CLiQQ App Review You Should Know [2022]

Looking for an easy way to pay your bills and send money? Look no further than the CLiQQ App

With this guide, you’ll be able to navigate the app and use its many features to your advantage. So whether you’re looking to pay a bill or transfer money to a friend, read on for all the information you need. 

What Should You Know About The 7-11 Cliqq App?

The 7-11 CLiQQ app is a mobile service for payment and rewards redemption at local stores, with instant wifi provided on the go. Every time you use it, the app will create a barcode only for you. 

Choose CliQQ today!

Choose CliQQ today!

Here are some of the most outstanding products of CliQQ:

  • CLiQQ PAY –With the new Mobile wallet from 7-Eleven, you can now use your phone for all of life’s little moments, from paying bills to grabbing a quick meal and even money transfers at any time or place!
  • CLiQQ Rewards – providing exclusive deals to customers through the official loyalty program of which there are many partners you can choose.
  • CLiQQ Wi-Fi – accessing the internet at any 7-Eleven location.

The convenience is unbeatable – load it up with cash on arrival (or before!), then go about doing what needs doing without having to carry around bulky wallets.

Get cash from CLiQQ now

What Do You Need To Do to Activate A 7-11 CLiQQ Account?

7-Eleven is a convenient and innovative company that has helped people live better lives with cashless payments. But first, you have to register for an account.

  1. 7-Eleven’s app is available for free on iOS and Android platforms. Please download it first and then open it to begin using it.
  2. You may sign in in a variety of ways. The 7-eleven app allows you to log in using your phone number or a social network account (Facebook or Google).
  3. If you want to log in using your phone number, enter it in the provided box and wait for the OTP code to be given to your phone number. You must enter this four-digit code into the 7-Eleven app to validate your identification.
  4. Finally, the 7-Eleven app will have a glossary. If you agree, click yes to proceed with creating your account.
  5. You have become a 7-Eleven client.
  6. Please input the needed personal information in the Profile area to finish the account.

7-11 CLiQQ PAY Wallet

What Do You Need To Do to Activate?

  1. The open-source CLIQQ wallet is now available for download on your smartphone! Touch the open-wallet icon at the top of this page and input a new email address to get started.
  2. Make sure your wallet is safe. Keep in mind that this PIN will function similarly to an ATM’s number, so keep it secure! To use the CLiQQ app’s payment mechanism, go to “Wallet —> Settings—PIN(4 digits) Code.”
  3. To confirm your PIN, enter it again. Keep the PIN for you only.

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What Do You Need To Do to Load Money

Here’s how you can transfer money to this wallet. 

  1. Your new CLiQQ PAY wallet is now ready for all of life’s adventures! On the page, choose “Load Wallet” and enter how much money you would like to put inside.
  2. Once you’ve completed the process, your new barcode will be generated, and all that’s left for us to do now is head over to any 7-Eleven stores!
  3. Unlock the wallet and load it with your funds. After making sure that everything went well, refresh for an updated balance!

Get your CliQQ rewards now!

Get your CliQQ rewards now!

What Do You Need To Do When Purchasing In-Store with CLiQQ App?

The app is now available for payment. Once you sign in and select “Open wallet,” choose the Buy at 7-11 buttons so that it will open up a payment window where you can complete all of these steps easily with just one quick scan from an employee or shopper!

Life is easier when we use CliQQ! .jpeg

Life is easier when we use CliQQ!

Get cash from CLiQQ now

7-11 CLiQQ Bills Payment

  1. Log in with the CLiQQ app and tap Pay Bills. Enter payment details for any bills that need paying, like account number or amount owed.
  2. Go to any 7-eleven stores and give your cash to the staff. They will deposit money into your account through the barcode you provide
  3. Confirm, and your bills have been paid.

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7-11 CLiQQ Money Transfer

This is one of the most creative financial services. It provides quick and inexpensive options to transmit money via Palawan Express (send money to others) or GCash and PayMaya (send money to your e-wallet

This new fintech also works for online transactions, so you won’t have to pay extra costs. 

What Do You Need To Do to Send Money to GCash or PayMaya?

  1. Access the log in part in the CLiQQ app. Choose to “Add e-Money,” and then select GCash or PayMaya as your payment option.
  2. To proceed, confirm the transaction.
  3. Go to your nearby 7-Eleven and hand over your cash to the cashier. They will deposit funds into your account using the barcode you supply.

What Do You Need To Do to Transfer Money via Palawan Express?

  1. Go to the app and select “Pera Padala” as your supplier.
  2. You will next be required to authenticate your identity. This means you have to complete the form with pertinent personal information (including a valid State ID card)
  3. Enter the cash amount you intend to send and the recipient’s details. Your new barcode will be produced once you have finished the process.
  4. Reach the closest 7-Eleven and give the cashier your money. They will use the barcode you provide to deposit funds into your account.
  5. The money will be delivered to the receiver. They will be notified and travel to PEPP to collect the money. Please ask the beneficiary to provide complete identification to verify their identity and get funds.


If you’re looking for an easy way to pay your bills and send money, the CLiQQ App is a great option. 

With this app, you can manage your finances on the go and keep track of your spending. Plus, it’s simple to use and convenient for any situation.

Download CLiQQ App now to experience their innovative tech!

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Get cash from CLiQQ now


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