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Looking for a reliable finance service company in the Philippines? Then it would help if you considered working with Sumisho. Check out this post further to discover more about this finance service.


Are you looking for a finance service that will help your business grow? Then Sumisho Philippines is the company to work with. They offer many services, including payroll, insurance, and loan management. 

Sumisho has been around for decades helping businesses succeed in the Philippines market. It’s one of the most trusted companies when it comes to financial services. If you are considering this company, let’s jump to this article to find more useful information.

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Is Sumisho Legal?

The company Sumisho is a legitimate business with an interesting story. They were found on the official SEC webpage, which means they can be trusted and their products are safe.

Company Name Sumisho Motor Finance Corporation
Certificate of Authority 1007
Registration No. CS200917691
Anniversary Date 01-Jan-10

Sumisho is a legal service

Sumisho is a legal service

About Sumisho Motor Finance Corporation

The partnership between PSBank and Sumitomo Corporation is a perfect match. They work together to provide motorcycle financing for individuals or businesses that need it, with supervision by the SEC in conjunction managed under the BSP’s watchful eye.

The Sumisho Group is a Japanese multinational which has been operating in the Philippines since 2009. After eight years of success and growth, last August 2017, they transferred 20% stakes to GT Capital Holding Incorporated. It was felt that this would benefit both parties more than just one company taking all potential profits for themselves alone. Then again, in February 2018, such transfer also occurred between these two entities with 10%.

Sumisho has developed branches and remote offices across the country because of its 11 years of business and partnerships with prominent Japanese motorcycle companies such as Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki, and Yamaha. It now has more than 700 dealer partners, allowing it to serve a larger number of clients. 

The motorcycle market in Japan is highly competitive, and Sumisho has successfully grown to meet the needs of consumers by offering more than just Japanese brands. The company strives to offer excellent customer service and a reliable loan product, emphasizing after-sales support.

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Vision, Mission, And Core Values of Sumisho


The company aspires to become the Philippines’ leading and most dependable finance company by delivering outstanding shared value.


A motorcycle is not just an engine with two wheels, and it has become part of our Filipino culture. It provides a sense of freedom and allows us to explore the roads without fearing danger on these vehicles because they make sure that you will be safe while riding them even if there’s no helmet law yet in place here.

The company aims at providing affordable means through financial services, which would otherwise take years before consumers could get approved by other banks or lending companies such as PNB (Philippine National Bank).

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Our Core Values


Sumisho tries to meet the expectations of our partners and clients. Throughout our commercial dealings, they promote mutual trust and integrity.

Sumisho focus on Building trust

Building trust

Strong Commitment

Sumisho keeps our promises and prioritize our customers. Long-term relationships drive the business.


Sumisho wants to know how we can greatly assist one another and make decisions that improve the company’s performance.

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About Sumisho Loan

Product Features

Loan Amount 20,000 – 1,800,000
Term Min: 12 Months, Max: 48 Months


  • Age: 21-65
  • Employees on a fixed wage, self-employed, pensioners, entrepreneurs, clients who receive local or overseas remittances regularly, and partnerships or companies.

Where Can I Find Used Motorcycles For Business Sale Purposes At Sumisho?

You can now receive an ideal deal on some of the best-used motorcycles around Sumisho. We have something for everyone with our wide selection, whether you want to save money or improve your ride’s style.


  1. Valid IDs
  2. Sumisho Loan Application Form (Fully completed)
  3. Income Documentation
  4. Billing Documentation


Contact us at (632) 576-3786 or visit our headquarter in Pasig City, at the intersection Amang Rodriguez and Marcos Highway.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Safeguard My Information?

Your data is transmitted through a secure channel and will be used only for credit processing. 

We ensure the preservation of your personal information, which means that we will never share it with third parties unless there’s an exception under law-enforcement request or court order in place at all times – so you can rest easy knowing no one but us has access.

What Is The Best Way To Get Loans?

Get into the “Sumisho” site, choose the loan amount, then click the “Apply now” option. Complete the form and agree to the loan’s terms. Transfer the funds to the designated bank account.

If I Go Overseas, What Occurs To My Loan?

A loan is a great option for those who need an emergency fund. Monthly payments must be settled consistently to avoid inconveniences. They should include the assigned trustworthy relative as well if possible to take care of this responsibility from now on.


Sumisho is not only the leading finance company in your area, but it’s also one of the most trustworthy. It has a vision and mission that aligns with its core values to provide financial assistance for small businesses and individuals who need financing. 

To learn more about our pre-owned motorcycle inventory or how we can help you get financed, reach out today.

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