PTS Gadget Pawnshop – A Trustworthy Financial Source in The Philippines

The pawning service is becoming very popular with its convenience and short process. In the Philippines nowadays, many people choose pawn shops instead of banks. Because of the increasing demand, many pawn shops have been established in the Philippines.

This article will introduce PTS Gadget Pawnshop, a reputable pawn shop in the Philippines. We’ll also respond to inquiries about this company’s loan application process.

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What Is PTS Gadget Pawnshop?

PTS Gadget Pawnshop, which was founded in 2018 in Cubao, Philippines, significantly boosts the economy of the Philippines, much like many other pawn shops do.

The company’s main purpose is to provide finance to people in urgent need of money. With the feature of a quick loan process, PTS Gadget Pawnshop meets the critical needs of borrowers.

What Is PTS Gadget Pawnshop?

Besides, the company also regularly helps start-ups. They need a lot of capital but do not have many assets to borrow at the bank. Pawn shops are the most suitable choice for entrepreneurs.

PTS Gadget Pawnshop strives to provide borrowers with the best interest rates possible at all times. For loans, they always guarantee legal concerns. Borrowers will be registered and approved for loans as soon as possible, thanks to PTS Gadget Pawnshop.

Which Benefits Can You Get In PTS Gadget Pawnshop?

You won’t need to visit the office to check for loan details while borrowing at PTS Gadget Pawnshop. Even though they don’t have a website, their Facebook page contains all the necessary information. Additionally, you can use the function to compute the loan and interest based on the term and the desired amount.

You have to specify the term and the amount you wish to borrow. The resources can figure out how much interest you must pay each month. This tool is helpful when you need to organize your financial plan carefully.

Which Benefits Can You Get In PTS Gadget Pawnshop?

Additionally, PTS Gadget Pawnshop guarantees that the approval time for each loan application will not be long. The approval process for these applications takes no longer than two hours. The whole process will not take more than a day. You can even get your money the same day you sign up. 

You can finish the process in a day for pawn services as well. Additionally, pick-up and delivery options are available on the day of registration.

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Which Services Does PTS Gadget Pawnshop Provide? 

Like most pawn shops, PTS Gadget Pawnshop offers pawning services. Pawn rates are not only rapid and dependable but also quite beneficial to customers.

PTS Gadget Pawnshop accepts watches, telephones, laptop computers, and other valuables. Many recognized items guarantee good interest rates for the advantage of the customer. The interest rate is 4% – 10% per month, depending on your item.

Which Services Does PTS Gadget Pawnshop Provide? 

The business will charge up to 5 PHP in service costs for pawn services, which is normally 1% of the loan’s principal. The company may extend the payment period to three months.

The lowest loan amount is 1,000 PHP, and the highest loan is 25,000 PHP. For each new customer, the interest rate is 0% up to 10,000 PHP or 11.9% each month up to 25,000 PHP.

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How Can You Get A Loan In PTS Gadget Pawnshop?

PTS Gadget Pawnshop doesn’t require a lot of procedures to grant a loan. The application form requires that you complete all the necessary information.

A bank account is the initial one. It will be necessary to facilitate money transfers. You will need to open a bank account if you don’t already have one.

How Can You Get A Loan In PTS Gadget Pawnshop?

You require a piece of property as collateral for pawn services. You must provide ownership documentation for this property. Documents demonstrating the property’s value are also present. The business will keep your belongings until you settle the account.

The loan application procedure can be finished in only a few hours. The employees will then phone you to remind you about the loan when the interest is due. Therefore, don’t be concerned about losing your assets or loan control.

How Can You Contact PTS Gadget Pawnshop? 

The company’s office is at 691 Tandang Sora Ave, Matandang Balara, Quezon City, 1119 Metro Manila. Besides, the company also has many branches in big cities. You can easily reach these branches if you are nearby.

How Can You Contact PTS Gadget Pawnshop? 

If you are too far away and can’t get to the place to receive information, you can contact PTS Gadget Pawnshop’s Facebook page or the hotline at +63 915 505 7703 for help.

FAQs About Pawn Loan At PTS Gadget Pawnshop

How Is A PTS Gadget Pawnshop Pawn Loan Different From A Bank Loan?

In contrast to certain pawn shops, banks only accept major assets as security, such as homes and vehicles. Pawn Shops’ interest rates are also more beneficial to borrowers than banks.

Banks also expect proof of solvency through more demanding procedures.

What Is The Longest Period For A PTS Gadget Pawnshop Pawn Loan?

The maximum time for repaying a pawn loan is three months, as was already indicated. This is an excellent time for the pawnshop to benefit consumers.

Is Solvency Confirmation Needed To Have A Pawn Loan At PTS Gadget Pawnshop?

You must provide evidence of your property’s ownership and value; no other paperwork is necessary.

If I Fail To Repay The Pawn Loan, What Will Happen To The Collateral?

You won’t be able to retrieve your goods back beyond this point. These assets will belong to the firm, which may sell them.


We discussed PTS Gadget Pawnshop, its services, and other connected problems. You may readily locate the loan information by visiting its website. The right-charge interest rate is perfect for everybody who requires a loan.

Please consult the company’s Facebook page or the hotline if you have any inquiries.

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