PawnHero – Great Online Pawnshop In The Philippines

Looking for a perfect online pawnshop in the Philippines? If so, PawnHero is a perfect solution! Keep on reading and find out what it can offer you.

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What is PawnHero

Do you need to pawn your valuables quickly? Have you been looking for a trustworthy company that can provide the best rates in town? Look no further; PawnHero is here to help. 

PawnHero is a new, innovative and transparent pawnshop in the Philippines. It’s where people can pledge their personal property to borrow money from lenders at high-interest rates with short repayment periods. Check out this post further to discover now!

PawnHero is here to help!

PawnHero is here to help!

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Is PawnHero Legit?

If you are looking for the perfect place to store your valuables, PawnHero is an excellent option. You can get peace of mind knowing that they have been tested and vetted by the BSP – one of their key qualifications.

We checked the company PawnHero and found them in BPS. Here’s their data:

Company Name PawnHero PawnShop Philippines, INC.
Registration No. 31-00285-0-00000

Loan parameters

Max Amount Min Amount Max terms Min terms Rate
200000 PHP 100000 PHP 365 120 0.15% per day

Example Of Calculating Interest And Loan Payments

Term 10 days 20 days 30 days
Loan Amount 10000 PHP 10000 PHP 10000 PHP
Fee 0.15% 0.15% 0.15%
Interest Amount 1500 PHP 3000 PHP 4500 PHP
Total Payment 11500 PHP 13000 PHP 14500 PHP

About PawnHero Philippines Pte Ltd (PawnHero)

PawnHero is an innovative company that provides pawnbroking services to Filipinos in need of quick cash loans. The modernizing mission they have set out for themselves has been leading the modernization movement within our country’s industry. 

Furthermore, PawnHeroes will continue providing reliable service as it becomes more convenient with time-sensitive solutions.

Pawn Hero is a service that offers people cash loans without any hassles or delays. They come right to your house, meaning no more walking around town looking for ways on how you can turn valuable items into money.

PawnHero has one of the lowest monthly interest rates in the Philippines, at just 2.99 percent.  

With flexible lending terms that can be extended every single month without hidden costs and fees coming along with it, this pawnshop even makes it possible for you to get your cash faster by accepting online payments.

PawnHero offers many benefits for those without bank accounts, like the opportunity to get a free Pawnhero card and buy discounted items from their marketplace. 

All purchases on this site are guaranteed authentic as it is done through an independent appraisal process. It includes professionals checking each item’s quality before selling them in bulk quantities at discount prices.

How To Get A Loan In PawnHero Philippines?

Don’t worry; making immediate money with PawnHero is simple. To get a loan, simply follow these three simple steps:

  1. Select the item you want to pledge by clicking the “Pawn now” button.
  2. Make an appointment to pick up your item. Our dependable Accountant will visit your home to deliver your free personal loan kit.
  3. You can withdraw money from an ATM using the free cash card in only a few hours.

Get a Safe Loan With PawnHero!

Get a Safe Loan With PawnHero!

Instant Cash Is Safe And Secure

At PawnHero, we believe in providing the best service experience to our customers. Our free insurance coverage means that you can rest assured about your belongings while at one of our many facilities around town.

 We also have 24/7 security personnel and advanced emergency systems, so there will never come a time where anything goes wrong with what’s important to you. Now get out there and pawn some stuff before someone else does.

How To Get Yours In PawnHero?

PawnHero offers you the opportunity to avail yourself of a free cash card when buying an item from them. This will be reflected in your Personal Loan Kit, which Pawn Trooper provides upon pick-up of your item and deposit into any BancNet ATM or Coins PH wallet (coins ph). You can also choose other payout methods like direct bank deposits(to any bank) if preferred.

Pawn with Pawnhero now!

Pawn with Pawnhero now!

What Items Does PawnHero Accept? is your one-stop-shop for all things pawn, whether you’re looking to sell a diamond ring or just get access to quality currency in exchange for valuable items that are already traditional plateaus at brick and mortar storefronts? With Pawnhero’s services, there isn’t much this company can’t help with:

  • Tablets
  • Jewelry
  • Laptops
  • Watches
  • Sunglasses
  • Designer Bags
  • BeltsCameras
  • Gaming Consoles
  • Speakers and Soundbar 
  • TVs and Electronics
  • Smartphones and other electronic gadgets

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How To Pay Your Loan?

1. Loan Redemption

Your loan could be repaid on time with a few clicks of the mouse, or you can choose from various payment options that are right for your needs.

  • 7-Eleven
  • Online Bank Payment
  • Cash Payment Over-the-Counter

2. Loan Renewal

If you are having difficulty paying the loan, don’t worry! You can renew it by applying for another extension. This means that your interest-free period will be prolonged. Making and only repayment of principal are required at this stage. The renewal process works in the same way with one exception – instead of getting rid of debt after five years like before. Now users have ten more months or so before their obligation comes to an end.

Appraisal Value And Interest Rates

Appraisals can be a great way to sell your item. Make sure you get the correct description of what it is for potential buyers to understand how much they’ll be paying and make an informed decision on whether or not this will work with their budget.

PawnHero’s interest rate starts at a low of 2.99% monthly, but it can change based on these factors: age, item condition, and category. This means you could get higher rates if you have electronics or gadgets in place because their values will quickly depreciate over time.

Final Thoughts

PawnHero is an online pawnshop that operates in the Philippines. The site offers loans if you need to borrow money for any reason and provides a safe way to sell your items on their platform. 

You can apply for a loan by entering how much you want to borrow and what item or service you’ll be using as collateral. Get instant cash today from PawnHero!

Want to get cash fast and easy?

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