Security Bank Credit Card Review

Do you intend to open a credit card? You can surely find a suitable Security Bank credit card option since the bank offers a wide range of credit cards with different benefits.

Security Bank is a large global bank in the Philippines. Over decades of leading the banking industry, you can fully trust their professionals.

Read on to decide on your type of credit card and the requirements to apply for one.

Security Bank credit card

Security Bank Credit Card

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What Is A Security Bank Credit Card?

Security Bank’s credit card is a product of Security Bank. The bank offers you a secure card that can bring many opportunities while only costing you minimal fees.

You can 100% apply for a credit card at home through the internet with the bank’s quick and simple online procedure. After completing the application and getting the approval, you can enjoy the following services:

  • eSoA Enrollment
  • Increase in Credit Limit
  • Ready Cash
  • Charge Light
  • Check Application Status
  • Bills Payment
  • Balance Transfer
  • Update Credit Card Information

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What Are The Types Of Security Bank Credit Cards?

Newest Card: Next Mastercard

This newest card has no annual fee and will auto-convert to an installment account! That means you can enjoy all the benefits of this great credit card without having to worry about any pesky fees like other cards may charge for their services.

Moreover, you can simply pay as often or infrequently as your schedule permits.

Best For New Shoppers: Gold Rewards Mastercard

Security Bank credit card gold

Security Bank Gold Rewards Mastercard

The Gold Rewards Mastercard is a great choice for people who want to start shopping online and need an easy way of financing their purchases. 

With secure transactions, higher credit limits, and exclusive promos, this card will make your shopping experience more enjoyable than ever before!

Best For Travellers: Platinum Mastercard

The Platinum Mastercard is a great choice for those who love to travel. You will get travel insurance at no cost, 24-hour concierge service, and free access to a lounge with modern facilities and premium food!

Best For First-Time Owners: Classic Rewards Mastercard

Security Bank Classic Rewards Mastercard

Security Bank Classic Rewards Mastercard

Onwing this card for the first time to get a lot of exciting benefits with international acceptance!

Best For New Spenders: Fast Track Secured Credit Card

With an easy application process that takes only 3 days, you can have all of the convenience and security. So, you do not have to worry about any hidden fees or personal details loss in transit.

Best For Families: Complete Cashback Mastercard

Enjoy up to 5% of any bill back in cash and the promotions that are only available to you! This card is especially suitable for family purchasing with automatic refunds.

Why Should You Use Security Bank Credit Cards?


Convenience is the most significant factor to consider. Having all your money on this card, you can avoid any hassles or risks associated with carrying large amounts of cash along.

A huge advantage of Security Bank credit cards over debit cards is that you can get the rebates easily since they are not linked to your bank account. Also, the transactions reflect only after you have received goods or services. 

Take precautions by using cashless and online transactions. A Security Bank credit card will allow you to make these safe forays into a digital world while also keeping your finances in check!

Promos And Rewards

This bank offers many opportunities for credit card owners to earn points for rewards and freebies. There are a variety of promotions available based on the credit card issuer, such as cashback, or travel points to get free plane tickets.

More Secure Than Debit Cards

These cards protect you from fraud losses, which often happen with debit cards. Since your credit card and bank account are separate, the purchases only show up once the goods or services you ordered have arrived.

So, credit card transactions are safer than debit card transactions because debit cards can cause immediate losses if a dishonest transaction occurs.

However, you must remain vigilant in recognizing credit card scams, particularly on the internet. In the event of card loss, damage, or theft, report to the provider right away.

Secure is important when owning a credit card

Secure is important when owning a credit card

Great Features And Benefits

Waived Annual Fees

What are you waiting for? Get your first year of annual fees waived now!

0% Balance Transfer Promos

Move your balance and credit without incurring any additional fees!

Only available for new customers!

Exclusive Mastercard Promos

Get various hot deals from your favorite stores and restaurants with Security Bank Mastercard.

Worldwide Acceptance

Shop with confidence with associated merchants all over the world.

Supplementary Cards

Keep track of the money flows in your family easily with the help of these cards. You can acquire up to 5 supplementary cards! 

The Latest Promos

Take advantage of the finest deals at your favorite airlines, stores, and hotels.

Exclusive Rewards

Added points for every transaction, which you can easily exchange online!

What Are The Applicant Requirements For Security Bank Credit Cards?

Check out the following requirements before starting the application.

  • You must be a Philippine citizen.
  • For Principal Cardholder, you must age from 21 to 65.
  • You must be a normal worker or have a regular job.
  • Otherwise, you must have been running a profitable business for a minimum of 3 years.
  • You must have a landline phone number.

What Are The Documentary Requirements For Security Bank Credit Cards?

Make sure to prepare the documents below for a smooth application.

  • Government-stated ID with your photo on.
  • SEC/DTI Registration and ITR or AFS in 3 years if you are self-employed.
  • If you are a worker, you need either 1 of the following documents: Business ID (both the front and the back), a three-month pay stub, a certified ITR, or COE.

How To Apply For A Security Bank Credit Card?

Once you have found a suitable card, you can complete the application online through the website, or offline at any branch of Security Bank.

How To Apply For A Security Bank Credit Card At The Branch? 

Go to any Security Bank branch you want and complete the application form. After that, provide the required income and documents we have just mentioned above. Now, you can go home and wait! Your application will get examined and verified for about 10 days.

How To Apply For A Security Bank Credit Card Online?

Online applications are more convenient. Go to the bank’s official website and fill out the application form. The entire procedure takes roughly 10 minutes. Next, post the required income and documents you have prepared.

After the successful process, the system will provide you with a reference number for your credit card registration, which you need to save. The system will also send your form to the responsible department for the information examination and verification.

Now you can rest and wait for around 5 days.

Final Thoughts

Security Bank credit cards are an excellent way to build your credit, earn rewards and enjoy a wide variety of benefits. The application process is easy, and approval time is short. You just need to fulfill all the requirements.

We hope you find this post helpful. You can visit the bank website for more information. 

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