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Does Jaro Pawnshop have a great interest rate? What kinds of service does it offer to clients? We’re sure these questions are necessary when you come to a pawnshop to get a loan or pawn your valuables. Therefore, we will provide you with information on many pawnshops in the Philippines to help you decide which pawnshop is most suitable for your requirements. 

This time is about Jaro Pawnshop, where pawn service is available. If you’re asking whether Jaro Pawnshop provides other services, read our full article to find the answer. 

Now, let’s scroll down to explore all details about this pawnshop and its operation!

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What Is Jaro Pawnshop?

What Is Jaro Pawnshop

Jaro Pawnshop is a Philippine-based business that is registered with the SEC. Further, the DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) accepted its registration file. 

Besides, Jaro Pawnshop is registered with the AMLC (Philippine Anti-Money Laundering Council), which proves its reliability and legitimation. Therefore, according to Philippine laws and regulations, clients can believe that all of Jaro Pawnshop’s loans are legal.

Generally, Jaro Pawnshop has similar operations as other pawn brokers, which are money lenders that provide clients with secured loans. Pawn shops use clients’ valuable possessions when taking a loan, which can vary in many forms. They give the borrowers their collateral back when the loan is settled.

Like other pawn shops, The GRJ Jaro Pawnshop Corporation provides simple same-day loans to clients who have failed to get loans from banks because of poor credit. In Jaro Pawnshop, they can get a quick and secured loan with legit procedures instead of going to the bank and waiting for hours.

Which Benefits Can You Get In Jaro Pawnshop? 

The first thing that makes Jaro Pawnshop an ideal place is that it does not need proof of solvency, so getting loans is simpler and has fewer requirements than from banks. If you submit to get loans from a bank, you will experience a long and complicated process to receive what you need. 

Banks must inspect your identity documents and other relevant information carefully to ensure you’re compatible with getting loans. If you lack some of the required files, you will fail the approval of loans. 

Moreover, clients coming to Jaro Pawnshop will be approved for a same-day rapid loan. All they need is to show their personal valuables to the staff for checking. Jaro Pawnshop provides quick identity confirmation and retains your property before loaning to clients, so there are no hassles associated with bad credit or extensive paperwork.

Banks do not accept jewelry, pricey clutches, or other precious goods, so this is another advantage for Jaro Pawnshops. On the other hand, Jaro Pawnshop makes the process simpler for clients to get cash, as long as clients leave their valuable things at the store.

Which Services Does Jaro Pawnshop Provide?


Which Services Does Jaro Pawnshop Provide?


Jaro Pawnshop provides pawning services at rates that are competitive with the market. The followings are the conditions and fees for the pawning service.

Maximum and minimum funding amounts are 120,000 and 10,000, respectively. Depending on the terms, interest rates range from 4% to 10%, with a maximum duration of 3 months. Clients also pay an administrative fee higher than 1% of the loan amount or around $5.

Jaro Pawnshop accepts jewelry, smartphones, laptops, and other personal valuables like designed handbags.

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TrueMoney Padala

TrueMoney Padala

Unlike many pawn shops with traditional methods of money transfers, Jaro has collaborated with the TrueMoney Padala to provide a simple money transfer and withdrawal service based on fintech for Filipinos. This partnership also helps clients transfer funds from Jaro Pawnshop to TrueMoney Padala and the other way around.

How Can You Get A Loan In Jaro Pawnshop?

How Can You Get A Loan In Jaro Pawnshop?

Applying for a loan provided by Jaro Pawnshop is simple if you are looking for its detailed procedures. Clients can submit an online application to ask for fast cash loans. Otherwise, they can search for Jaro Pawnshop’s branches near their locations and visit the store directly to apply for an application, deposit their collateral, and receive a loan.

The lending conditions are fairly straightforward. Clients must complete the application form, provide identification documents, place their collateral assets in the bank, and provide a connected bank account to Jaro Pawnshop.

Flexible repayment plans are available. If clients cannot pay back the monthly remittance, they will need to contact Jaro customer service to postpone their payment. Most of the time, Jaro Pawnshop can change the payment schedule to give clients more flexible and manageable conditions for repaying the loan.

The collateral can be sold by Jaro Pawnshop to cover its losses if clients default on the loan repayment schedule.

How Can You Contact Jaro Pawnshop?

Clients can contact Jaro Pawnshop in many ways during business hours. For a quick response, calling phone numbers is the best option. If you need to ask or explain in detail, send your questions to the email address: grjjaro529@gmail.com.

Moreover, you can contact Jaro customer service via the Facebook page. Ask any questions on the Facebook page under the Community tab, and customer care staff will get back to you.

Besides, we advise clients to search the nearest Jaro’s branch and visit the location directly to get into pawning contracts. They can also have deep conversations with pawnbrokers to get the best service. Jaro Pawnshop has opened more than 20 branches in the Philippines, and you can always use Google searches to find their specific addresses.


After reading the article about Jaro Pawnshop, you can acquire some information about how it works and provides services to its clients. All loans provided by Jaro Pawnshop are legit according to Philippine regulations and laws. So, you can be sure that all services you use in Jaro do not violate the rules. 

Besides pawning, Jaro Pawnshop offers TrueMoney Padala service, a fintech that transfers and withdraws money faster in the Philippines. With this technology, Jaro improves its clients’ experience and the corporation’s operation.

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