M Lhuillier Pawnshop Information You Should Know

Nowadays, everyone chooses to borrow money from friends, family members, and banks when no money is in their pocket. The reason for that is because it’s convenient and easy to reach in most cases.

However, in some situations, some people don’t have friends who are willing to lend them or have enough credit to make a loan from the bank.

Thus, a pawn shop is one of their possible choices if they have some valuable properties such as smartphones or jewelry. 

That’s why we will tell you about one of the most legit pawnshops in the Philippines, M Lhuillier Pawnshop, just in case you will pawn anything in the future.

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About M LHUILLIER Pawnshop 

General Information

M Lhuillier is among the most well-known financial service providers in the Philippines because it has more than 3000 branches all over the country, even in the small islands. 

In addition, the amount of businesses this shop is working with is above 100, which allows them to get closer to their customers. 

M Lhuillier Pawnshop.jpeg

M Lhuillier Pawnshop


Although M Lhuillier is a pawnshop, it also offers many different services for its customers to meet their needs. Below are services that are available at M Lhuillier:

  • Kwarta Padala – Customers can transfer their money electronically to any place they want, even to other countries.
  • Quick Cash Loan – If you need cash to do something urgently, this shop also offers secure loans.
  • Insurance Plan provider – If you have a plan to protect yourself and your family just in case anything bad happens. This service will fit your needs.
  • Mobile Phone/TV Loading – You can also pay your phone or cable TV bills at Mlhuillier. 
  • ML Express – Mlhuillier pawnshop can help you deliver or receive packages if you want to because it has two courier partners to take care of them.
  • You and your friends or family can receive the parcel in any shop as it has over 3000 branches in the Philippines, even in the small islands.
  • Currency Exchange – Need to exchange currency, but too lazy to go to the bank; M Lhuillier is there for you!
  • Jewelry – You can buy your favorite necklaces, earrings, or bracelets; you can buy them here as it also sells brand-new jewelry.
  • If you are looking for rare or special items, you can try your luck in the auction.

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M Lhuillier pawnshop is the place to trust!

Want to get cash fast and easy?

Interest Rate

The interest rate is just 3% + 1%, and it applies to the principal loan only as a service. But don’t worry, the money you pay for that never exceeds PHP 5.00. 

You don’t have to pay the advanced rate and service charge for the first month of the loan.

The cash you receive will depend on the value of your items after being assessed by the shop.

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Working Hour

M Lhuillier pawnshop is usually opens 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even on the weekends, and available 24/7. It will close on holidays like Christmas, New Year, All Saint’s Day, etc. 

However, Some shops will have their closing and opening hours because their locations are in the malls or supermarkets. Therefore, you should Google the “M Lhuillier near me” to know exactly about the opening and closing hours of the branch(es) near your home.

Loan is fast and easy at M Lhuillier.jpeg

Loan is fast and easy at M Lhuillier!

Loaning At M Lhuillier

Pawnable Items

There are many items that you can pawn at M Lhuillier. The table below will give you some examples of the pawnable items:

Portable devices Wearable devices Others
• Smartphones

• Laptops or Macbooks

• Tablets or IPads

• Cameras

• Nintendo console 

• (Smart) Watches

• Luxurious Sunglasses

• Gopro 4

• Precious Jewelry

• Silverware

• Musical Instrument

• Medical Equipment

• Vehicles

• Home appliances

You can check out the website for more information about the pawnable items at M Lhuillier.

Besides, the website also gives you sample computation and guidelines that help you pawn your items easily and what to do if you lose your pawn tickets.

How To Loan

To get the cash loan at M Lhuillier, you should follow these steps precisely.

Step 1: Fill up the application form.

Step 2:  You must insert your valid ID number.

Step 3: The collateral has been examined carefully.

Step 4: You can receive the money if your collateral is ok and meets all the criteria.

Choose this loaning company today.jpeg

Choose this loaning company today!

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What Customers Think About M LHUILLIER?

Many patrons have used and are so satisfied with M Lhuillier’s service. Below are some feedbacks from them:

“So I decided to make a big decision in my life and get engaged. I shopped around some places for rings, and it only confused me more with all the stuff I didn’t even know existed. Then I heard about this place and decided to give it a shot. This place is awesome!

First, I walked in and got a very warm welcome. Jessica helped me, and she knows her stuff. She asked what my budget was, and she got what I wanted within my budget.

The whole process was very easy-going and to the point. THEY EVEN HAVE A SMALL TOP-SHELF BAR!!!!!! If you are looking into getting a ring, make sure you stop by this place and check it out.

Even after the sale, everyone was still extremely helpful with all my other questions I had about insurance and sizing.”

“I honestly cannot say enough good things about the SF Diamond Exchange. Ben’s customer service truly goes above and beyond- I always leave feeling like family. 

He is the most genuine person and a true artist. Ben, the amazing Vivian, and I were able to design both an engagement ring that showcases this beautiful diamond and a wedding band that is unique and stunning.

The prices here are incredibly reasonable, and they never try to upsell to make extra cash. They always have your best interests at heart! I feel like Ben and the crew design “love art” that spreads joy- they are so much more than jewelers.

If you choose them for your jewelry needs, you will not be disappointed!”


With all the services available at M Lhuillier pawnshop, we can ensure that you will have one of the best experiences when choosing this shop. So do not hesitate to contact them when you are in need.

Thank you for reading.

Want to get cash fast and easy?

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