Finbro Information You Should Know [2023]

Do you know about the Finbro application? How can you utilize it for your benefit? People who need some quick cash for their emergencies should know about this application as a savior. 

This article is an overview of Finbro, from the procedure to the answer to the most frequently asked question. Check out to avoid missing any important information when you need to use this app. 

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What Is Finbro? is one of the online lending platforms available in the Philippines that enables you to obtain a loan to pay for unforeseen needs easily. You can lend between 1,000 to 50,000 pesos for a 12-month term using your phone with a simple click.

What Is Finbro?

What Is Finbro?

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Why Should You Choose Finbro?

Users should choose Finbro among other existing applications because of its simple application procedure, easy process that usually takes around 10 minutes to 1 working day, and fast and reliable platform that can ensure your loan.  

What Is Required To Apply For A Loan With Finbro?

You must be a Filipino citizen between the ages of 20 and 65, employed, or have another reliable source of income to qualify for a Finbro loan. Moreover, you must have at least one legitimate ID, SSS, UMID, driver’s license, and a mobile phone number.

How To Create A Finbro Account.

How To Create A Finbro Account.

How To Loan In Finbro?

The steps for applying for a loan in Finbro are: 

#1. Choosing the loan amount and filling out the application.

  • For new customers, select an amount.
  • Click “Apply Now”
  • For old customers, simply log in to the system.
  • Give your contact information, a legitimate ID, and a selfie.

Get cash from Finbro now

#2. Get accepted in a matter of minutes.

  • In case there are any further questions, Finbro will either call you right away or alert you, so make sure to notice any calls to ask for help during business hours.
  • The processing of an application could take ten minutes or the following business day. You’ll receive an SMS alerting you of your choice.

#3. Money will be deposited into your Bank account after approval.

In case you want to loan more than the existing loan, you need to apply for a loan that is larger than the one you already have. Therefore, to save your time, be prepared for the amount you need and apply when you are sure. 

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How Can You Pay In Finbro In The Philippines?

There are two methods that make it simple and comfortable for you to repay the loan: pay using a payment center and use a bank transfer to pay. 

For the bank transfer option, you will need to transfer to the account as shown below: 

Bank name Union Bank of the Philippines
Receiver SOFI Lending Inc.
Bank account No 003170001484
Payment remarks Reference number


For payment via Payment Centers, you can go to Finbro partners such as TrueMoney authorized Payment Centers, Direct Agent 5 authorized Payment Centers, SM Payment Centers, Express Pay authorized Payment Centers, EC Pay authorized Payment Centers, Cebuana Lhuillier, M. Lhuillier. After that, follow these steps: 

  1. Locate the closest payment location.
  2. During office operating hours, visit the specified Payment Center’s closest branch.
  3. When paying, complete a payslip and provide the cashier with the reference number (which you should have received via email or SMS).
  4. Pay the required amounts.
  5. Keep the receipt of payment secure.

You can always make an early payment before the due date. However, in case you cannot pay the entire loan amount on time, Finbro has a Minimum Payment option that will push back your Next Payment date by 30 days.

Your First Loan At 0%.

Your First Loan At 0%.

Get cash from Finbro now

Are Loans Obtained Online Legal In The Philippines?

According to the cease, the lending activities and transactions are unlawful, and this Commission must stop them immediately. This is because the online lending operators are not incorporated firms and lack a certificate of authority to operate as financing companies or lending companies. 

Moreover, the Securities and Exchange Commission in the Philippines maintains a list of authorized lending institutions (SEC). The Lending Company Regulation Act, the Corporation Code, and any other regulations governing lending firms must all be complied with by the lender at the time of registration. 

Therefore, be aware when making any online loan as it can get you into trouble. However, Finbro is a safe and simple platform that can ensure your authority and rights. 

What Will Happen When You Don’t Pay Your Online Loans?

When a person fails to pay an online loan in the Philippines, the contract will not end, and the creditor can demand the interest plus the entire amount owed. This situation is applied when the borrower is late for up to 2 months. 

Every day, many borrowers miss payments on their loans, and one of the frequent questions they have is whether they will go to jail for it. No, is the response.

They can threaten to involve the police in the situation but as expressly stated in the 1987 Philippine Constitution under Section 20 of Article III; no one will be imprisoned for missing payments. 

However, it does not mean there will be no harm to this action, as the lender may impose a $25 one-time default fee and begin loan collection efforts whenever you skip a transaction on your monthly schedule. You cannot be assessed a fee by your lender simply for agreeing to an installment plan.

Furthermore, not making loan payments results in poorer credit scores, barbing you from taking out any future secured loans. Expect to earn incredibly low credit scores when your loans default, precluding you from receiving any financial aid.

What Will Happen When You Don't Pay Your Online Loans?

What Will Happen When You Don’t Pay Your Online Loans?


Finbro is a helpful platform to lend you some money in the most needed situation. Before going on the platform and figuring out the procedure and process yourself, you can rely on this post to understand the process and gain some tips. 

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