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Looking for a great lending service platform in the Philippines? Look no further; Pondo Loan would be a perfect choice. Check this article now to discover more!

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Introduction of Pondo Loan

Filipinos are constantly in search of a way to make extra money. Whether it’s through a side job or starting your own business, there is always something that people want to do with their spare time. 

Many Filipinos have been looking for ways to be involved in the financial industry, but all options seem complicated and confusing. 

This is where Pondo Loan comes into play. Not only does this company offer an easy way to get started in the finance world, but it also offers great loan rates.

Let’s jump to discover how incredible it is. Read on!

Pondo Loan

Pondo Loan

Is It Legal To Take Out A Pondo Loan?

Financial companies in Philippines are required to receive permission from the SEC before operating. Sec.gov.ph, the official site, lists those who have been checked and determined to be trustworthy, making it simple for any organization interested in operating here or investing their money to do so with confidence.

Pondo Loan is an online lending platform that offers loans with competitive interest rates for entrepreneurs who need resources to start or expand existing ones. Here’s what data they provide:

Name Of The Organization KINGABC Lending Corporation
Authority Certificate 2919
Number of Registration CS201951228
Applications For Online Lending Loan Club, Green, Start, Pondo Loan,  

Pondo Loan is a registered firm with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This indicates that it has completed all of the important inspections and regulations to operate lawfully in the Philippines.

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Loan Parameters

Maximum amount (PHP) Minimum amount (PHP) Maximum terms Minimum terms Rate
80000 3600 365 180 0.4% per day

How To Calculate Loan Payments And Interest At Pondo Loan?

Terms at Pondo Loan (days) 10 20 30
Fee 0.4% 0.4% 0.4%
Loan Amount (PHP) 10000  10000  10000 
Interest Amount (PHP) 400  800  1200 
Total Repayment (PHP) 10400  10800  11200 

KINGABC Lending Corporation Information

Pondo Loan is actually a modern-day solution for those who need money quickly and don’t have the means to collateralize their assets. The app offers an easy way of borrowing, with no interest rates set in stone. For an easy-to-use cash loan service, download the Pondo Loan  app today.

Pondo Loan in Philippines is a legitimate company that operates legally. If you would like to install their app on your phone and loan money in the form ofPoundandaan (Philippine currency), then rest assured. All apps created by this rigorous development team are also officially compliant with regional regulations.

Kingacb is officially listed in the List of Registered Online Lending Companies

KingABC lending corporation

KingABC lending corporation

How Do I Apply For A Pondo Loan?

Ensure the Pondo Loan app is simple and quick to fill out!

  • Download Pondo Loan app on your phone;
  • Fill out your contact information, including your contact information;
  • Complete out the Pondo Loan application form online;
  • Choose the loan’s length and amount;
  • Wait for a specialist to contact you and finalize a loan decision;
  • Pondo Loan financial loans can be obtained in various ways (e-wallet, bank transfer, etc.)

Get a loan with Pondo loan

Get a loan

Requirements For A Pondo Loan

Who does Pondo Loan allow to borrow money?

  • Filipino nationality;
  • One issued ID card;
  • Between the ages of 18 and 50;
  • A valid phone number is required;
  • Officially employed or possesses a secondary income source;

Pondo Loan Philippine’s conditions are straightforward, and the service is open to anybody in the Philippines.

Want to get cash fast and easy?

Interest Rates on Pondo Loans APK

Interest rates on Pondo loans in the Philippines are higher than those of any Philippine bank but not as high as other lending companies. The annual flat rate is not more than 15%. 

There are no transaction or processing fees. Customers, particularly banks that demand higher fees for certain services, will benefit greatly from this. Interest-wise, they’re competitive even when compared internationally.

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Pondo Loan App Benefits

  • There is no need to worry about a security deposit because it is a no-deposit loan.
  • There’s no reason to waste your time going to the office.
  • There will be no inconvenience if you only use one official ID.
  • You’ll get money in your account only 5 minutes after approval.
  • There are a lot of approvals.

Benefits of Pondo Loan

Benefits of Pondo

How Do You Pay Off A Pondo Loan In The Philippines?

  1. Visit M.Lhuillier, RD Pawnshop for further information.
  2. Pick “Skypay” for bill payment or type “Skypay” in the company name field.
  3. Provide any relevant information, such as the order number.
  4. Only the letters SKYF2- appear in the contract number. Any payment to a personal account is void.
  5. After making a payment, you will be given a confirmation number as well as a receipt.

If you’re using the GCASH app, select Pay Bills-Loans-SKYPAY and proceed to steps 3, 4, and 5.

When you do have an overdue Pondo Loan in Philippines and are having trouble making payments, call Pondo Loan immediately at 09458259535 (globe)/ 09073011677 (smart).

Pondo Loan App Philippines Customer Service

Pondo Loan Philippines is committed to providing Filipinos with greater credit services. 

With that, they strive towards having an excellent customer support system by ensuring quick responses and helpful personnel at their contact number of 09458259535 (globe)/ 09073011677 (smart).

You can also contact the company through email at cs.pondoloan@gmail.com. That being said, you can reach out during PONDO loan’s working time which includes 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM Monday through Saturday.

Unit 2104-a East Tower in Exchange Road is a place where the Pondo Lending Philippines headquarters is situated. This address tells us that this particular location deals with loans exclusively and does not have any branches because they are disbursed online only.


Pondo Loan is a great lending service platform that provides fast and easy loans to Filipinos. Whether you’re looking for an installment loan, personal loan, or payday advance, we have the right option for you. 

Our website offers a wide range of products with their corresponding rates so it’s easier than ever to find the perfect deal for your needs. Every application process starts with completing our short form which takes just five minutes- no more waiting. Get started today by downloading our APK app.

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Want to get cash fast and easy?

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