst?

data analyst salary philippines

Data analysts will use their expertise to assess a company’s financial and business status. These assessments are made to review the business’s feasibility, helping to guide the industry closer to the previously set goals faster.

A well-trained data analyst will often play a variety of roles. They can perform performance reviews, comparing those activities with the set goals of the business. This is also why data analysts play an increasingly important role in the industry.

The jobs and duties of business analysts in enterprises are often not too different. Specifically, it will include a few main tasks and others as follows:

  • Collect relevant information and assemble it into necessary documents.
  • Analyze and clarify customer requirements.
  • Provide models, algorithms, and solutions and rely on expertise to analyze collected customer requirements.
  • Based on those requirements, write specification documents associated with the software’s business and functionality.
  • Using the synthesized specification documents, design the sample interfaces of the software.
  • Guide and support users in using the product and handling problems when problems occur.
  • Act as a bridge between technical and functional groups.

Data Analyst Salary Philippines

Data Analyst Salary Philippines

Because it is a relatively new position in Vietnam, businesses still offer attractive salaries for this position. A survey of many job postings shows that the average salary for this position is as follows:

  • Average: 39,700 PHP/month
  • Lowest level: 18,300 PHP/month
  • Highest: 63,200 PHP/month

However, the salary also differs according to the level of experience, education, and gender of employees.

Varied By Experience

Great work experience in a field you love will give you the advantage to impress and trust employers. Especially in today’s fierce job competition, people with work experience will always be given priority in the eyes of employers. Experience proves that your adaptability is high.

Compared to those who do not have experience, you are much more active, proactive, and fulfilling your work than they are. As a result, the salary of a data analyst also varies depending on how long you have worked in the field.

  • Less than 2 years: 20,700 PHP per month
  • Between 2 and 5 years: 27,700 PHP per month
  • Between 5 and 10 years: 41,000 PHP per month
  • Between 10 and 15 years: 49,900 PHP per month
  • Between 15 and 20 years: 54,400 PHP per month
  • More than 20 years: 58,900 PHP per month

Varied By Education

You need to have specialized knowledge and skills to do any job well. This is also the employer’s criteria to evaluate whether the candidate is suitable. Usually, candidates with a bachelor’s/master’s degree are trained in specialized knowledge and skills in management and critical thinking.

Therefore, when recruiting, companies will tend to choose candidates with advanced degrees, especially new graduates, to be suitable for the business data analysis industry. Moreover, those with a degree will have the opportunity to go further in the job because they are well-trained and practice the skills needed at university.

  • Certificate or Diploma: 23,700 PHP per month
  • Bachelor’s Degree: 37,100 PHP per month
  • Master’s Degree: 62,300 PHP per month

Varied By Gender

As business data analysts, men will receive higher salaries than women. In the Philippines, the wages for men doing data analysis is PHP 47,700, while that for women is PHP 41,500 a month.


Data Analyst Salary

Is Data Analyst A High Paying Job?

As technology is advancing rapidly, data analysts are increasingly sought after by businesses. With the right skills and years of experience, data analysts can have high earning potential and find great success in the tech industry.

Is Data Analyst A Stressful Job?

To become a data analyst, you need to acquire a large body of knowledge and master a range of reporting and problem-solving skills.

  • The challenge of tools and technical language used: For data analysis, you have to work with many devices such as Tableau, PowerBI for Visualize, SQL for querying and data processing, and Python for data encoding.
  • English level: The job does not require you to be too fluent, but at least you must be able to listen, understand, and communicate at work and have enough specialized vocabulary.
  • Work pressure: Studying and working in the information technology industry, you must always be ready to face stress. Data and numbers are not easy tasks to handle.

Besides, one of the big concerns of data analysts is overtime work, and there is a daily deadline to handle. This also puts a lot of pressure on your work.

Is There A Potential For Growth In Data Analysts?

Although many companies use Automated data analysis systems, they cannot fully meet users’ needs. Studies show that 80% of work may not be automated. The remaining 20% done by the machine doesn’t bring high efficiency.  

While studying to use machines only solves simple issues, more complex things still need human thinking to handle. Therefore, the Data Analytics industry will exist even as technology evolves.

Data Analyst vs Related Jobs

  • Data Scientist

So what is a Data Scientist doing? Just like Data analysts, Data Scientists are experts in the field of data collection and analysis. Most importantly, they master programming skills and machine learning expertise.

Suppose the Data Analyst can only identify development trends and use specific data to answer questions. In that case, the Data Scientist can also design new data models and write algorithms to predict future development trends.

  • Business Development Manager

The work, a business manager, needs to perform will vary, depending on the industry in which they are involved in management. 


This article has provided you with information about data analyst salary the Philippines. This is an industry with absolute potential for future growth. This article was helpful to your choice.

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