What is bank teller? What do bank tellers do?

If you are a person who often goes to the Bank to make transactions, you must be familiar with the position of a  Bank Teller.

But have you ever wondered, apart from receiving and supporting customers, do bank tellers have any other duties? Is it easy to get promoted when working in this position?

The content of this article will fully gather all the information about the position that seems easy to do but the reality is far from it. So how far? At the end of the article, what will you understand about the Bank Teller position?

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What is bank teller?

Bank Teller, this is the face of the Bank in charge of the role of direct and first contact with Customers who come to perform transactions at the Bank.


The main task of Bank Teller is to advise and guide customers to perform transactions, introduce new products of the Bank and perform professional operations as well as customer care.

It seems that the position of a Teller is not too special, but this is an extremely important position in retaining old customers and finding new customers. Therefore, Bank Teller needs to have experience, qualifications as well as professional training.

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Tasks of bank transactions

Do not think that Bank Teller simply has the task of advising and guiding customers, in addition, there are many other tasks.

Receive customer request information

This is surely the first task of Bank Teller, any customer who comes to the Bank for any purpose, whether it is depositing money, making complaints, applying for loans, must meet the Teller first.

Because of that, banks often recruit teller positions with good looks, good voice, communication skills, patience, and customer friendliness.

In addition, tellers also need professional knowledge and psychology to know what customers need?

Support and guide customers to make transactions

After receiving information from customers, advising and guiding customers to make transactions is the next thing that a Bank Teller needs to do. Specifics include:

Consulting, introducing banking products and services such as credit cards, unsecured loans, mortgages….

Receive and answer customers’ inquiries about services and products as well as exploit potential customers

Based on the needs of customers, consulting the most appropriate products and services

Performing operations at the counter such as policy advice, service promotions. Create a good relationship with customers who come to make transactions.

Receive and answer and handle complaints from customers within the jurisdiction of the position of the teller. Committed to ensuring information confidentiality, handling complaints based on the interests of customers and the reputation of the bank.

Maintain and take care of customers

This is a mandatory and obvious duty for the Bank Teller position. Customer care aims to create a close relationship between the bank and customers, thereby introducing new products and services.

Good customer care also ensures compliance with service quality standards as prescribed by the Bank.

Complete professional tasks

As mentioned in the definition, the Bank Teller position requires professional knowledge and qualifications to be able to best complete professional operations, including:

Support customers to perform transactions and operations related to products and services of the bank, including: transactions related to deposits, opening and managing bank accounts, registration for opening cards, awarding foreign currency exchange, remittance payment, deposit operations, money transfer, payment…

Bank Teller is a position that directly advises and supports customers to use the bank’s products and services such as unsecured loans, mortgage loans, savings accounts, etc.

Committed to performing professional operations, supporting customers quickly, in detail and accurately according to regulations.
For cash assigned to manage every day, it is necessary to clear, manage and maintain a stable revenue and expenditure limit.

What skills different bank teller need?

As learned above, the Bank Teller position has a lot of work to do, so how to be recruited and able to successfully complete this job?

To be able to become an excellent teller, a Bank Teller needs to meet 3 factors: skills, qualities and professional knowledge.

Bank teller’s required skills

So what skills does a Trader need to have?

  • Able to complete the job well when working independently or in groups
  • Communication skills and listening to customers and colleagues
  • Can exploit and build good personal relationships
  • Handling situations well, giving solutions to questions in a short time is a necessary skill of a teller.

Bank teller needs to be equipped with enough professional knowledge

For the Bank Teller position, professional knowledge is demonstrated through work experience as well as professional qualifications. Good or bad professional knowledge is shown through:

  • Basic and in-depth knowledge of Banking, financial accounting
  • Knowledge of the market, customer psychology, competition among banks
  • Professional knowledge about: products, services, banking operations

Qualities to make an excellent bank teller

Having had “talent”, it is necessary to add “virtue” to create an excellent teller.

The qualities that make a Bank Teller stand out include appearance; carefulness, meticulousness; sociability in relationships and vivacity in communication; know how to listen to others, control personal emotions well; Knowing foreign languages ​​is an advantage to help you become a good teller.

Can bank teller promote?

There are many questions as well as the opinion that the position of a trader is difficult to advance, is it true?

Not at all, as long as you have the ability, all positions can be promoted, Bank Teller is no exception.


According to the survey, the Bank Teller position can be promoted according to the following route:

  • In the first 2 years: doing a good job of Bank Teller
  • From 2-3 years: be nominated to the position of Controller
  • From 3 to 5 years: if successfully completing the Controller position, he will continue to be promoted to the position of Head/Deputy Customer Service Department.
  • From 5-7 years: Vice President of Operations
  • From 7 to 9 years: Branch manager if you have full capacity and credibility
  • Over 9 years: can move up to higher positions at the head office

Opportunities and pressure of bank transaction position

If there is a chance for promotion, there will be pressures that a Bank Teller has to go through. So what is the opportunity here?

The bank is a place with a working environment that is considered to be dynamic and top quality today

Have the opportunity to interact with many different customers, thereby improving communication skills

The bonus and remuneration regime when working at the Bank is considered to be much higher than the common ground
Opportunities for advancement to higher positions.

The opportunity is there, so what is the pressure?

Sales: Every Bank Teller position is under pressure in terms of sales each month.

Time and accuracy: this is extremely important for the position of a teller. Even a small delay can cause a lot of economic damage as well as the reputation of the Bank.

Responsibility: each business operation performed, Bank Teller always comes with related responsibilities. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful and meticulous in all transactions.

Should i become a bank teller?

We have analyzed and learned together about the position of Bank Teller, so the question is should I become a Bank Teller?

There are some opinions that working in this position is idle and without pressure, the salary is also fixed, but there are not many opportunities for advancement.

However, at the present time, banks have launched many new products and Bank Teller is the first to contact and introduce and sell those products to the first customers. The income of a trader at the moment is not low, even higher than many other positions if you are a capable person.

According to surveys from many banks, the average salary of a teller position is as follows:

  • Minimum salary: 6500 PHP
  • Low salary: 12500 PHP
  • Average salary: 15000 PHP
  • Advanced salary: 17500 PHP
  • Highest salary: 35000 PHP

If you really love this job, give it your all.


If you are intending to work at the Bank as a teller, you must understand what is Bank Teller? The content of this article I have provided quite complete and accurate information about this position.

Hope the article is really useful for you.

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