Opeso (Oklik Lending Company Inc.) Loan Review (2021)

OPESO is a personal loan that allows you to take the steps needed for your plans. Whether it’s buying a new house, starting up your own business, or going on an exotic holiday, OPESO can help with all of these things and more. 

Check out the terms and conditions of OPESO (OKLIK LENDING COMPANY INC.) here in this post.

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Is Opeso Legit?

The Philippines is a growing market for financial companies, and the competition to be successful here is stiff. 

Companies that want their services offered in this country must first receive permission from SEC, which requires an application process before any business can operate legally within Philippine borders – but there’s no need to worry because we’ve got lists of trustworthy businesses available on sec.gov.ph

Registration No. CS201903131
Certificate of Authority 2896
Anniversary Date 22-Feb-2019

We discovered the firm Opeso when looking for a legitimate Philippine business, which implies it must pass all inspections and is registered with the SEC. You can trust this company to provide a financial solution for yourself.

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Loan parameters

Minimum amount Maximum amount Minimum terms Maximum terms Rate
20000 PHP 200000 PHP 91 210 3.5 per month per day

Example of calculating interest and loan payments

TERM 10 days 20 days 30 days
LOAN AMOUNT 10000 PHP 10000 PHP 10000 PHP
FEE 3.5 per month 3.5 per month 3.5 per month

About Oklik Lending Company Inc. (Opeso)

Open allows you to acquire modest financial loans of up to 20,000 pesos in only a few minutes. The organization is an Internet Finance Corporation that offers financial solutions to Filipinos through the internet, with easy access via mobile app or website! 

Opeso App

Opeso App

Any ordinary borrower can avail of the service with their problems, and it’s available 24/7, so there are no long waiting periods!

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Example Of Loan Calculation Opeso

With interest rates as high as they are and borrowing restrictions as low, it is difficult for Filipinos to obtain loans. But it doesn’t imply there aren’t any alternatives! 

Opeso Maximum Loan Amount

Opeso Maximum Loan Amount

Opeso provides financial solutions with excellent interest rates; here is a quick calculation to demonstrate.

  • The loan amount is 20,000.
  • Service Charge: 15% (3,000)
  • Loan Duration: 6 months (180 days)
  • The monthly cost is $383.33.
  • The total payout is $23,000.

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Advantages Of Opeso Loan


You may get your loan in just a few simple steps. The procedure begins with the installation of our free app on your preferred iOS or Android smartphone. 

Next, decide how much money you want in total and apply. It will just take you a few minutes to complete everything.

Fee collection transparency

To provide a seamless and transparent experience, we’ve made it a mission to be as forthright as possible with our costs. There are no surprises or hidden expenses!

Advantages Of Opeso Loan

Swift fix

patent credit scoring technology will provide you with the quick assessment that your finances require. You will always get cash in less than 24 hours, and the Opeso team of professionals will be pleased to assist you with any queries! Please do not hesitate to contact Opeso through the hotline +63 999 415 3606 or the app’s online support service.


Keeping your personal data safe is a priority at Opeso. They employ the most sophisticated encryption and security techniques to provide you peace of mind, knowing that no one outside of this organization will be able to access your information.

Flexibility is essential

The more adaptable you can be in terms of payback, the better! The possibility of extending your loan and applying for a new one when a larger amount has been paid off may provide borrowers with peace of mind while also saving time in their busy life.

Opeso Reviews

The Opeso team is always looking at their customer feedback, and they recently posted some on Facebook. You can see them, along with other people’s thoughts about the company’s app or website:

  • The registration procedure is straightforward. It simply takes a few minutes to complete, and the approval rate should be within 24 hours or less.
  • Open is a remarkable app, and their loan process is certainly fast, clear, and friendly. It’s so easy to fill out basic information because of how simple it seems in the user interface! Keep up the good work.

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How Opeso Works

The procedure is as simple as it gets. You apply, wait 20 minutes for Opeso to receive it, and then they examine your information! If you are authorized, you will get funds on your bank card within a short time.


What age group is eligible for a loan?

Filipinos between the ages of 20 and 65

How exactly do you protect my data?

Opeso guarantees the security and confidentiality of your data. We only use it for credit processing, so no worries there! Our commitment to you is backed by a strict Privacy Policy that ensures we won’t sell or disclose any information (exception – cases provided by the law).

How to get a loan?

If you need some quick cash, Opseso is here for you. Just visit the website, select the suitable loan and click apply. Opeso will get the ball rolling.


  •  Address: Oriental plaza, emerald drive, PH, Pasig city, San Antonio
  •  Phone: (02) 7906 5683 | +63 999 415 3606
  •  Email: opeso.group@gmail.com

In Conclusion

OPESO (OKLIK LENDING COMPANY INC.) offers a loan for your plans, so you can get started on living the life of your dreams. They are here to help make it happen – take advantage of this opportunity and contact them today! 

To apply, all that’s required is filling out a few quick forms online, and it only takes minutes.

Thank you for reading and enjoy the wonderful services of OPESO!

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