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Cashjeep Philippines is an online service that makes it easy to get a loan even if you have a poor credit history. CashJeep is a reputable company that makes it possible for Filipino citizens to get a loan if they don’t have a good credit score.

This blog is all about why people should get a loan from CashJeep and how they can easily get one. It also gives tips on how to get one even if you have a bad credit rating.

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Introduction of Cashjeep Philippines

Cash Jeep in the Philippines provides simple and speedy payday loans online. You may use the Cash Jeep app – its lending services – to receive money for any urgent requirement, such as an energy or water bill, auto repair, debt consolidation, tuition payment, and so on. 

CashJeep is the new financial solution

CashJeep is the new financial solution!

If you need to borrow additional money, you can apply for a greater loan. It is up to the corporation whether or not to approve it. 

It has been a rapidly developing firm since 2019, with great comments from Filipinos who have utilized their services and investors who feel they would profit from investing in them.

Although it took a day to be accepted, the CashJeep app was able to deliver excellent service – requesting a loan and receiving funds straight away! 

However, owing to an NPC-enforced restriction, this service has been discontinued. If you’re still seeking a quick loan, please use another app or simply wait for cashjeep to return.

  • Loan amount: from PHP 2.000 to PHP 50.000
  • 1st loan: up to PHP 5.000
  • Loan period: 2 – 4 months
  • The loan period for the new clients: up to 14 days
  • SEC Registration: CS201916310
  • Tax Identification: 010415810
  • Certificate of Authority: 3105

CashJeep Philippines – How To Apply For A Loan?

Consider having a loan accepted online in a matter of minutes! Cash Jeep Philippines strives to give consumers the resources they require to obtain the correct loan at the right time. 

They make it possible to fulfill your objectives – with only one piece of paper – your ID, thanks to their dependable team, individualized service, and flexible financing alternatives.

  • First, you must get access to the system. There are two methods to accomplish this: via the website: or get the mobile app

Apply for a loan at CashJeep now

Apply for a loan at CashJeep now!

  • To participate in the project, you must first register and enter the following information: last name, first name, phone number, date of birth, and e-mail address. 

We recommend that you read all material before applying for a loan to enhance your chances of acceptance!

  • Choose the loan amount and withdrawal method; your request will be forwarded to the Cash Jeep service. Prepare for the call and remember to confirm your identification.
  • You’ll get your money in no time.
  • Remember to pay on time to avoid legal and interest concerns.

CashJeep Loan Review

Cash Jeep has a range of programs to meet your specific needs. However, the terms are a little unfavorable; therefore, you should pick a credit card with better terms. 

Some of my favorites include Digido – they’re everywhere regarding cash advances (like Google!) – and Tonik loans, which appear to be where everyone is going in the current economy.

You can acquire a borrowing limit of 5000P for your first loan. This is another 5000P for later use.

As you can see, the first loan amount is not large, which may be difficult for many borrowers who wish to obtain a larger loan. We recommend comparing the Cash Jeep loan service to other lenders in the Philippines in this scenario.

Want to get cash fast and easy?

CashJeep Loan App

If you’re weary of dealing with the same bank or don’t live near one, Cash Jeep Loan is a wonderful alternative to typical bank loans. 

You may apply in minutes via their mobile app, and once accepted, you should get the money in one or two days. 

If you want to avoid the trouble of going to the bank for whatever reason, Cash Jeep Loan is there for you on your terms.

Why should you choose Cashjeep

Why should you choose Cashjeep?

All you need is a Philippine citizen who is at least 18 years old and identification credentials such as an ID, a driver’s license, and a passport.

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In the event of any problems, please get in touch with the company at the addresses below:

  • Company Cash8 Lending Corporation Inc.
  • Website
  • Phones 09479990337 | 09479992721 | 09479990522
  • Email info[@]
  • Facebook
  • Working time 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (Mon-Fri)

FAQ About Cash Jeep Loan Service

Is CashJeep Legal In The Philippines?

Currently, service is not legal; NPC banned cash Jeep;

Cash Jeep is now not legally operating in our nation, and according to SEC records, it has also been revoked, therefore if you were to answer the question, “Is Cash Jeep legit or not?” The answer will undoubtedly be no!

To learn more, go to the following website:

How Can You Repay A Loan?

Cashjeep gives you several options for paying back the amount owed. You can choose from pawnshops and M Lhuillier, or you can use your mobile phone and make a call with the GCash app for 7-Eleven.

How Much Is CashJeep Interest Rate?

CashJeep offers a monthly interest rate of up to 5% plus an extra transaction charge of PHP 150 plus service costs ranging from 10% to 20%. APRs of up to 240 percent is possible.


Getting a loan to finance your dream is possible with the right kind of plan in place. Cashjeep can be a perfect lender, as its policies are very open and lending is easy. Although the service is currently on hold, we believe it will return soon.

We hope that this blog has helped you find some good information that you can use to help you secure the loan that you need. Thank you for reading; we are always excited when one of our posts can provide useful information on a topic like this!

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Want to get cash fast and easy?

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