What is esop? Information related to esop you need to know

When working for businesses, esop is extremely important to find out what benefits you get during your work. In which, Esop can be viewed as a campaign that benefits both employees and businesses that everyone should care about. So what is Esop? What information do you need to know about Esop? The following knowledge will help you get the answer.

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What is esop stock?

So what is Esop? First, Esop – the term used to display the words Employee Stock Ownership Plan. This phrase means bonus shares. Therefore, Esop can be understood as bonus shares. A simpler way to understand when talking about Esop is to talk about the company’s profit sharing plan for its employees.


Thus, through Esop, companies and businesses will exercise ownership of shares for employees. Employees will be able to buy shares of the company at a favorable price. From there, become a shareholder of the company and enjoy the benefits when the company thrives and prospers.

Today, most companies and businesses issue shares to employees who have made positive contributions to the business. The share price issued by the company is much cheaper than the market price. So employees can get shares and shares of the company through Esop without having to inherit or make a big investment.

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Why do businesses issue esop shares?

Based on the concept of what Esop is, we can see that employees can buy and distribute shares at a much cheaper price than the market. If so, surely companies and businesses will be the ones that suffer. So what is the reason for businesses to distribute Esop shares to employees?

Reward, encourage and retain employees

Companies and businesses now understand that employees will work harder and dedicate more when they are recognized and rewarded. Therefore, they want to use Esop to encourage and retain their employees. Compared to the bonus in cash, the form of bonus shares is much more valuable. Especially when the company or business develops stably, the number of shares will continue to increase. Employees will receive a larger amount than the initial amount of money they spent.

In addition, the stock bonus also helps to significantly reduce income tax for employees. Employees will feel that the leader cares for them. Thereby creating more motivation for them to work better. This is the main reason for companies and businesses to choose this form of reward.

Esop helps to reduce costs and increase equity for companies and businesses

When awarding Esop shares to employees, companies and businesses will not have to lose an additional bonus. Moreover, the company can apply retained earnings to distribute bonus shares for the next time. As a result, the equity of the business will increase. Profits can be reinvested. Therefore, the company and business will grow stronger and stronger. This is the part of the benefits that the business will enjoy.


Esop stock bonus helps reduce costs. At the same time, it helps to increase equity for companies and businesses. Compared to companies that pay cash, this benefit will not be obtained. These are the advantages that companies and businesses aim for when developing this plan. Esop not only helps profit for employees but also helps the company and business to be more stable and developed.

Conditions for issuing esop shares

What are the conditions for issuing ESOP shares? Conditions for issuing ESOPs as prescribed in Circular No. 162/2015/TT-BTC of the Ministry of Finance are:

  • The number of ESOP shares to be issued annually must not exceed 5% of the outstanding shares in the company.
  • Approved by the General Meeting of Shareholders to issue ESOP shares

In addition, the Board of Directors must clearly disclose 3 contents which are:

  • Standards of employees participating in the program and a specific list
  • Principles in determining the selling price
  • Principles in determining the amount of shares to be distributed to each individual in the above list and the time to distribute shares.

The company must have sufficient capital on the basis of the most recent audited financial statements from sources of Equity Surplus, Investment and Development Fund, Undistributed profit after tax, and other funds if any. .

What are the risks of issuing esop shares?

When an ESOP is issued, the amount of shares will increase and dilute the value of each company shareholder. Since then, earnings per share have declined. In addition, in the case that ESOP shares are issued mainly to the management, it may cause conflicts of interest between parties within the company itself.


What is Esop? The information related to Esop you need to know has been fully updated by us above. There is still a lot of other stuff that you need to spend time learning if you want to buy bonus shares. However, hopefully with the above information you can somewhat understand Esop. For more information, you can visit the website: Fastloans.PH.

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