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Medical Technology is a field of work that examines diverse physiological samples using a variety of laboratory sciences and cutting-edge technology to help doctors diagnose ailments and enhance patients’ well-being.

MedTech salary Philippines is of considerable interest to many people since the field of medicine involves multitasking abilities and in-depth medical knowledge.

MedTech Salary Philippines

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MedTech Salary Philippines Monthly

With an average monthly wage of ₱19,850, the approximate total pay for a MedTech in the Philippines is ₱43,850. These figures show the median, or the middle of the ranges, based on data about wages gathered from our users, from Total Pay Estimate methodology. 

The expected additional income is ₱24,000. Cash bonuses, commissions, tips, and profit sharing are all possible forms of further compensation.  

Filipino MedTechs Pay Scale By Level Of Experience

The amount of years of experience you have after entering a certain job is the most crucial aspect in deciding your income. A larger salary would be earned with more experience.

To give you a sense of how the typical compensation varies after a specific time on the job, we studied the average medical technologist’s salary depending on years of experience.

  • A medical technician with less than two years of experience may expect to make between ₱239,000 and ₱250,000 annually in the Philippines.
  • The average salary of a MedTech will gradually grow to a level of ₱318,800 after two to five years on the job.
  • The average pay for a medical technologist with five to ten years of experience is ₱467,700. 
  • Once you have worked for more than ten years, your income will typically be approximate ₱571,300.
  • An average salary for a Filipino MedTech with fifteen to twenty years of experience is ₱623,700.
  • The anticipated average pay for a medical technologist with more than 20 years of experience in the Philippines rises to ₱675,200.

Filipino MedTechs Pay Scale By Education

Your education significantly impacts how much money you can make, in addition to employment experience. High levels of education are necessary for many higher-paid jobs, but how much can they boost your pay?

To determine if a higher education level would result in a higher income, we conducted research on the average wage for Filipino MedTechs based on their educational backgrounds. 

  • Bachelor’s Degree: Medical technologists with bachelor’s degrees typically make ₱275,800 annually.
  • Master’s Degree: Medical technologists with master’s degrees usually make ₱533,000 annually.

Filipino MedTechs Pay Scale By Gender

Male medical technologists in the Philippines make an average salary of ₱487,600, while female medical technicians typically make ₱424,900.

This situation indicates that a male MedTech makes around 15% more money for doing the same profession than a female medical technologist.

Compared with Other Southeast Asian countries

The Philippines has the lowest-paid medical technicians among the seven surveyed nations. Experienced licensed medical technologists earn approximately ₱43,850 per month, 29 percent less than their counterparts in Vietnam. In Vietnam, the average monthly salary for MedTech is ₱57,000.

While earning an equivalent of over ₱210,000 each month, Singaporean MedTechs beat their Philippine colleagues by a staggering 378 percent. For the front-line positions examined in this study, Singapore offers the best pay in the region.

In Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia, medical technicians with equivalent job experience make between ₱79,000 and ₱83,000 monthly, compared to ₱82,000 for their Malaysian counterparts.

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What Is The Salary Potential Of Filipino MedTech?

According to our data, a medical technologist’s salary in the Philippines typically increases by 9% every 18 months. Every 18 months, the Philippines see an average wage increase of about 8% across all businesses and professions.

In this instance, it is clear that there are more than the usual 12 months between average wage increases. In the Philippines, a MedTech may anticipate an average 6% wage increase every 12 months.

What Is The Top Pay Of MedTech In The Philippines?

In the Philippines, a medical technologist may earn up to ₱30,000 per month (base pay, not including bonus). You may be eligible for a variety of extras at work, including the following:

  • Individual performance bonus: The most typical incentive given to a single employee for overall work performance.
  • Company performance bonuses are given to employees as a way for the business to distribute profits to its workers.
  • Goal-based rewards are given to employees (individually or as a team) who meet certain milestones or goals.
  • Holiday bonuses are a thank-you for all the hard work put in over the year and are frequently given around the holidays.

What Is The Lowest Wage A MedTech May Earn In The Philippines?

The lowest monthly wage for a Filipino medical technologist is ₱12,080 (base pay, not including bonus).

What Is MedTech’s Wage Trajectory And Career Outlook?

What Is MedTech's Wage Trajectory And Career Outlook?

In the Philippines, there is a big demand for medical technologists. Medical technicians are highly qualified workers that may be found in a range of environments, such as clinics, hospitals, and private offices. They are in charge of employing medical technology to carry out various diagnostics and treatments.

In addition to having a bachelor’s degree in medical technology or a closely related discipline, MedTechs are often certified by the Philippine Association of Medical Technologists (PAMET).  


Because of the Philippines’ constantly growing healthcare system, medical technologists are highly sought. With an average monthly salary of ₱19,850 and a possible bonus of ₱24,000, the typical Medtech salary Philippines is around ₱43,850.

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