UMID ID Card: Process And Requirements

If you scroll into our article, we know that you want to research the Umid card. This identification card is considered acceptable and valid in the Philippines for your information. 

With this card, you can make various transactions for government and private-section agencies without bringing all of your IDs. 

Knowing your concern, we’ve compiled a detailed guide on applying for the Umid card, some procedure-related questions, and tips. 

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What Is UMID?

The UMID card’s illustration

The card’s illustration

Like what we’ve mentioned before, UMID stands for Unified Multi-purpose Identification Card

Moreover, you can conveniently carry out transactions with four government agencies: SSS (Social Security System), Pag-IBIG Fund, PhilHealth, and GSIS (Government Service Insurance System). 

Also, not just these four agencies, this Umid card is acceptable in different transactions, allowing it to be one among the most authoritative IDs for Filipinos. 

Fortunately, the procedure of getting the Umid card is relatively simple, especially for new graduates getting employed for the first time. 

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Who Can Apply For The Umid Card?

This section will divide into two circumstances: You haven’t started your UMID application and have applied for an SS number. 

Firstly, if this is your first time with this identification card, make sure to check if you are qualified for the card. The following here are the requirements:

  • Firstly, you are the SSS Member with partly one remitted contribution 
  • Secondly, your Umid card has been lost
  • And finally, your card requires an update since you want to change or modify some personal information, such as changing your name.

In the second scenario, when you have already gone through the SS number application from December 10, 2020, here are some points you should remember:

  • Firstly, you don’t have to fill in the application form for the card
  • Secondly, thanks to the SSS online appointment system, you will need to set up appointments in advance for collecting biometric data. When heading to the branch, you will show your SS Number Slip and Application. 

Note that if you want to fill in the application form manually, make sure that you check your branch’s SSS Number Coding Scheme to know if it accepts walk-ins. 

What Are The Umid Card’s Requirements?

UMID card Application form

Application form 

Like any other identification card, you will need to submit some documents. However, unlike the passport, these documents are not complex at all. 

Below here are the documents you will need for this process:

  • Properly-completed application form of the Umid 
  • A copy of one of these valid identification cards:
    • Passport
    • Seaman’s Book 
    • Driver’s license 
    • PRC Card, also known as Professional Regulation Commission Card

Where To Apply For The Umid Card?

SSS branch

SSS branch

There are two ways for you to choose. One, you can do it online by accessing your My.SSS account to schedule an appointment for biometric data collection at your desired branches. 

Two, you can directly visit the most convenient SSS branches for you to complete the procedure. 

However, due to the Covid-19 restrictions, many branches do not accept walk-ins; therefore, you will need to check online before going out. 

How To Get An Umid Card?

Step 1: Set Up Your Appointment

There are two ways for you to choose: either online or offline. With online scheduling, please visit My.SSS. In contrast, visit SSS branches with UMID Enrollment Facilities offline.

Online Scheduling Through My.SSS

How to choose a preferred branch

How to choose a preferred branch

Below are the steps:

  • Firstly, access to the official website of SSS
  • Click on the Member tab on the page’s right side
  • Now, enter your user data, including ID and password.
  • Navigate to the Member Info tab and select the Appointment System from the drop-down menu. 
  • Select UMID Card Application choice for the Purpose tab
  • Now, choose your area, desired SSS divisions, and the date. Remember that you can only select the date in green color.
  • Enter your convenient time and the counter number to go through your application.
  • Finally, screenshot or print your appointment as evidence. 

Offline Scheduling At Branches

With this method, there are two points you need to pay attention to. Firstly, you must present at a branch with UMID Enrollment Facilities. Secondly, you need to check your SS or employer ID’s 10th digit to ensure your desired unit still operates that day. 

The 10th digit of your SS or Employer ID The operation days
1,2 Monday
3,4 Tuesday
5,6 Wednesday
7,8 Thursday
9,0 Friday

Step 2: Show Up At The Division To Submit Your Documents

You will head to the chosen SSS branch to submit all binding documents at your appointment date. Remember to bring the original of your primarily-submitted ID since they will ask you to show it. 

Step 3: Perform Biometrics Data Collection

You will be asked to come to the specific booth to collect biometrics data in the next step. Here, your photo, fingerprints, and digital signature will be captured. 

Remember to check all your personal information to ensure it is stated correctly and avoid wasting time to correct them later.

Step 4: Wait For Your Pick-Up Schedule

In the last step, the staff will inform you about your pick-up Umid card schedule; however, you will be notified immediately via the phone number or email address if there are any delays. 

You can activate the ID instantly through the branch’s self-serving kiosk when you have the ID. 

FAQs About Umid Card

Is There Any Application Fee For The Umid?

If you apply for your card for the first time, there is no fee. However, the replacement card will cost you PHP 200 at a specific branch for your appointment. 

Can Other Agencies Be Legitimate To Make Umid Cards?

The answer is no; only the SSS has the authorization to issue this card. If you use the Umid card from fixers, you will never be processed for official transactions and may be dealt with legal charges. 

Tips When Applying For Umid Card

Re-Check Your Provided Information

This is a crucial task you should do whenever filling in any document. Before submitting the documents, ensure that all information is accurate. It would help if you did this before heading out of the biometric collection booth.

Dress Accordingly

Remember that all casual and revealing clothes should be self-banned when deciding which clothes you should wear. 

You should wear shirts combined with long trousers or below-the-knee skirts. When taking photos, you will be asked to remove your accessories, such as glasses or earrings.

Comply With Health And Safety Protocols At The Site

Always wear face masks and shields to protect yourself and other people when heading to the branch. Sanitize your hands frequently and comply with the stated protocols at the site. 


We hope that this article will help you quickly obtain your Umid card. This card carries many benefits, and you should own it as soon as possible.

Just follow the procedures and our tips carefully, you will be alright. 

Thank you for reading, and see you in our next article!

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