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Do you require a personal or business loan? Not sure where to start or what to do next? Let’s apply now with Radiowealth Finance Company Continue reading to learn more!

The company is known as Radiowealth Finance Corp Inc, or RFC for short. It is a company that provides personal and business loans to people in need. 

As an experienced loan provider, Radiowealth offers competitive rates on personal and business loans. They will work with you to find the right plan – whether a low monthly payment plan or a small down payment option. 

We’re here to provide some tips on finding the right company loan for you and how to know if they’re trustworthy. Take a look at this post if you want to understand more about what Radiowealth can do for you!

RFC personal and business loan from Radiowealth Finance Company

RFC personal and business loan

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Is Radiowealth Finance Legal?

On the official site, you may discover a list of firms that have been evaluated and are reliable. We looked for the firm RFC and discovered it on the list of financing companies. Here is the data:

Financing company  Radiowealth Finance Co. Inc
Registration no AS9600005A
Certificate of authority 173
Celebration date 25/Mar/96

That indicates it operates legally in the Philippines. It has passed all relevant supervisory authority checks. You might trust it!

Loan parameters

Minimum amount Maximum amount Minimum terms Maximum terms Rate
10000PHP 50000PHP 90 1080 0.08% per day

In addition, these loan parameters depend on a person’s age (> 18 years old), time to review, and other conditions.

About Radiowealth Finance Corp (RFC)

Radiowealth Finance Corp was founded in 1964 in the Philippines. The goal of lending money is to help Filipinos acquire vehicles, real estate, or home goods. They have been one of the top consumer lenders for over 50 years. Nowadays, there are over 100 branches around the Philippines.

This company has big plans to expand credit in the Philippines. They aim for residents and people from deprived backgrounds. Therefore, they can provide loans tailored just right! 

The algorithm considers income level or credit history before deciding whether you qualify as an authorized borrower. 

The founder of this institution was the famous economist Domingo Guevara. He helped his country out by launching several programs to assist families and universities across the Philippines.

Radioweather finances give Filipinos their chance at an empowered future where they can make better lifestyle decisions about education, health care, and housing. 

In 1964, a company called Radiowealth finance was born. With roots in the Volkswagen Assembly line during world war II and an engagement as a financing agency for over thirty years since 1993.

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How Can Customers Get A Loan In The Radiowealth Finance Company

Borrow money easy and quick with radiowealth finance company

Borrow money easy and quick with RFC

Radiowealth Finance Company offers online loans. To apply for a loan, go to the company’s official website and provide your general personal and contact info:

  • Full name
  • Marital standing
  • Gender
  • The birth date
  • The educational level
  • Nationality
  • Residence province and city
  • Phone number and email
  • Phone number of dependents

Following that, the borrower must consent to the conditions of the loan agreement. In addition, they also disclose their source income and other loan details. 

For the final registration of the RFC loan, documents proving the client’s identification and creditworthiness will be necessary.

The company’s workers are always ready to answer your queries. For your convenience, the Radiowealth financing firm contact numbers: +639611361660 or +639053079062.

Want to get cash fast and easy?

Radiowealth Finance Loans Requirements

To be eligible for a Personal loan at Radiowealth, you must meet the following credit conditions. You must supply it upon request:

For working borrowers

  • Form of application completed.
  • Two government-issued photo IDs
  • Bank account confirmation
  • Income confirmation (one month’s wages)

For self-employed borrowers

  • Form of application completed.
  • Two pieces of valid identification
  • Passbook (valid for 6 months)
  • W2 / ITR / W2316
  • Any valid main ID (GSIS, SSS postal ID, voter ID, driver’s license, or passport)
  • Alternatively, two extra IDs may be used.
  • The most recent utility bill (electricity, telephone, water).

For companies

  • Form of application completed.
  • Certificate of registration for a corporation or partnership
  • Certificate of secretaryship
  • Board resolution special minutes authorizing the loan application
  • Authorized signatories’ list
  • Business permit or mayor’s
  • SEC registration copies

For Overseas Filipino Worker 

  • Form of application completed
  • Two government-issued photo IDs
  • Bank account confirmation
  • Income confirmation (1 month’s paycheck)
  • Remittance evidence or passbook (during the last three months)
  • A copy of the current contract.

How Radiowealth Finance Corp Works

Providing financial access to every Filipino

Providing financial access to every Filipino

  1. Complete the form

You complete an online application then send it to the company.

  1. Wait for 20 minutes.

RFC will consider your application and decide.

  1. Obtain funds

You are assured of receiving funds for a bank account.

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Benefits RFC Financing Provide For Users

Working with RFC Financing provides you with the following advantages:

  • Extra finance for the buying of any item (from a refrigerator to a country mansion)
  • The prospect of receiving a loan for the establishment and growth of a firm
  • The opportunity to receive a multi-purpose loan
  • Debt payback in partner financial institutions is completed quickly

RCF financing is an ideal alternative for people from all walks of life in the Philippines.

How To Repay A Radiowealth Finance Corp Personal Loan

The RFC offers many repayment options for loans. The borrower can pay back the debt at any financial company’s partner banks and through special loan payment terminals located in cities across the Philippines! 

Besides, the loan can also be paid back in person at one of the RFC’s representative offices. For further information, call the RFC loan hotline at +639611361660 or +639053079062.

Final Thoughts

Credit has never been so simple! Overall, if you’re looking for a loan that can help you reach your financial goals, Radiowealth Finance Corp is here to provide. 

It is the most trusted name in lending with our unique combination of convenience and safety. Check out the website today to learn about the service they have available so you can get back on track. 

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