Crezu Philippines Review You Should Know

In the current 4.0 era, borrowing money is no longer a difficult problem. With Crezu, all your financial worries will be solved quickly with just a few simple steps of online registration. No need to meet, no need to mortgage assets, Crezu will help you receive a loan from 1 to 20,000 PHP within minutes. with only a smartphone with an Internet connection.

So what is Crezu? and How to borrow money online from Crezu? Along Loan Money Online follow through the article below.

 Type of loan Online loan via website/app
 Procedure Just need ID card/CCCD card
 Support Area Nationally
 Age 18-60 years old
 Loan 1,000 – 20,000 PHP
 Term of loan 90 days – 12 months
 Interest rate 12% – 20%/year
 Service Fee There is a fee
 Application processing time 15 minutes
 Disbursement Time 24 hours
 Offers Updating

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What is Crezu?

Fast money loans or online loans are increasingly growing to meet the increasing needs of customers day by day. To borrow money fast online, customers can easily find money lending websites or fast loan applications right on their mobile devices.

Crezu is one of the best mobile loan applications available today. Crezu is a trademark of Fininity Ltd developed as a mobile service that enables customers to easily search for selected trusted financial institutions for loans.

crezu philippines

Currently Crezu is linking with reputable financial partners in the online loan market such as:  Robocash, Moneycat, CashXpress, OLP. Customers can choose one of the above partners to borrow money. Just provide ID card and some basic personal information, customers can borrow up to 20,000 PHP within 14 minutes.

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Advantages of Crezu

  • Diverse financial sources from reputable partners in the current financial market
  • Simple documents and procedures with just ID card, no need to prove income or loan purpose
  • The simple loan process is done 100% online, customers do not need to spend much time and can still easily borrow money at home.
  • High approval rate up to 94%
  • Quick disbursal within 14 minutes
  • Payment terms are quite long from 3 to 12 months.
  • Disclose interest rates and fees, have transparent contracts, say no to hidden fees.
  • Operating 24/7 including Holidays and Sundays to help solve customers’ financial problems at all times.
  • Crezu loan application is an extremely convenient service with many advantages that customers cannot ignore. However, besides this fast loan application, there are still certain disadvantages such as low loan limit, not meeting customers with higher loan needs.

Crezu loan conditions

To receive a loan from Crezu, customers need to meet some basic conditions:

  • Customers are Filipino citizens residing and working in the whole country.
  • Customers aged 18-60
  • Have a stable job and income
  • Have an active main bank account
  • Provide the owner’s phone number to register for an account and contact them for loan information later.
  • A special thing is that Crezu still accepts application approvals from customers with past due debts and low credit ratings.

Loan limit and loan payment term in Crezu

At Crezu, customers can borrow money with a minimum limit of 1,000 – 20,000 PHP, with a payment term of 91 – 365 days even for first time borrowers.

Interest rates for online loans in Crezu

Many customers are often worried about the interest rates of online loans. However, with Crezu, customers can rest assured because interest rates and fees are always clearly stated in the contract and there are absolutely no hidden fees.

Besides, the interest rate for quick loans at Crezu is also considered to be reasonable with the minimum interest rate of 1.5%/month and not more than 30%/year. This interest rate will vary depending on the lender and is calculated according to the reducing balance. In addition, the recommended interest rate will depend on your credit situation and history.

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How to apply loan with Crezu

Crezu is a completely free online loan service that any customer can easily make a loan. With just a Smartphone and an internet connection, you can make a loan by following these steps:

how to apply crezu ph

Step 1: Visit Crezu’s website

To apply for a loan, customers just need to visit Crezu’s website and follow the instructions

Step 2: Fill in the profile on the page

Fill in the necessary information such as: full name, phone number, email address, … and submit an application to receive loans from partners.

When filling in personal information, you need to fill it out correctly and check it carefully before applying for a loan to avoid confusing information, making it difficult to authenticate and not get a loan.

Step 3: Get the best offers in the market

After only 4 minutes, Crezu will select and compare to send you the most reasonable financial solution from a reliable financial partner in Philippines.

Step 4: Receive money

You can choose from the partner that best suits your needs. You will then go to the official page of the selected credit partner and sign the contract. Once approved, the money will be transferred to the account you provided or receive the cash in just a few minutes.

Above is the necessary information about Crezu online loan application. With the advantages and benefits that Crezu brings to customers, surely this Crezu will be a quick loan solution you cannot ignore in an emergency. What are you waiting for, do not contact Crezu immediately to receive an instant loan. Good luck with your loan.

How to repay the Crezu loan

The Crezu service aggregates loan proposals to customers, acting as an intermediary between the customer (who wants to borrow money) and the licensed financial institution. Therefore, you will pay the loan to the partner you previously registered with.

Frequently asked questions

What is Crezu?

Crezu is a free service that instantly selects 0% loans. The Crezu service studies recommendations from only companies that meet 4 criteria: no hidden payments, verified reputation, online credit granting and personal data protection.

Crezu loan conditions?

Just need ID card to register

Loan limit on Crezu?

Loan limit from 1,000 – 20,000 PHP

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