Vamo Philippines Information You Should Know

The Vamo portal is here to help. Depending on the nature of your financial situation, you can apply for any loan type you want. Whatever occasion you are in need of money, for a holiday trip or college, or have major car damage and urgently need money to repair it, Vamo has designed different types of loans to suit your needs. 

If you wish to know more about the process of getting a loan at Vamo, check out our post below.

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Vamo Philippines Introduction

Despite some people’s reservations about the government’s actions in this respect, the usage of internet lending has significant potential for both investors and businesses looking for trouble-free solutions to their financial challenges. 


You can trust Vamo to provide financial solutions for you.

After operating underground as a money-laundering business for years and facing international consequences, 19 lending companies in the Philippines have finally been forced to go public or risk being shut down by the Philippine National Police or other agencies who have been chasing them down since last year.

This, however, does not occur with Vamo. 

Vamo Lending Inc. is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission under Registration No. CS20200000915 and has Certificate of Authority No. 3261. 

Vamo is a major Fintech Company in the Philippines, providing technology-driven lending solutions for SMB loans and e-commerce businesses. It has many years of financial experience under its belt. As a result, you may put your whole faith in this organization.

Vamo guarantees transparency when dealing with their customers and works quickly so that any user who applies will get their response in no time – because there’s nothing like waiting when things are urgent!

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How To Apply For A Loan At Vamo?

Vamo Lending Inc. is based on numerous other current firms, including VIA SMS Group, Xeptor Financial Services, and a few more that will be announced later. 

With these full-circle finance company combinations and years of financial sector knowledge, we continue to push forward innovative approaches for you to get your next loan with great aspirations for the future.

The loan application process at the company is also very simple.

Conditions For Receiving Loans At Vamo Philippines.

Welcome to Vamo, where their loan services are available to all Filipino individuals aged 20 to 65. If you wish to apply for a loan but are unsure whether or not you qualify, Vamo can assist you. Sometimes, the staff will also need to provide proof of your income.

Apply loan at Vamo

Apply loan at Vamo

All customers, individuals, or organizations can borrow money at Vamo.

How To Apply For A Loan At Vamo?

  • Sign up today to try out a new time-saving method of applying online. To save even more time, download an app to your phone and join up for it. After reviewing the alternatives, you’ll need to submit your ID number and phone number accurately on the application form.
  • The application will be approved as soon as feasible by the Vamo team. We will check the documents for authenticity and determine if you are eligible to receive payments.
  • Transfer funds to your bank account. If the funds have not been immediately transferred to your account, please check with the bank providing the service. Chances are they have different policies on remittances.

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How to Repay Your Loan at Vamo?

Vamo provides a whole new, innovative, and flexible way to repay your loan, allowing you to pay between 3% and 120% of your total debt! 

It is handy since your due date is always shown in your account and contract, rather than attempting to remember when you must make monthly payments. We’ll also send you email reminders three days before any payment deadlines to ensure you’re up to date!

You only need to perform the following.

  • Keep your Vamo account signed in.
  • Choose your payback period and a payment method (banks or e-wallets such as PayMaya or Gcash are options).
  • Next, select make payment and wait for the application to run. If the payment is successful, you will receive an email notification.

Example Of Calculating Interest And Loan Payments

New Clients

Your loan 5.000 PHP
Interest until 2022-04-11 I650 PHP
Processing Fee 100 PHP
First Payment Date 2022-04-11
Minimum Payment 705 PHP
Full Payment 5.750 PHP

Existing Clients

Your loan 30.000 PHP
Interest until 2022-04-11 3.900 PHP
Processing Fee 100 PHP
First Payment Date 2022-04-11
Minimum Payment 3.730 PHP
Full Payment 34.000 PHP

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Why Should You Choose Vamo?

Vamo’s service has been designed to be as convenient and efficient as feasible. There are several methods to apply for a personal loan online at Vamo. Everything you’ll need to provide to our administrators may be done online, from your paperwork to proof of address and even sending a series of images that we’ll need to verify. 

Why Should You Choose Vamo

Get your funding at Vamo

Your personal information is kept in a completely safe location, so you don’t have to worry about it coming into the hands of the wrong people. That is how we can deliver such high-quality service!

Personal loans have never been easier to obtain with Vamo. The team has made it straightforward for you to apply for personal loans online with little effort. You’ll never have to wait in large queues or days for a loan to be authorized again.


Vamo Lending Inc. is one of the finest sources of loans for Philippines citizens. With more than 700,000 customers worldwide, we drive payment innovations that allow partners to make their customers’ lives easier by seamlessly integrating payments into any transaction they are involved in. We note that our experience is a safe bet for delighting our clients with end-to-end processing solutions.

We hope you found interesting information in this post today. Thank you for taking your time.

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