What is a PIN code? The importance of ATM PIN

When you receive your domestic ATM card at the bank, you will receive a password to be able to access your account at the ATM, which is the ATM PIN. So what is this PIN and why do the Bank staff advise you not to let anyone know these numbers and should change the PIN right after receiving them?

This article will help you answer these questions and provide you with the most complete and comprehensive understanding about the PIN of a domestic ATM card as well as its importance.

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What is PIN code?

PIN stands for the first letters of the English word, Personal Identification Number, which is a personal identification number so that only users can access their own account. In a simple way, this is the password to verify the user when having any ATM card access such as withdrawing money at ATMs, swiping POS machines.


PIN code is a security tool designed to help prevent unauthorized use of the card by anyone. To ensure the safety of your account, you should not set the code as your birthday, phone number, ID number or any other number that is specifically related to you because it is easy for fraudsters to detect.

The importance of ATM PIN code

Only a card and PIN are required to use the actual account. This means that when someone else knows your card PIN and your ATM card falls into their hands, it means that they have full discretion to decide the amount of money available on your card. So do not ignore and reveal the card password to anyone.

If someone knows your card password, you should immediately change the card password. You can change the password conveniently and quickly at ATMs. Note that passwords should not be personal specific numbers.

PIN code is the initial step required to access your account. This also means that if you forget your PIN to access, there is nothing you can do with the money in your account. In this case, you need to immediately go to the issuing bank to request for a new PIN. You just need to bring your original ID and ask the teller to guide you to sign the request. The time for you to receive a new PIN is about 5-7 working days of the Bank.

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How to manage a secure PIN for a bank account

Preventing bad situations is never superfluous. To best manage your balance, it’s a good idea to sign up for notification services when money goes out of your account.

When in doubt about a strange withdrawal transaction. Immediately change your PIN. The fastest way is to use the Debit card manager app right on your phone. However, not the bank also develops the application. Some digital banks will lets you change your PIN extremely quickly.

What to do when forgetting pin code?

If you forget your Personal identification number (PIN), you should contact the card issuing bank to request a new PIN.

You can be assured with the amount of money in your card account when you lose your card, for the following reasons:

  • To use your account, there are two factors: Card and password (PIN).
  • So, only if your card is held by someone else and knows your PIN, you are in danger of losing money.

Procedures to get the pin code back

Customers need to immediately call the customer service center and provide information such as the name of the cardholder, ID number, address … for the Bank staff to lock the card or take appropriate measures. . After that, customers need to go to the transaction offices to make procedures for reporting card loss.

Is there a charge for getting the pin?

When you forget your password, you must retrieve it at your card issuing bank. There is a fee for the reissuance of the pin. Fee amounts at banks are different.

How to use the ATM card PIN safely

To manage the amount of money in ATM card well, you should:

  • Change PIN every 3 months to ensure the safety of your ATM card account
    Do not disclose your PIN to anyone
  • Do not set a PIN code as simple and predictable numbers such as 012345, 111111, date of birth, phone number …
  • Do not choose ATMs that are deserted, few people pass by, unless the bad guy takes the card and takes money from the account.
  • Should register for balance fluctuation service (SMS Banking) to have timely solutions for any unusual withdrawals.
  • Should lock the card if you find that your ATM card is lost …


ATM PIN seems very simple and familiar, but if you do not pay attention, you will probably encounter unexpected and unnecessary problems. Hopefully, the basic information and need to know about ATM PIN above can help you use and manage your domestic ATM card safely and effectively!

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