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SurityCash is a prominent name in the financial world, and you can easily find all the information about the company when you do a Google search. Coming to Surity Cash, you will enjoy the safest, fastest, and most effective service for financial matters.

It’s hard to choose a competitor that can compete because the quality here is amazing. This problem is proven through many quality reviews of users.

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SurityCash is here to help you!

SurityCash is here to help you!

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About “SurityCash”

SurityCash is a prominent name in the Philippines, and this is a company specializing in technology and providing online money lending services. All Filipinos can freely join and use the services of this company whenever they want.

This financial institution provides excellent service to both needy and underserved customers. Specific and professional registration processes will help you use the best quality.

The executives of this company are all experienced people from leading financial organizations such as Tala or HomeCredit. The enterprise is committed to providing the safest, most convenient, and effective credit products from these great platforms.

SurityCash is fully compliant with regulations and laws issued by authorities such as BIR, SEC, NPC, and more. When using this business, there is no need to worry because we do not require “collateral”, and all your private information is securely protected.

We won’t ask for any upfront fees, and phone collection for your family won’t happen either. The low actual loan cost of up to 30% compared to the fees of other online loans is what makes many users trust our organization. 

SurityCash is your new financial solution!

SurityCash is your new financial solution!

We specialize in providing the most convenient, fastest, and safest financing and lending. Through the support of advanced and modern applications, you can quickly connect with us to conduct secure loan/repayment procedures.

Company Signup CS201910185
Certification of Authority 3013

SurityCash will always advise and notify you of the charge or fee. You need to check the notifications to update account fluctuations promptly.

In particular, our organization never overcharges your fees except in the case of overdue penalties. \

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Specific Details About The Service

The details related to the usage and metrics in this application right below will help you better understand our service.

How to register to use

  • Select the download command to install the application for your smartphone.
  • A quick loan application will appear, and you need to fill in all the required information on this form.
  • You will need to provide legal government-issued IDs such as UMID, Driver’s License, SSS ID, PRC ID, and TIN ID. After the validation process, your application will be approved immediately!

Get a Quick cash loan now with SurityCash!

Get a Quick cash loan now!

Want to get cash fast and easy?

How to receive money

You can open the application and find the withdrawal option to check specifically. You can choose to receive money at Padala Centers or via bank transfer. 

Rate, Duration, and Quota

Loan Charge: A public service that grants you a quick loan from PHP 1,000 to 12,000.

Loan duration: This term is up to “120 days”.

Service charge: In general, the service fee is quite low and suitable for many audiences. Relying on the loan period you select, the service charge will range from 7 to 15 percent.

Loan interest rate: 0.05% is the interest rate for a day. Especially in the next month, you will enjoy 0 interest. This element is like a gift for you.

An example:

  • Loan Charge: 2000
  • 2228 will be the amount that should be normal, but this month you solely need to repay 2200.

If you want to receive money, you need to pay the PHP 150 fee. In addition to the incentive, there is also a penalty of 1.5% per day that will be applied until you pay in full. 

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Repay method

It’s great that you use the service of SurityCash because you can easily repay your debt. A series of major partners will help you easily make payments, such as M Lhuillier, ECPay, 7Eleven, G-Cash, RD Pawnshop, Skypay, etc.

For the payment process to be done correctly, safely, and accurately, you need to check the query codes from the application correctly. Expenditure checking and posting will be done within “24 hours”.

You can use the app or website “” to check the fluctuations in your account. In addition, if you have any questions, you can contact a consultant for more specific answers.

Warning: SurityCash does not deliver any bank account number to make the expenditure. Therefore, customers need to be careful to avoid fraud cases. 

Loan Repayment Of SurityCash

Loan Repayment Of SurityCash

Benefits Of Regular Use

How do you think that in times of financial difficulty, someone will immediately help you? This problem can completely occur when you come to the service of SurityCash. This place will be a great app to help you solve all your financial dilemmas quickly and safely. 

The quick and easy way to register to participate will help you promptly meet your financial needs. In addition, all customers’ personal information will be kept as confidential by the company as possible.

You need to pay the right amounts on time to have low costs. Then your account is also upgraded to a higher level.

You will always enjoy the best services because the company is constantly developing and upgrading for more convenient services. 

Request To Join The App

  • The subjects were Filipinos with legal government-issued IDs.
  • Age from 20 to 60

Interest Free!


All worries and financial difficulties will be rescued as soon as SurityCash appears. All convenience is built into one app, and you can use it immediately. 

It is worth mentioning the safety and extremely high security of apps. This issue makes it easy to use without worrying about dangerous cases affecting it.

Surely the above-mentioned useful information has helped you understand the working structure of Surity Cash. Hopefully, this will be a great solution for you!

Want to get cash fast and easy?

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