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Are you looking for the latest nurse salary Philippines? Or just want to know more about what to expect when joining the nursing job? Do you know that if you have a lot of experience in a certain field, you can demand higher wages to reflect your level of expertise? 

Check out our comprehensive salary guide for nurses in 2023. We’ve got the latest information on nurses’ wages, benefits, and job outlooks across the country. Read more now.

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How Much Is Nurse Salary Philippines?

If you consider becoming a nurse in the Philippines, you have much to look forward to. The 2023 nurse salary will be on the rise in the Philippines. It is expected to be around 300,000 PHP or about $6,000 USD per month. This salary is based on the current average nurse salary in the Philippines. As you can see, this is a big jump from the 2018 nurse salary.

How Much Is Nurse Salary Philippines?

Specifically, being a nurse is both a challenging and rewarding career, and a few key factors weigh into the earning potential. Most nurses in the Philippines earn in excess of 32,600 PHP, which is a good starting point. 

Experience and education levels all weigh in on what you will make, from 15,000 PHP to 51,900 PHP. The more experience and education you have, the more you can earn. Being in a higher-skilled role also results in a higher salary. As such, salary ranges widely, with experienced and highly skilled nurses making more than the average.

Nurse Salary Distribution

Salary Range

The nurse salary range in the Philippines is around 15,000 PHP to 51,900 PHP monthly. The common Nurse’sNurse’s salary in the country is approximately 32,600 PHP monthly.

Median Salary

The median Nurse’s pay in the Philippines is ₱35,200.00 per month. As mentioned, this is the salary value for the middle half of the population. Specifically, 50% of people who work as Nurses earn less than ₱35,200.00, while the other 50% earn more than ₱35,200.00.

Nurse Salary Distribution

The research also compares how much a Nurse(s) makes in other countries. For instance, in the United States, the median salary is $36,000.00 (USD). Please note that this comparison is not a close comparison. 

A Nurse’s salary can go much higher in the United States if the Nurse has more work experience and qualifications. This is because the cost of living in the Philippines is significantly cheaper.


The median of the Nurse salary distribution is 32,000 PHP. However, it is closely related to two values, the 25th, and the 75th percentiles. Reading from the salary distribution diagram, 25% of Nurses earn less than 22,600 PHP, while 75% earn more than 22,600 PHP. 

This means that 25% of them are making at least 22,600 PHP. Also, from the diagram, 75% of Nurses are earning less than 47,000 PHP, while 25% are earning more than 47,000 PHP. This means that 25% of them are making at most 47,000 PHP.

Salary by Experience

Naturally, the more years of experience, the higher your wage. We broke down Nurse salaries from 2016 by experience level, and here’s what we found. A nurse with two years (or less) of experience makes 17,000 PHP per month. 

Someone who has been in the industry for 2-5 years can earn about 22,700 PHP per month, 34% more than someone with less than two years of experience. But the most experienced Nurses make up to 41,000 PHP per month or 69% more than someone with less than two years of experience.

Those with a 5-10-year experience level have a salary of 33,600 PHP per month. This is 48% more than someone with two to five years of experience. Additionally, nurses with expertise spanning 10-15 years will get a salary equivalent to 41,000 PHP per month, which is 22% more than someone with five to ten years of experience.

The Nurse’s experience level is a huge determining factor for the salary for each level. People with less than ten years experience can expect to make 18,000 PHP per month. In comparison, people with five to ten years of experience get 32,700 PHP per month, 15% more! 

If the nurse’s experience level is under 15-20 years, the expected wage is 44,700 PHP per month, 9% more than nurses with experience in 10-15 years. For employees with 20-year professional expertise or more, their salary can get about 48,400 PHP per month, 8% more than people with experience under 15 years. # Expand: Define the following terms:

Salary By Education

Nurses, who have a higher education, usually get a higher salary. We looked at nurses’ wages by education level to see how much they were. They are categorized into three groups: high school diploma, Associate Degree, and Bachelor’s Degree. 

When the class is Bachelor’s Degree, the average salary of a nurse is ₱19,800 a month. However, someone with a Master’s Degree gets an average of ₱38,200 a month, which is 93% more than someone with a Bachelor’s Degree. This shows the importance of getting a higher education.


If you are a nurse, the promise of a stable career and a high salary must have attracted you to your chosen profession. As a career in nursing, you have the opportunity to help lives and make a difference in people’s lives. 

We hope that you can realize your potential as a nurse. If you are still uncertain about your career choices, this writing on 2023 Nurse Salary Philippines has been a great help to you.

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