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UnaPay is one of the easiest ways to get what you want on credit, so you can enjoy it now and pay later. It’s great for everyday purchases like household necessities and supplies. Better yet, you don’t have to stand in those long lines before your next payday at the bank! 

UnaPay provides extra funds for purchases made at Lazada and many more retailers, another perk that regular banks don’t offer.

Find out everything you need to know about this company here!

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What is Unapay?

UnaPay can assist you if you find yourself in a situation where you don’t have enough money to buy things. Online shoppers like you and me may achieve financial independence by making payments through this service until they purchase all of their preferred things.

UnaPay is the new generation loan.jpeg

UnaPay is the new generation loan!

Opening an account at Unapay, which is linked to Lazada and offers a credit limit, is probably the best way to start saving for life’s emergencies or small luxuries. 

Connecting is simple – follow the link provided here and gather all of your details so you can be eligible for one of these incredible solutions!

So, what are you holding out for? Sign up today, and you’ll have some additional cash by tomorrow!

How To Register To Start Using Unapay?

Okay, let’s register you in. That may be easy. We will speak about an overview of the registration process to make it work. Let’s start!

Complete the online application form.

You must complete a few stages for this, so personal information is a sure thing that you must include. Before applying, double-check that everything is in order; this should take no more than five to ten minutes. 

You can prove your identity with one of the following documents: Driver’s license, UMID, SSS, passport, or TIN ID. Check that your credentials from Lazada electronic wallets are accurate. At the very least, double-check it. 

Get a loan instantly with this service

Get a loan instantly with this service!

Lazada Wallet money does not expire and may be used on any purchase until it runs out. The procedure of transferring funds from UnaPay to the Lazada electronic wallet might take as much as 24 hours.

Create a Virtual Card

It’s almost like magic! You press a button, and your application is accepted immediately. There is no need to wait as long as other units on the market. 

However, there is a little caveat: after 10 p.m the company does not process applications, and they will be rolled over to the following day. UnaPay will send money to its Lazada partner if the money transmitter approves it.

Don’t worry about any mistakes or rejections – this Philippines finance company will ensure that everything is converted into Philippine Pesos before depositing it to your wallet! Regarding rejection, if it occurs, you will be notified as well.

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Repayment Stage

When you connect your bank account to UnaPay, you can easily keep track of all your payments as well as any critical due dates. Remember to review the schedule frequently, not only when an alert is received. 

Shop now, pay later with this financial service

Shop now, pay later with this financial service!

If you require more time or want to make a large payment at once, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the U-team so that they may adjust the timetable for you! This will assist you in avoiding incurring a late charge and will not affect your credit score. 

Also, keep in mind that other installments (re-loans) are available if you need more money later.

  • If you wish to repay your installment loan offline, please get in touch with one of our partners: Cebuana, M Lhuillier, SM Stores, 7 Eleven, Bayad Center.
  • Utilize the famous Philippines bank services to relay a loan online.

If you are late on your installment loan, we will immediately charge your account 800PHP every day plus 10% interest. However, we will not begin charging you until you have two or more late payments. 

We hope you realize how difficult it is to pass these expenses on to our other clients at the end of the day, and we hope that this extra day will help make up for any losses suffered. 

If you’re having trouble repaying on time, we’ll make it easier for you with helpful reminders! We’ll remind you of each payment in advance and make repaying your loan the most simple process you’ve ever experienced.

Want to get cash fast and easy?

What Are The Requirements For Applying With Una Pay?

The answer is simple; you must meet the following requirements regarding required documents: 1 ID (has checked to be valid), evidence of billing, and income paper.

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Who can apply for an installment loan?

To use UnaPay, you must be at least 18 years old, have an email address and a phone number. This is an excellent choice for freelancers and casual employees who don’t want to deal with banks because you may start using it without any financial documentation.

What is your loan quota with UnaPay?

Your credit limit for unaPay first-time borrowers might range between 2000 and 30000. However, this figure is subject to fluctuate based on the length of your collaboration with it and your credit score

What will happen to the money when I cancel the Lazada order?

In case your order is canceled, the customer will receive a refund notification on the app.

Is UnaPay Legit?

This is a reputable company registered with the government. For more details, you can refer to Digido Finance Corp.

Unapay is officially listed in the List of Registered Online Lending Companies in 2021 & 2022


UnaPay is a new payment software that lets individuals make payments to benefit everyone involved. It is an excellent resource for internet shoppers who find themselves waiting a while before they can afford to pay for the items they desire. 

You can take out a loan and pay it back later, but remember that being on time is critical to avoiding exorbitant interest rates.

What are you waiting for? Sign up with UnaPay today to take advantage of these discounts.

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Want to get cash fast and easy?

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