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In the past, when you went shopping but didn’t have enough money in your wallet, you could choose options such as buy on credit, swipe a credit card, or buy in installments to pay monthly through the financial company. Today, a new form of payment for shopping has been born, called Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL), to help eliminate the above disadvantages. Let’s read on to discover more about this cool service!

Buy now, pay later!

Buy now, pay later!

What Does Buy Now Pay Later Mean?

It’s easy to buy something online, but what if you don’t have the cash? That’s where Buy Now Pay Later comes in. 

The installment loan allows shoppers who are short on funds right now an opportunity to purchase items they want while paying later when their situation improves – it just makes sense!

How Does Buy Now Pay Later Work?

Online shopping is more convenient than ever with the many payment options available. However, you might be interested in learning more about this paying option.

This is a convenient way to buy products without having cash on hand. You must agree upon a repayment date with them, and then all of your bills will be sent all at once or split up into monthly payments.

Buy now, pay later can benefit your financial spending!

Buy now, pay later can benefit your financial spending!

“BNPL provides lower interest rates than most loan companies,” says NYSE trader Sue Donnelly about why she uses this platform in her work every day.

With this financial service, you can make purchases and pay for them without using your credit card.

What Are The Advantages of Buy Now Pay Later?

BNPL has several advantages that make it a well-known and top-choice payment option. Here are a few examples.

Interest-Free Interest Installments 

Interest-free installment loans are more helpful and elastic than other cards. Aside from the loan principal, you are not required to pay any fees. 

It means that you can use your BNPL brand to finance all or part of an expensive purchase without exceeding interest limits on other types of debt like mortgages and personal lines alike!

Useful for Offline Shopping

You might be surprised to learn that these apps can allow you to shop offline.

With this, your smartphone may behave similarly to a credit card when making purchases and perform much better than imagined!

Ability to Make Urgent Purchases

The BNPL option is a great way to get that new laptop you need without waiting for cash. All it takes is 24 hours!

Flexible Installment Plans

This is one way to make sure that your monthly payment is worth it. If you plan on buying big-ticket items such as appliances, laptops, computers, smartphones, etc., an installment plan through “Buy now pay later” would be perfect for the future buyer!

What Are The Disadvantages Of BNPL Installment Solutions?

Late Payment Fees and Other Transaction Fees

The BNPL provider may charge a late payment fee for loans not paid by the due date. They also have transaction and processing fees.

It depends on how often you update your information with them and other factors such as the amount borrowed, interest rate type (fixed/variable), term length of the loan, etcetera!

The Desire to Open Multiple Buy Now Pay Later Accounts

If you’re looking to get the latest fashion trends without spending too much, there are a variety of BNPL apps available. 

You can download as many BNPL programs and create multiple accounts, so your finances don’t stagnate if shopping isn’t done responsibly!

Make Impulse Purchase with BNPL!

Make Impulse Purchase with BNPL!

The Urge to Make Impulse Purchases

Be careful with BNPL! It’s like having an unlimited credit card that you can use at any store but doesn’t have the same effects on your finances as actually paying off those debts.

BNPL Loans with Interest Charges

These loans are installment plans, so you may have to pay interest. 

Some providers start at 1% per month; that means an additional expense for yourself when using this service in the Philippines!

Buy Now Pay Later In The Philippines: 7 Options For Online Shoppers

Digital installment loans are among the Philippines’ most popular fintech brands and BNPL apps. Here’s a list of them!

Cashalo Shop Now and Pay Later

Cashalo is a financial services company that promotes inclusion and empowerment among Filipinos. 

They have various loans for people who want to start their businesses, such as 0% interest installment loans with other stores like Lazada or Spyder Gear Up Vans Centroplay Bikelane Motoactive.

Grab PayLater

In the Philippines, GrabPayLater is a Buy Now Pay Later business that charges no interest.

It enables you to combine all of your Grab services, which can be paid using an eligible balance from one month later for thirty days at these rates. There’s never been such flexibility before!

Grab is a popular ride-sharing service in Singapore. With this, you can save money by using pre-approved credit lines for various Grab services such as Mart and Food, among others!

The Grab app is an excellent option for those who frequently use it. You can also earn points on each transaction you make through PayLater, which are redeemable at any time!


TendoPay is a financial service that allows you to buy right away and pay afterward at popular merchants. 

The company has partnerships with Lazada, Zalora 7-eleven Vision Express, and The Premium Playground Outlet.

So it is becoming easier than ever before for Filipinos everywhere to access affordable credit without any bank account or history!

TendoPay - Buy now, pay later



Lazada is a popular e-commerce site in the Philippines. You can use these UnaPay loan credits to shop at Lazada, and they process payments quickly, so you don’t have to wait long for approval!


BillEase is a platform that allows Filipinos to pay for their purchases with ease. 

You can use this app to make payments at stores like Lazada; Kimstore (a sister company); DataBlitz Analytics Incorporated, whose services include data analysis on financial products such as insurance premiums).

CLiQQ Loans

CLiQQ is a company that makes it easy for customers to purchase and redeem products at their Cliqq Grocery or  7-Eleven stores. 

With CLIQQ loans, you can add credits in the form of digital money stored on your phone through partnerships with other companies like PlennyTalky, Venio Lendpinoy, TendoPay.

CliQQ Loans

CliQQ Loans

Depending on whatever partner you choose, the amount, period, and interest rate of your CLiQ loan will vary.

Lazada Loans

Take advantage of the many benefits that come with Lazada Loans. Monthly installment plans are available from accredited partners such as TendoPay, Cashalo, and UnaPay.

Upon submitting requirements for approval, you may receive notice within 24 hours saying yes! 

There’s no need to provide any guarantee either, which makes this type of loan perfect if your finances don’t reflect well- enough on their applications.

How Should I Pay The Installment Loan?

Borrowers can typically repay their installment loans using the following methods: GCash, PayMaya, GrabPay, 7-Eleven, Bayad Center, LBC, Cebuana Lhullier, and bank transfer.

This will be determined by the BNPL app or brand you intend to use. However, many of them use the same payment methods.


We have answered the term Buy now Pay later definition and how this service works for you above. We hope that BNPL will expand rapidly in the Philippines in the future, bringing many benefits to consumers. 

Hopefully, you can find this article helpful and start to get used to this new form of buying and selling. Thank you for reading, and we will see you soon!

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