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Security‌ Bank is a large Philippines bank that provides a wide range of banking goods and services to its clients domestically and internationally. At Security Bank, surely you will find a solution that suits your needs. Read this post for more information about its operations, services, and reputation!

Security‌ ‌Bank‌

Security Bank in Manila

Security‌ ‌Bank‌ Introduction

Security‌ ‌Bank‌ Introduction

Security Bank’s card

Security Bank Company is among the top multinational banks addressing retail, business, commercial, and governmental customers in the Philippines.

Partnering with FWD Life since February 2015, the bank established the Bancassurance package, which has bolstered the financial services portfolio of Security Bank.

In the domestic market, Security Bank has acquired a statewide presence. It is steadily expanding its ATM and branch network in important places around the Philippines as a part of its ambitious growth initiatives.

Security Bank describes the success above business. It strongly promotes CSR, including livelihood and academic programs, as well as sustainable and environmental projects through SBFI.

In the human resources field, SBFI promotes higher engagement among employees. SBFI also encourages Security Bank in making constructive changes for the local area communities by supporting different entities like schools or non-profit organizations to create sustainable development.

Security‌ ‌Bank‌ Development

Among the top private international banks of the Philippines, Security Bank has the best capitalization. We will prove that by the following figures:

  • Cost to income ratio (CIR): 53.9% (while the average industrial CIR is 63.6%).
  • The CAGR from 2014 to 2018 was 18%, compared to 11% of the average industrial ratio.
  • Total capital-to-risk weighted assets ratio (CRAR): 18.7%
  • Return on equity (ROE): 8.1%
  • Core equity Tier 1 (CET1): 16.4%
  • In 2018, the total assets of the bank increased to 767 billion Php (about 10%).
  • From 2017, the earnings per share of Security Bank reached 3.00  Php.

Besides those financial facts, the bank also achieved many awards. For instance, in 2018, The Philippine Banker named the Security Bank as Bank of the Year.

According to Mr. Salcedo, Security Bank is focusing on three following moderate-term strategic objectives:

  • To endorse the growth ambitions and fulfill the BetterBanking guarantee, the bank needs to convert its culture, procedures, and infrastructure. 

Particularly, Security Bank has to conduct digital optimization projects to enhance operations processes and strengthen its digital platform since the bank requires a dominant service, sales, and distribution channel.

  • Regaining the top ROE in the banking industry.
  • Growing the three main business foundations of the Bank, including retail banking, financial sector, and wholesale banking.

Is The Security‌ ‌Bank‌ Governmental Or Private?

After World War II, Security Bank was the first private bank under government control. In 1995, the Bank appeared on the Philippines Stock Exchange (PSE: SECB).

Security Bank has been one of the most steady private banks. Over the years, it has remained unwavering and professional in serving its stakeholders and clients.

What Are Security‌ ‌Bank‌ Products And Services?

Security Bank is focusing on business, industrial and retail banking. It provides a variety of products and services as below:


If you want to equip the long-term needs of your company but do not have to pay them upfront, Business Leasing from Security Bank is ideal for you. 

With this solution, you can obtain the necessary facilities for improving productivity and increasing profitability without any upfront cost. You can also meet the organization’s demands while freeing up credit lines.

Subsidiaries of Security Bank have investigated what businesses require and are offering a variety of properties for leasing.

Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange Security‌ ‌Bank‌

Easy currency exchange with Security Bank

With the Secured Platform of  Security Bank for Online Trade (or SB Spot), you can do real-time foreign currency transactions anywhere through the internet. The platform works all the time, including non-business time and holidays.

Do the following steps to enjoy these advantages from the SB Spot:

  • Open an account on the Security Bank website.
  • In SBOL, register and approve both PHP and USD accounts.
  • Keep a $500.00 balance.
  • Additional required documents.

Stock Brokerage

Security Bank commits to the pursuit of excellence and always strives for customer satisfaction. They provide high-quality stock brokering solutions to their customers. They guarantee that their employees are all professional and highly competent.

Security Bank also uses the most up-to-date technology for faster and more efficient transactions.

The bank promises to always conduct business ethically. They say no to promotion or engagement in any unethical or illegal corporate activities or practices. They will never do anything that they believe is harmful to the clients or business.

Apart from the services we have just mentioned above, Security Bank offers other solutions, such as property management, investment banking, and financing.

As of December 31, 2017, Security Bank affiliates, including SB Finance Company, Inc., SB Cards Corporation, SBM Leasing, Inc. (partnership with Marubeni Corporation of Japan), SB Capital Investment Corporation, SB Rental Corporation, SB Forex, Inc., and SB Equities, Inc., implement those other goods and services.

Is Security Bank Reputable?

The four main Philippine financial institutions include the Security Bank, Metrobank, the Bank of the Philippine Islands, and the Philippine National Bank. Together, they ensure the financial and economic system of the country thrives steadily. 

With a long history and a solid reputation as a trustworthy institution, its primary driver of strong financial achievements is endless innovation toward the customer banking business.

To expand the retail banking operations, Security Bank must respond quickly to the expectations of younger generation clients who prefer to conduct business online.

With that direction, the bank has developed practical solutions that clients find extremely valuable and useful. As a result, it placed a premium on online bank deposits and online customer loan applications establishments. 

What Is A Security‌ ‌Bank‌ Hotline?

You can visit their website at for more detailed information on their goods and solutions.

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Security Bank Operating Hours

Security Bank Operating Hours

Security Bank is known as Best Managed Bank 2013

The majority of Security Bank locations have changed their working hours to 9 AM to 3 PM. However, based on the local quarantine level, some branches of the bank might close sooner, such as GCQ, MECQ, etc.

To protect both clients and staff, some offices follow specific weekly schedules, including MF, MWF, W, TTh, etc. 

Please refresh the page or delete your browser’s cache whenever you access an out-of-date website version.

Final Thoughts

Security Bank is a  large and reputable private bank that provides a wide range of banking products and services to its customers in the Philippines and abroad. 

With decades of experience in the banking industry, you can fully trust the professionals and guarantees of the bank. We hope this post has offered you the information you need for making a wise decision.

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