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Loaning online is not a new form in the financial field. It offers a fast and easy way to meet your need. However, security and reliability are the most vital things you need to be aware of before applying for an online loan.

We want to introduce a creditable platform licensed and recognized by the Government – Suncash. What is it, and how does it work? Let’s find out now.

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What Is Suncash?

Suncash is an online financial platform that offers fast and secure loans. It allows users to request a loan from their mobile or desktop to save time and avoid direct contact – an important element in the context of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

Suncash - loan anytime, anywhere

Suncash – loan anytime, anywhere 

When coming to Suncash, you can choose a flexible payment option with up to a P20,000 loan amount. The tenor is up to you but cannot exceed 180 days. 

Regarding fees, the borrowers need to pay the processing fee and royalty fee counting on the transaction with a minimum amount of 10% and a maximum amount of 20%. The interest rate will not exceed 24%. Everything is transparent and understandable.

To apply for an online loan program, you must be 18 – 55 years old and employed or own a stable income. Suncash will contact you to verify your condition before supplying you with a suitable loan package. 

There are some limited areas in the Philippines in the Suncash list. So, you can contact them before applying.

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Is Suncash A Trustworthy Loan App?

Yes. Suncash was developed by SunCash Lending Investor Corp – a legit financial corporation licensed by the Philippines Government.

Their platform: Suncash is in the list of recorded online lending platforms made by the Securities and Exchange Commission, showing how secure and safe it is.

All your personal information and transactions on Suncash are kept confidentially inside the database of SunCash Lending Investor Corp. No one can attack the system thanks to the powerful firewall and high technology.

However, the corporation may share your database if the government or competent agencies ask. All these regulations are written down in the Privacy and Term of use of SunCash. So, make sure you read them thoroughly before joining the app.

Because of the convenience and security, Suncash has more than 500,000 active accounts after four years of development, and the number has kept increasing recently.

Who can loan from Suncash?Who can loan from Suncash?

Who can loan from Suncash?

How Does Suncash Work?

In the traditional process, you must request a loan from banks or financial companies. These agencies will expertise your endorse and notify you about the result. Once your application passes, you can go to the agencies and get the money.

While the traditional process happens offline, which is time-consuming, Suncash makes it easier and faster in a few minutes.

After joining the app and fulfilling all the needed information, you can request a loan with your mobile. You are allowed to choose the loan amount and the tenor. All information is stored in the database of Suncash, and the system will notify the authorized department to solve your application.

No limit loan request

No limit loan request

After receiving your loan request, Suncash will verify your information and liquidity ability based on the submitted information in the app.

If your request is good, they will approve your loan request, and you can withdraw cash at some cash pickup stores in their network. If it’s not good, they also notify you. 

You can also check your loan history in the section Loan record, including the approved, rejected, and completed ones.

Suncash allows you to apply for many loan requests at the same time. If you have no bad reports and a good income, they can accept them at once.

Suncash will calculate the fee and interest rate depending on the loan amount and show them in the app. Hence, you know how much you will return to Suncash after the tenor or monthly.

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How To Get A Loan From Suncash?

Step 1: Download The App

Suncash is available in iOS and Android

Suncash is available in iOS and Android

Suncash is available in both iOS and Android operation systems, so you can easily download them on your smartphone.

You must visit the App store or CH play and search for Suncash. Among different answers, you should download Suncash – Peso Cash Loan App or Suncash – Fast & Easy Peso Loan Cash. Both apps belong to Suncash lending investor corp with the same functions.

Want to get cash fast and easy?

Step 2: Create And Set Up An Account

It takes less than 5 minutes with a few simple steps to create and activate your account on Suncash. Once opening the app, you must enter your phone number and verify it with an OTP code. Then, the system automatically logs you in.

You need five steps to set up your account, including Identification, Personal information, Contact information, Employment information, and Payment information.

Step 3: Apply For A Loan

When you’ve done setting your account, open the tab Loan, and click on a button on the right corner of the screen to add a new loan.

You can choose how much you want to owe and how long you will repay it, and select “Apply now”.]

Suncash - designed for your needs

Suncash – designed for your needs

Step 4: Claim Your Loan

The Suncash Lending Investor Corp will check your information to verify your liquidity capability. If you pass this step, you can find your loan history in the Loan record section. Hence, you can follow and manage your own.

Suncash will notify you about the acceptance or rejection when the verification is done. If it’s a Yes, you can claim your loan at the cash pickup stores you’ve chosen.

Step 5: Repay The Loan

Suncash will remind you of the payment deadline by SMS or call. You can repay it online or offline via ECPAY, 7-eleven, GCash, MLhullier, RD Pawnshop, and TrueMoney.


What Is The Loan Limit?

The maximum online loan is P20,000. However, it doesn’t mean everyone has the same amount of loan when using Suncash. Suncash will verify your information and monthly income to ensure you can return the loan in time.

Is There Any Fee?

Yes. You must pay the processing fee and royalty fee counting on the transaction with a minimum amount of 10% and a maximum amount of 20%. The interest rate will not exceed 24%. These fees are based on your loan amount.


If you need money for your business, daily expense, or school fee, Suncash will help you. You can loan money to the top secure and trustworthy financial corporation in the Philippines in a few minutes. What are you waiting for? Let’s download Suncash now!

Want to get cash fast and easy?

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