RD Pawnshop Review You Should Know [2022]

RD Pawnshop has been established for 43 years, dated 9th of June, 1976. Nowadays, the company’s headquarters are located in Banilad, Cebu City. Additionally, it has 611 subsidiaries around the Philippines.

It has 42 years of existence in the industry and developed to provide extra services through Western Union. Customers may find further information on the company website.

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Development Process

The company first launched in the Town of General Santos at South Cotabato. From Cagayan de Oro, then extended to Davao, Cebu, and other cities. Finally, it expands to all parts of the country. 

Having a headquarter and 1400 offices around the Philippines, the company will always assist citizens with financial requirements.

RD Pawnshop

RD Pawnshop

About The Company

The company is the best provider of short-term loans, cash transfers, financial transactions, and internal remittances

It keeps growing nationally for more than 1400 locations and over 400 reliable collaborators, providing safe, private, and quick transfer, as well as excellent customer support for all of its clients.

The company emphasizes a lovely client experience and provides services on a timely basis. It provides consumers with a convenient and simple answer to any sudden demand for cash by delivering the highest valuations without extra interest. 

It is a dependable, trustworthy partner in meeting the financial requirements of all citizens. 

The company can be easily recognized by large white letters on a red area and yellow letters below. There is a small white diamond with a trademark or registered sign over the upright corner.

List Of Eligible Objects

Its service covers an extensive variety of jewels and used goods. The following goods are acceptable

  1. Gold jewels.
    1. necklaces
    2. earrings
    3. pendants
    4. rings
  2. Gold bars
  3. Watches (Rado or Rolex only)

Electronics, equipment, and other items are not accepted for pledging to eliminate valuation, possession clauses, and reclamation chances.

RD Pawnshop Services

RD Pawnshop Services

Rates And Fees

The business is happy to provide the lowest loan and processing rates for customers.


Rates of interest: 3% each month

Service fee: 1% of the original loan, not to exceed PHP 5.00

Terms of payment: maximum four months.

Time required for approval: maximum two hours

Cash Transfer

Here are rates for national money transfers

PHP 1 – 100 Free
PHP 101 – 300 PHP 2
PHP 301 – 500 PHP 7
PHP 501 – 700 PHP 9
PHP 701- 1,000 PHP 11
PHP 1,001 – 1,500 PHP 15
PHP 1,501 – 2,000 PHP 23
PHP 2,001 – 2,500 PHP 30
PHP 2,501 – 3,000 PHP 38
PHP 3,001 – 3,500 PHP 45
PHP 3,501 – 4,000 PHP 53
PHP 4,001 – 5,000 PHP 68
PHP 40,001 – 50,000 PHP 259


The valuation cost is only P5.00. However, it is removed when you pledge something.

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Accept And Deliver Transfer

The remittance limit is how much money you can receive. The service only accepts transfers of not more than PHP 50,000 for a single transaction. For higher-cost transactions, it is best to contact their associate banks.

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When And Where To Make Transfers

Cash shipment service is possibly the cheapest and most quick cash transfer service. Here’s how to deliver and accept money transfers from wherever inside the Philippines instantly.

Deliver money transfers

  1. Complete the Send money paper at your nearest branch location
  2. To authenticate your transaction, provide a solid ID.
  3. Pay your value plus the processing charge.
  4. Your transaction will be processed online.
  5. Receive your receipt
  6. When the process is completed successfully, it should be available for immediate claim by the recipient. Later, the system will send a text message with the information to fill out the form.

Accept money transfers

  1. Complete the Send money paper at your nearest branch location
  2. To authenticate your transaction, provide a solid ID.
  3. Take your money along with the receipt.

A Branch of RD Pawnshop

A Branch of RD Pawnshop

At RD Pawnshop, you can get your monthly utility bills paid fast rather than waiting at the supplier’s payment center. With more than 1400 locations, you can count on finding its local office near your area.

The official website https://www.rdpawnshop.com.ph/ is the quickest way to discover a local office location in your living area. Its headquarter and branches are open for a whole week, including festive occasions.

RD Pawnshop Is Available Everywhere!

RD Pawnshop Is Available Everywhere!

Company’s Foundations

Customers select this lending company because it follows the GOLD quality.

G for God-fearing

  • Act morally and operate a business consistent with good Christian belief and praise to Gods at all times.

O for Outstanding Service

  • With TIES, customers receive quality services
  • T – Teamwork
  • I – Integrity
  • E- Excellence
  • S – Social Responsibilities

L for Loyalty

  • Dependable and deserving of trust from your coworkers, collaborators, providers, and customers.

D for Dynamism

  • Never be satisfied with average, but act with speed and authority; dynamic and devoted management for staff providing excellent results to their clients.
  • Innovativeness and a desire to try new ways and technologies

Get cash from RD pawnshop now

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Common Questions And Answers

What distinguishes a pawn credit from a jewelry credit?

Unlike pawnshops, the bank doesn’t take appliances, electronic devices, or luxury items. In addition, banks have lending rates ranging from 3% to 4% per month, whereas pawnshops often have lending rates ranging from 2% to 4% per month.

How long can a loan be extended?

The maximum duration is four months.

Is it necessary to provide proof of solvency to obtain a loan?

A document establishing your identification and the valuables placed as a guarantee is required to acquire a loan. There are no extra documents necessary.

What happens to the property if I don’t pay back the loan?

The Pawnshop will sell your property.


After many years in the industry, RD Pawnshop has proved to be the best financial provider in the Philippines. With many branches located across the country, this lending company can give their customers fast and simple money transfers for those who need them.

Hopefully, the article has given all the information you need. Good luck with your financial lending! 

Get cash from RD pawnshop now

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