Laptop Loan Philippines – Everything You Should Know About

Laptops are a critical part of our daily schedules, especially when considering the explosion of digital platforms. 

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford sufficient funds to bring one home. Many countries have strived to support their citizens in this regard, and the Philippines is by no means an exception. Laptop loan Philippines is an economical solution that we should not overlook! 

Our guide will dive further into this prevalent matter. Keep scrolling for our pointers and advice!

Why Personal Laptop Loans Are A Great Idea

Laptop Loan Philippines

100% financing, various laptop options, affordability, simple criteria, and quick disbursement are all the reasons why you should aim for personal computer loans in the Philippines. Check out this section for further analysis!

1. 100% Financing

High-quality laptops have never been cheap, so paying for them in just one go will mess up your budget and lead to financial difficulties. That’s why 100% funding plans provided by personal loans will be your lifesaver. There’s no need to worry about down payments! 

2. Various Options

Why do we need to settle for one particular laptop type when there are abundant options to consider? From business and student laptops to gaming ones, all are well covered. (Not to mention, there are still smaller subcategories like Notebooks, convertible laptops, and more!). 

Their specifications vary across different pricing and models. Such a broad array of alternatives ensure you get your hands on the best solution without losing a fortune. 

3. Affordability

Laptop Loan Philippines

Most personal loan programs guarantee their rates fall within your financial capability and budget. These numbers do not derive from the asset’s resale value. Rather, the institutions assess your credit report, income, and other relevant factors to decide on the most suitable interest rate for personal loans. 

Hence, given that your profile is solid, finding low-interest options is just a piece of cake!

4. Uncomplicated Eligibility Requirements

The reasons these loans are so straightforward and accessible all boil down to their simple qualification criteria. As long as you are a Filipino citizen from 18 to 60 years, your eligibility is undisputed! 

Even better, most financial institutions have no strict requirements when it comes to working background. Those with at least one year of work experience are more than qualified to apply for personal laptop loans.

5. Quick Disbursement

You don’t need to wait months (or even years) to get a trendy laptop that has just been released. Thanks to these loan programs, you can bring them home on the very same day they arrive at the market. 

All you need is to navigate to the provider’s website, complete the online application form, upload all the necessary papers, and wait until the funds are supplied into your bank account! 

Top Laptop Loan Philippines Services

Laptop Loan Philippines

1. Home Credit

As an international tech-driven finance corporation, Home Credit truly understands how technological and digital inventions impact citizens’ lives. This knowledge motivates them to change how Filipinos buy laptops, computers, and other tech-driven tools for daily tasks. 

The company aims to offer financial support for first-time borrowers at an unmatched speed, and they have succeeded! Ever since its first launch in 2013, Home Credit Philippines has expanded its popularity to more than 7,000,000 clients, with an incredible workforce of more than 13,000 staff members. 

And now, as their customer finance landscapes gradually shift to digital platforms, Home Credit also digitizes its services and products. Such a move enables everyone to navigate even easier and faster via streamlined tools such as the Home Credit phone app.

Get laptop loan from Home Credit now

2. Landbank

Laptop Loan Philippines

As a part of their I-STUDY project, Landbank offers loans of 50,000PHP (maximum) per student, financing basic learning gadgets like laptops, tablets, and desktops. 

All of them are incorporated in a maximum loanable quantity of 150,000PHP/student (or 300,00PHP/parent-borrower), covering expenses for enrollment-related issues and tuition. 

Even better, recent program enhancements also entail:

  •  Raise the students’ max age eligibility from 30 to 50 years old
  • Plans for scholar undergraduates whose scholarships fail to cover 100% of their tuition charges.
  • Coverages of non-scholar undergraduates from primary, secondary, and private pre-schools. 

In addition, the programs offer “3-3-3” models, with:

  • 3PHP-billion funds in credit support
  • Only 3% interest rates per annum
  • 3-year sub-promissory notes 

What an amazing option for financially-struggling students all over the Philippines! 

Get laptop loan from Landbank now

3. Gadget Loan Philippines

Gadget Loan Philippines is also a highly-recommended provider, offering two packages (6 months and 9 months) at varying loan rates. You can receive funds from 11K to 100K in a blink and with extremely low interest!

Still, requirements differ across each range, which we will summarize quickly here. 

For loan amounts from 11 to 40K (which you can apply online), you need to meet the following criteria:

  1. Age: 21 to 60
  2. Employment status: at least six months (for employees)
  3. Profit status: at least six months of profitable operation (for business owners) 
  4. Necessary documents/info:
  • Email address
  • ID
  • Mobile number
  • Most recent billing proof (electricity, water, internet plans, credit card). 

From 41K to 100K (no online applications):

  1. For all: Income proof
  2. For employees:
  • At least one full month of payslip
  • Six months of employment status
  1. For business/company owners:
  • Transactions proof or business permit 
  1. For remittance recipients
  • Relationship proofs from senders 
  • Remittance documents

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4. InvestEd

Wrapping up our recommendation list is InvestEd, which delivers grace periods for all students that cannot make payments right away. The monthly payments required by InvestEd always stay at a reasonable level – only 800PHP a month. 

Aside from that, its “success loans” programs can apply to anything, for learning gadgets (laptops/computers), internships, allowance, tuition, and more!

Even better, students can even get their own coaches once they have applied to become an Invested. Whether the issues concern career choices, academics, or financial abilities, these coaches will guide you to unimaginable success! 

Get laptop loan from InvestEd now


Our insightful article has delved into every relevant aspect of laptop loan Philippines services. Regardless of your current occupation, there are always suitable programs for your needs! Keep in mind our guide and write to us if certain aspects still trouble you.

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