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In the past, if you wanted a loan, the only options you had were to apply for a bank loan or apply for an installment loan at a pawnshop. 

The problem with bank loans is that they have strict requirements. Getting a bank loan is nearly impossible if you’re a small entrepreneur. Besides, the problem with pawnshops is that they have high-interest rates. 

During all the chaos, it is good to know that Pera Agad Philippines is here to help you get your loan quickly. They understand their customers’ needs. Therefore, this service offers installment loans with flexible repayment. 

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Pera agad - An Instant Cash Loan By Cash Credit

An Instant Cash Loan By Cash Credit

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Overview Of Pera Agad Philippines

About Pera Agad

Pera Agad is a fintech startup that provides small-amount express loans to financial institutions and solutions for analyzing the solvency of businesses and individuals. 

It operates under the CashCredit name in Bulgaria, South Africa, and the Philippines.

As an entrepreneur that’s looking to borrow money quickly, we recommend taking advantage of Pera Agad’s 30-day loans so that you can solve your financial problems. 

With this particular financial lender, the borrower is valued and chooses loan repayment duration.

Pera Agad provides statistical-driven credit risk assessment services to Banks, Telecommunications, and Utility Companies. 

They combine traditional statistical methodologies with proven artificial intelligence to provide cost-effective and reliable solutions to clients’ special requirements. 

The firm guarantees that the sharing of personal data with third companies is limited to processing a client’s loan application. In addition, they save your information throughout the length of your application or loan agreement so you can pay back debts over time.

Loan parameters

Minimum amount Maximum amount Minimum terms  Maximum terms Rate
2000 PHP 100000 PHP 28 112 1,5% per day


Loan terms and conditions:

  • It is possible to complete the registration process over the Internet without leaving the house.
  • Filipino nationals who have achieved the age of 21 are eligible (majority).
  • Property owners in the Philippines must register their permanent residency.

Reasons for denial of a loan:

  • On debt review, black listed, or had an adverse judgment will against you
  • Requesting the loan wouldn’t be possible without sufficient income.
  • Poor track record of loan repayments or credit cards.
  • Poor credit score

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Type of loans

If you’re looking to get instant access to funds, applying for a fast loan is the best way. You can receive your money simply by filling out an online application form.

The corporation is in the business of making loans of all sizes. It may even specialize in making small loans available to everyone, including those just starting.

The company offers the following sorts of loans:

  1. Instant loan.
  2. Short-term loan. 
  3. An exclusive service bundle for SMART & TнT users.

All of the information you’ve given us is safe. Pera Agad is a quick and secure way to get funds. Because the firm offers the most optimized terms, it’s easy to see why Pera Agad has gained so much popularity amongst small businesses.

Want to get cash fast and easy?


 Phone Number: +1800 10888 2423


Why Do Customers Prefer Pera Agad Service?

Pera Agad - Fast Online Cash Loan

Pera Agad – Fast Online Cash Loan

You get the money when you need it, making it the perfect financial state for someone who needs cash fast. This is especially helpful since you don’t have to wait for a regular paycheck.

The firm offers quick and reliable home loans for people with enough credit in their accounts and good incomes. If you pay your loan on time, there’s the possibility of gaining a 10% bonus!

All personal information and data that users submit will be kept safe by the firm’s security experts. Since they do everything openly and reasonably, you won’t have to worry about hidden fees or other things.

The firm offers 24-hour service, seven days a week. You can request in the morning, midday, evening, at the end of the week, or for any holiday escape. The platform will process your request upon approval, and the funds will be transferred to your bank card.

If you have any difficulties/queries, you can contact the company’s support staff by leaving a comment or dialing a phone number. Especially, you can receive modern internet credits from any device, whether it’s a computer or a phone.

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How Do I Get A Loan In Pera Agad?

Pera Agad APK - Easy Cash For Flilipino 1.1.2

Pera Agad APK – Easy Cash For Flilipino 1.1.2

Before you register, please read the terms of use and privacy policy. Then, when you’re ready to proceed, just accept the firm’s rules and agree to allow them to collect some information about your credit history and more.

You can determine how much you need and prepare your loan application using a loan calculator. On the other hand, if you have a promotional code, enter it now to obtain an interest rate reduction.

Fill up your details on the registration form. Then, add a Filipino banking card. Then, carry out verification using the instructions provided. If you give inaccurate information, you will be denied.

Please wait while your application is reviewed. Pera Agad will send the money as soon as they confirm the credit agreement. The service will also email a copy of the transaction to the address provided.


Do not put off payment until the last minute. It may delay your money transfer. If you cannot repay the loan on time, you can extend the terms or pay a portion of the credit. In such circumstances, interest is only accrued on the actual balance of the money.

Final Thoughts

Overall, if you need a personal loan that is flexible, convenient, and affordable, you should give Pera Agad a try. They will help you achieve your financial goals with flexible repayment plans, such as weekly or biweekly payments. So what are you waiting for? Apply today!

Want to get cash fast and easy?

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