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Tonik Bank offers amazing terms on new products to customers. It began with savings and deposits, then continued to expand to other services. It can currently provide you with an integrated card that you may use to apply for online payment.

Tonik App | Tonik Bank

Tonik App | Tonik Bank

The help of smart applications allows anybody seeking an online lending service to join in. So, don’t hesitate and download its mobile app. We will help you complete the enrollment process and provide you with all the necessary information in our article below.

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About Tonik Bank

Tonik Bank is a Southeast Asian-focused digital service. It introduces new services proactively. The system’s heart is the smartphone application, and you may handle all of your financial transactions with it. 

A high percentage of Filipinos are not using the application, providing significant potential, in general, to transform the condition and enhance people’s lives.

The service introduces retail financial products such as deposits, loans, payments, cards, etc. It is officially the first recognized, and physical branches do not limit its operations.

The Services


The corporation only introduced this method in 2021. The terms for consumers are unquestionably better than those offered by payday and installment lending providers in the Philippines. 

You can apply for a loan of up to PHP 5000 with a rate of interest of 5.42 percent – 7 percent. You must first install the app and follow the instructions.

The loan duration might last up to two years. In reality, you may apply for a loan in less than 30 minutes. Tonik Bank’s quick loan is a brand-new offering for Filipinos that will help the country’s lending industry. 

The target is Filipinos to whom they provide reasonable loans. You only need a genuine ID and the most recent payslip to apply for a quick loan. All credit evaluations are made quickly by the AI system.

Borrowers can receive funds on their card, withdraw cash through OTC companies or e-wallet accounts, etc.

Tonik Digital Bank

Tonik Digital Bank 

Time Deposit

An excellent way to begin investing in your future. You can begin with PHP 5000 and select the length of time you want. Everything depends on whether you have a short-term or long-term aim. 

If you want a clearer view, you may use the Tonik Bank Calculator to view these calculations.

Deposit Periods Interest Rate Earn
Six months 6,00% PHP 302.47
Nine months 4,50% PHP 336.58
Twelve months 4,75% PHP 475.00
Eighteen months 5,00% PHP 752.05
Twenty Four months 5,25% PHP 1.050.00

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The Online App

Digital banks are focused on developing strong client connections, so scammers will be discouraged from imitating. Because all data is encrypted, customers may be confident that they will have a positive experience using the app.

Utilize Tonik App

Utilize Tonik App

Here are some requirements for your device:

  • For iOS users, the system requirements are iOS 10.0.0 or above; 
  • For Android users, the system requirements are Android 7.00 or higher.
  • A front-facing camera is required.
  • Your RAM should be at least 3 GB.

How To Contact The Service?

If you ever have any queries, you can mail or phone them at any time. Also, this service appears on almost every social network, so don’t worry about its legitimacy.

Customer Reviews

The interest rates are most appealing, and the clients enjoy that there are more possibilities for making financial inclusion more accessible. They hope Tonik Bank will take credit for comments and continue improving the app to deliver and make them better reliable for the clients.

If you have previously used the service, please leave your thoughts in the comments. Other people will find it interesting.

In some circumstances, the app may have some errors, but they immediately correct everything, so you may expect no old issues to remain in one month or less.

Most Asked Questions

Is The Tonik Bank Genuine?

Yes, it is a legitimate digital service in the Philippines, licensed by the BSP.

What Is The Interest Rate On The Loan?

Tonik Bank can provide you with a loan within 30 minutes for up to 50000 pesos at an interest rate of 5.42 percent to 7 percent per month. If you need alternatives, you might look at payday lenders.

However, these lenders charge higher interest rates and penalties if the borrower does not pay on time.

Why Is The Card Service Reliable?

  1. It contains a card lock function, which allows you to prevent fraudulent card usage with a few clicks using the application.
  2. You may set and manage your spending limitations by selecting your preferred daily spending.
  3. Face ID- Because the application is private, this option aids in preventing unauthorized access.
  4. Some procedures detect fraud activity and ensure that all data is protected.
  5. If you wish to renew your card and ensure the security of your account, you may quickly deactivate it and re-issue a fresh one.


After reviewing all the services that Tonik Bank can provide, we believe you have found your best choice when choosing an online lending service. It offers you a great interest rate, a quick response to customer service, and a fast, secure mobile application.

You should leave your concerns and problems in the comments so that the service can see and support you in time. Thank you for your time!

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