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In the past, borrowing money from a bank was hard because it usually took a very long time to get money. We choose to borrow money from our friends or family members instead. 

However, thanks to the fast-paced change of the Internet and technology, we can just stay at home and borrow money from the bank hassle-free. And today we will introduce to you Atome Credit, a loan app can not only meet all your needs but also exceed your expectations.

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Atome Information

Atome Philippines is a brand of Neuroncredit Financing Company. The company provides loan finance solutions in the form of international lending, and has branches all over Asia. In the near future, it will be available to other regions around the world including India!

Atome Loan from Atome!

Atome Loan from Atome!

Established in 2015, Atome Credit is a subsidiary of a Singapore-based financial company. The parent group’s goal was to deliver simple and accessible financial offers across the country – especially for underbanked people. 

They have easy requirements that are easy to access through their app or phone interaction alone without having any credit history required at all!

In addition, rates are relatively low so you’re sure not only will it cost less than most other lenders but also come with better terms too!

Currently, its business are traditional cash loan and Paylater packages in the form of installments. 

Atome is officially listed in the List of Registered Online Lending Companies in 2021 & 2022

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Atome Loan

Atome Credit Loan Conditions

Atome Credit allows you to borrow money from P1000 to P12000. Besides, each day you only have to pay a reasonable interest which is from 0.14% to 0.9%. 

You can pay up the loan after 7 days if you somehow manage to earn enough money in the short time. In addition, you can extend the loan up to 3 months. 

A loan calculator from Atome Credit shows that first-time borrowers will pay more than existing clients. 

Extra payments include fees and interest rates together, so a minimum of 0.14% per day is available for customers who are loyal to them.

 However, we also cover the cost for different users in this section about repayment–you’ll see how much you need when repaying loans or mortgages!

Get money with Atome Loan!

Get money with Atome Loan!

Atome Credit Loan Criteria

All the loan criteria are quite the same among  online lenders. The company lists them at the official site, in their help center.

“How do I apply?” you ask! Here’s what we know: You must be from 18-55 years old with an ID card (e.g., passport) to prove that you are a Filipino.

 You also need a phone that has Internet access and has downloaded the app onto your smartphone or tablet device running Android.

The lender will ask for other proofs or information depending on your starting conditions. 

Easy steps to get a Atome Loan!

Easy steps to get a Atome Loan!

Mainly, extra requirements vary based upon the financial capacity of each borrower and it’s possible that you may have to meet only basic criteria without any additional ones required from you as well!

It is important to note that the lender can ask for other proofs or information depending on your starting conditions.

An often overlooked document a borrower needs is their most recent payslip or utility bill. It’s easy to get these with Atome Credit and we recommend you do so through its interface!

How to Apply Atome Credit Loan?

The application for the loan is online and you can download it onto your Android mobile device. 

It will greet you with some introductory screens before offering a range of products with different lengths (7 days – 3 months) or amounts (P1,000 – P12,000). Choose what’s right for yourself as well as registering an account in one easy step!

Here are the steps to completing a new Atome Credit online loan application.

The first step is entering your mobile phone and password, then verifying that you have access through SMS codes sent in order to verify eligibility for this service or notifying them if there has been any recent change of information like address etc.. 

Next, fill out all your data including name, birth date, gender email and so on. Then you have to attach an ID photo and  select bank account type before submitting along with the selfie provided from last time applying.

The app allows you to check your loan status and track its progress. 

Once verified, you will receive money by whichever disbursement option you choose during application – this includes repeat borrowers who only have select products or withdrawal options selected at one time!

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Ways To Take Back Money

One of the best things about this application is that it offers a variety of different payment channels to choose from. Your options include bank transfers, Cebuana Lhuillier (local), GCash and PayMaya among others!

In addition to a wide range of payment options, you can also take your loans offline and choose from Robinsons 7-11 LBC Bayad Center ECPay SM. Each time that we receive new funds on our account it’s possible for us to select which delivery or repayment method would work best!

it offers many different fee structures for their customers, and there’s no additional charge to sign up or use the service. 

Get great financial service with Atome!

Get great financial service with Atome!

When it comes time to pay late fees though (which can add up!)It has you covered there too!

Want to get cash fast and easy?

Other Services Of Atome Credit 

In addition to the classical loan service which is mentioned above, it also offers Paylater payments. 

With Paylater, you can choose your own credit limit in the application and then shop for things such as appliances or electronics in stores. Meanwhile, online one is for purchasing on the website.

Atome does not list any particular option for entrepreneurs but it has a service for them and it’s like the one offered for individuals. More services will come soon! Stay-tuned! 

About The App

This app is where lenders and users can interact with each other. However, in the website there are some parts that are like application forms but the lenders have made sure that customers only borrow via the app. 

Get money easily with Atome App!

Get money easily with Atome App!

For that reason, you can get money conveniently with some simple steps on your mobile phone. 

It will have some interesting functions such as: Create an account, choose your own loans, Payment methods, Keep track with your loans, Refer this app to others, and Contact customer support.

If you are owning an Android phone, Congratulations! you can download this app immediately on Google Play Store. If you are an iPhone user, just wait patiently as we will be in the App Store soon!

Customers Feedback About Atome Credit Loan

The company’s major product is Atome Credit online loan. This convenient, fast and secure service provides customers with all the tools they need to get cash when needed in less than five minutes! 

The iOS version isn’t yet available but luckily there’s an Android app which makes registering much easier. You just sign up by choosing your terms of use then submit personal information after that-it really couldn’t be simpler.

Don ‘t worry if this sounds intimidating because everything will work out fine once you follow instructions. You can also pay annually or monthly at no extra cost through bank accounts.


With the help from Atome Credit, you will be stress free and more confident to tackle any obstacles.

That’s the end of our article, thank you for your reading, and get a loan at Atome ASAP!

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