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Have you ever heard about BHF Pawnshop? If you’re looking for their operations, our article will provide exactly what you need. When traveling to the Philippines, you may find BHF Pawnshop’s branches located in many of North Luzon and Metro Manila’s center cities. 

These locations are easy to spot as they are yellow and blue-colored, the main color of the BHF group generally. They have a lot of products and pawn services that offer secured loans to their clients by using their goods as collateral. 

So, when you’re demanding to get loans from BHF Pawnshop, you will need to know clearly which services they offer and how they work to make the processes transparent.  

Now, let’s scroll down and explore this company!

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What Is BHF Pawnshop?

What Is BHF Pawnshop?

BHF Pawnshop is a sub-family company of the BHF Group, besides BHF Family Plaza, BHF Bank, BHF Appliances, BHF Pharmacy, BHF Facial Plus, and BHF Gemline. 

BHF Group is most commonly associated with furniture and appliances among the Philippine people. However, providing home gadgets is not the only business of this company. BHF Group is a forward-thinking business that also deals in retail jewelry, watches, food, and pawnshops.

The BHF Pawnshop was established in 1998 and offers secured loans, retail jewelry, domestic and international money transfers, lease arrangements, and bill payment services. 

If you’re a foreign tourist, exchanging your money for Philippine currency is requisite, and BHF Pawnshop will be ideal for doing this. 

You can follow the following table to get their interest rates and pawns:

Interest Rates 1-10 days: 1% of the credit amount
11-15 days: 1.5% of the credit amount
16-30 days: 3% of the credit amount
Over 30 days: 3% per month
Pawns Platinum, gold, and diamond jewelry
Monetary precious metal bullion
Gold watches
Silver items
Jewelry pieces

In BHF, payment terms are up to 3 months, and the approval time is a maximum of 2 hours.

BHF Pawnshop has opened several branches in the Pangasinan and Nueva Ecija provinces. They pay their employees at a competitive rate and provide ideal circumstances for their growth and development so that they can create and maintain better quality for their services.

Which Benefits Can You Get In BHF Pawnshop?

Which Benefits Can You Get In BHF Pawnshop?

The first benefit is that BHF Pawnshop always tries to keep the interest rates lowest while offering clients the maximum value of their pawns with same-day cash payments. This option is ideal in case you need to quickly fulfill your obligations, like paying bills and medical care, fixing your automobile, buying food, and more.

It’s convenient that BHF Pawnshop also provides clients with a loan calculator on their page, so calculating loan payments is easier and more precise.

Secondly, pawnshop professionals in BHF will encourage clients to assess their loan amounts carefully and only take out exactly what they need before getting a loan from BHF. Clients will naturally benefit from paying less interest because their loan amount is small.

Another significant benefit of BHF Pawnshop is that clients can use credit cards to pay for their services. BHF is a trusted source for money transfers. The business collaborates with all significant local and international money transfer providers, including WorldRemit, Western Union, Wise, and others.

Lastly, they sell new gold products and jewelry from BHF Gemline at a reasonable price and pawn jewelry that the Pawnshop acquired owing to the borrower’s default.

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Which Services Does BHF Pawnshop Provide?

Which Services Does BHF Pawnshop Provide?

As the name is denoted, pawning is the primary service in BHF Pawnshop. Precious metals, gold watches, platinum and gold jewelry like bracelets, chains, rings, cuffs, and silver items are all acceptable. 

BHF also accepts precious metals; however, they don’t pawn domestic gadgets at the store. Clients must follow the following requirements before getting jewelry loans. 

The pawnshop rate is 3% per month for things valued between 100 and 100,000 pesos, 2.75% for products valued between 100,050 and 200,000 pesos, and 2.5% per month for items valued from 200,050 to 500,000 pesos. They provide a credit term of up to 3 months, and clients can always prolong the loan period.

BHF Pawnshop provides microinsurance services for the Philippine people. Cash and funeral benefits are included in the insurance in case of accidents or natural death. Based on the package clients select, the insurance is valid from 3 months to 1 year.

Moreover, money transfer service has been growing quickly due to digital technology, making transferring money throughout nations easier. BHF Pawnshop offers all domestic money transfers and foreign services outside the country.

How Can You Get A Loan In BHF Pawnshop?

How Can You Get A Loan In BHF Pawnshop?

First, clients must call the nearby BHF Pawnshop branch to deliver identity documents and their pawns so that the branch staff can evaluate their conditions. After that, the appraiser will specify the maximum amount the pawnshop can loan the clients. This stage depends on the security of the pawn after examining its valuation. 

Suppose clients accept the value of the pawn. In that case, they complete a pawn ticket application, which includes information about the loan amount, issuance date, interest rate, maturity date, and the loan’s first payment.

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How Can You Contact BHF Pawnshop?

How Can You Contact BHF Pawnshop?

To contact BHF Pawnshop for further conversations, you can go directly to the branch. By searching for the BHF Pawnshop near your living place on Google, you can determine the location of the nearest branch.

Otherwise, you can go to the first branch in AB Fernandez Avenue, Dagupan City, 2400, Pangasinan, 2400, or call its phone number +63 75 515 3080. This branch works from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

If you cannot visit the branch directly, don’t hesitate to contact them via Facebook chat. 


This article reveals all of BHF Pawnshop’s history, benefits, and services. They provide pawning and secured loans with a profitable interest rate for clients and fast procedures like identity check. 

BHF Pawnshop also provides a great working environment for their employees, so that they can devote themselves to the development of BHF. So, in BHF Pawnshop, clients will experience high-quality services and welcoming staff, which generally create the BHF Group’s reputation.

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