What is CVC? Top 4 things you should know

CVC is an important code when you have a Mastercard. This powerful password helps you make online payments easily without entering a PIN, but the risk of losing money is very high if you disclose this information to strangers.

CVC number is an important information when you use MasterCard card to pay online. Through the CVC number, it is easy to determine who the cardholder is, so this information is easily stolen if not delicately deleted.

Most of the users of the mastercard know CVC number of the card. However, there are new users who still do not know about these two types of card numbers. We will help you resolve any of these concerns.

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What is CVC number?

CVC number stands for Card Verification Code, used to verify MasterCard card.


Difference between CVC and CVV number

Most of the card of Metrobank, BPI, BDO, PSI Bank … have CVC/CVV codes.

CVC and CVV numbers are both international credit and debit card verification codes, CVC number and CVV number basically have the same function and meaning. Only these two types of numbers apply to different types of cards, CVC numbers apply to Mastercard and CVC numbers apply to Visa Card (including debit cards and international credit cards).

Where to find the CVC number?

CVC number is the security code of the international payment card. You will find a 3-digit CVC code in italic back in black ink, located behind the signature strip on the back of the Mastercard.

Meaning of CVC number

CVC codes belong to the group of CSC codes of international payment cards. This is the card’s security code. In which, Visa calls Card Verification Value (CVC), MasterCard calls “Card Validation Code” (CVC).

Visa CVV code and Mastercard CVC code are both 3 digits, italicized in black ink and located on the back of the card.

The main function of these two types of codes is to check the validity of credit card products. When making payment via card, the issuer can decode to determine the validity of the card.

If the card is still valid use the card the bar markers on the card are encrypted. If the card is not valid, CVC and CVV codes are no longer valid.

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How to use CVC number

Currently in modern life, online shopping or card payment is very popular. Therefore, the use of CVC ​​or CVV codes for payment is widely used by people.

Many people want to shop online but have made visa and Mastercard to use.

And you, if you have not used these two cards to shop, the following example will help you have a full view on how to use CVC, CVC numbers to pay online:

Step 1: You visit the E-commerce site and have chosen a favorite product to order and then go to the shopping cart to make payment.

Step 2: E-commerce site will ask you to log in to your account to continue payment.

Step 3: Enter the delivery address information

Step 4: Select the method of “Pay with Mastercard” and then provide full information of the cardholder.

Step 5: Done above, you just need to press the order button again.

The above steps are how to use CVC codes to pay when shopping. That is, when paying online, you just need to enter card information and CVC number to pay, even without entering a PIN. Therefore, the functionality of the two types of code is very important to you and can easily be targeted by many crooks.

Risk of losing money because of revealing CVC number

Today, online shopping has become quite familiar to Filiipino people. However, you should keep in mind when paying online, because the Internet is a hidden danger. Mastercard with EMV chip will avoid the risk of counterfeiting but cannot avoid information loss when shopping online.

Normally, you will not need to enter PIN when making online payments on Lazada, Shopee … All required information such as card number, cardholder’s name, expiration date, especially CVC number on the Mastercard are on the card.


However, if the card is taken, and unfortunately the website does not register for OTP verification, your money in the account will easily be stolen. That is the risk! And this is a “golden opportunity” for hackers to access your card. Below are actions that may cause your CVC number to be exposed:

You didn’t check the POS or ATM machine for abnormalities before making a transaction.

Access to a website containing malicious code.

Put the card in sight when handing it over to the cashier or leaving the card too visible …

You should not assert that this is still under control, because crooks can get information in the blink of an eye.

To deal with the disclosure of your CVC number on your Mastercard card, it’s best to remove it.

How to delete/remove CVC number

You should know, as long as you have full information about the card number, full name, effective date and expiration date, the CVC number printed on the card, hackers can easily manipulate your account.

So as soon as you receive your Mastercard card, remember to delete the number or obscure the CVC number printed on the card. Or cause the crook to not know exactly what the erased number is.

When erasing or dimming it is necessary to ensure that the magnetic strip or card chip is not scratched, even with warping the card can still trade normally.

This is a trick to make the user’s information more secure, but if you are always careful and vigilant when dealing with cards, you will never have to use these options.

In addition, to ensure safety and prevent news, you should note:

  • Before buying online, don’t forget to register for Verified by Mastercard service to receive OTP as the “final security pin”.
  • When buying online, choose a website with https: // protocol, encrypted for confidentiality (blue lock on website domain name). This is very important, and can be the deciding factor for the security of your information or not.
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Which locations do not need CVC numbers

Most online purchases require entering a CVC code to complete the payment confirmation. But in reality, there are still a few places that accept online payment by card without entering a specific CVC code:

  • Hotels of three or more stars. When customers make a reservation and use the online payment method via card. Just fill in the card number, full name of the cardholder without having to fill in additional CVC code. Money is then still deducted as usual to ensure the safety of customers.
  • The world’s leading e-commerce sites like Amazon can also make payments fast without entering a CVC number.

Currently, buying online is a relatively fast growing trend in Philippines, anyone should experience a one-time trial because the goods are extremely diverse and the quality is not inferior to the goods at the store; Moreover you have the opportunity to get discounts when paying with MasterCard. Sign up for a credit card now to get answers to all your questions as well as open your own credit card soon to experience the benefits that it brings to you.

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