Psychologist Salary Philippines New Update [2023]

Studying psychology has never been easy. This subject requires students to have a wide range of professional knowledge as well as a certain level of experience in the field.

For these reasons, the psychologist salary Philippines is always higher than in other careers. However, how much higher? If you have the same question, scroll down to find the answer.

About Psychologist Salary Salary In The Philippines 

The Salary Range 

The psychologists’ salaries in the Philippines vary dramatically. With a new graduate student without much experience in the area yet, the lowest wage they can receive is 31,600 PHP.

In contrast, if psychologist has long working seniority and plays an essential role in an organization, their salary is extremely high. A psychologist, such as a Head of a Department, or Director, can earn 109,000 PHP per month, a dream for many people.

About the average figure, a Filipino psychologist can get 68,700 PHP each month. The number includes basic social welfare benefits such as transport fees, lunch, etc.

psychologist salary philippines

The Median Salary 

The median wage is an indicator where the salary value is divided into two parts: one is 50% lower than the standard number, and the other 50% will be higher.

In the Philippines, the median wage is 74,200 PHP. This number indicates that half of the Filipino psychologists are earning more than 74,200 PHP, and the rest white collars are getting less than this figure.

The median salary is a good indicator of self-reflection. It can help psychologists in the Philippines review where they stand in their career path, at the worse or better half. Based on that, they can have a clearer view of their career orientation, helping them improve specialist knowledge and skills.

The Percentile 

The concept of percentiles is quite complicated. Instead of representing the statistics in percent, the percentile will show these in rank.

In the Filipino psychological industry, we should pay attention to two factors of percentile: the 75th and the 25th percentiles.

From the statistical numbers provided by the Filipino authorities, 75% of psychologists in the Philippines earn less than 99,100 PHP, while the other 25% make more than 99,100 PHP monthly.

The benefit of using the percentile index is that it can tell psychologists whether they are on the low or high-income side. Clearly, it is undeniable that everyone would like to have a high percentile, which implies that they are earning a lot of money.

The Percentile 


Monthly Income Of A Psychologist In The Philippines 

Clinical Psychologist 

A clinical psychologist uses psychological science to deal with people’s problems, such as emotional, behavioral, or mental disorders.

The salary paid to Filipino clinical psychologists is quite high. Each month, they can earn 139,000 PHP on average. It means that in one year, they can make 1,670,000 PHP, such a high income in a developing country.

Besides, the lowest amount of money they can get is 64,000 PHP, while the highest figure is more than three times higher, at 221,000 PHP.

This huge gap exists because the clinical psychologists’ salary is based on many factors such as education level, location, experience, etc. With higher levels of schooling and longer expertise spans, professional psychologists will receive the payment correlated with their talent.

Clinical Psychologist 

Forensic Psychologist 

Forensic psychologists are those proficient in looking up and finding the psychological factors in legal cases. They often work with judges or other law professionals.

According to data collection, a Filipino forensic psychologist can earn 138 PHP each hour, which means if calculating the salary according to the formula: Annual payment = Hourly payment x 5 x 8 x 52, the yearly income of a forensic psychologist is 286,975 PHP.

In addition, forensic psychologists in the Philippines also receive a 4,362 PHP bonus each year, helping increase their earnings. 

Regarding the average salary range of forensic psychologists, the lowest number is 219,077 PHP for those in the junior level with experience from 1 to 3 years. More than 130,000 PHP will be added if they level up to senior roles.

Forensic Psychologist 

Industrial Organizational Psychologist 

An industrial organizational psychologist is one applying industrial-organizational psychological methods to resolve problems in the workplace.

Every year, a Filipino industrial organizational psychologist can earn 912,730 PHP and get a bonus of 31,946 PHP if they create value and generate revenue for the business.

The average salary range for this type of psychologist can vary drastically. For those in the entry-level, they can earn 642,460 yearly. That number will double to 1,144,441 PHP if they work for over 8 years.

Industrial Organizational Psychologist 


What Is The Percentage Of Psychologist Salary Raise In The Philippines Annually? 

On average, for every 19 months, psychologists’ wages in the Philippines will increase by 13%. However, this is just a reference number as the frequency, and the percentage of the salary raise can depend on an array of elements.

In reality, the regularity can be shorter, and the salary increment can be higher. Therefore, those who are proficient in both knowledge and skill should work hard to show the organization their great performance and significant contribution. For sure, their effort will pay off.

How About Filipino Psychologist Bonus And Incentive Rates? 

The opportunities for Filipino psychologists to be involved in the company’s revenue cycle are tremendous, so it is not surprising when most of them receive a monetary bonus from the business. 

According to a survey, more than 83% of employees said they had at least one incentive for their work in the last year, while 17% said there was no bonus.

Besides, it is reported that the rate of bonuses and incentives is in the range of 5% – 9%, counting on their annual wage.

How About Filipino Psychologist Bonus And Incentive Rates? 

Will My Salary Be Higher If I Have A Master Degree Major In Psychology? 

The research was conducted to see how much Filipino psychologists could earn if they entered higher education and had a master’s degree.

The result shows that a new graduate with a master’s degree can make an average of 33,325 PHP per month, nearly 2000 PHP higher than those without a certificate.

However, keep in mind that employers always look for candidates with professional knowledge and practical skills. Hence, psychologists in the Philippines should investigate their time to improve both factors, and the offer will be more attractive.


Psychologist salary Philippines is on top in the labor market, right? Although it will be different depending on the divergent kinds of psychologists, the average number is very good and worthy.

Many reasons affect the psychologists’ salary in the Philippines; however, as long as you are determined to do it, nothing can prevent you. Study hard and get as much experience as possible, and the dream wage is in your hand.

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